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The Zimmermann family was a family that resided on the outskirts of Altstadt, on the Zimmermann Farm. The family consisted of:


The Zimmermann Family lived on a farm located on the outskirts of Altstadt. The Zimmermann Farm was relatively small, with only two visible buildings. Their family consisted of six people, before the son, Friedrich, eventually died of typhoid-fever. He was buried at the Altstadt graveyard on the 18th of August, 1839.

Gustaf, the family's father, was a notoriously irritable and despondent man, who was struck with severe grief after Friedrich's death, as he was more fond of him than he was of his daughters. He was shown on several occasions to be highly aggressive towards the rest of his family, often resorting to physical and mental abuse. When Elise attempted to flee from the farm, Gustaf was sent into a rage, and almost murdered her.

Agathe was the mother. She was shown to be a traditional 19th-century mother, who cooked food and cared for the children. She appeared to harbor more affection for Margarethe than for Elise, whom she considered to not be "a good girl". However, after their capture, she aided Elise in her escape, and appeared to have some level of affection for her.

Gustaf's abuse was shown to affect Agathe, as well as the children. After Friedrich's death, Gustaf overturned the kitchen table, and pushed Agathe to the floor, as he considered eating to be disrespectful to Friedrich.

Margarethe, the eldest daughter, attempted to be mature and dutiful after Friedrich's death. However, Gustaf's threatening demeanour and harsh words continued to frighten her. She was betrothed to a man named Immanuel, whom she did not wish to marry. However, she promised Agathe that she would marry him, in an attempt to please her and Gustaf.

Elise was the middle daughter of the family. She was exhausted of her life on the farm, and considered fleeing with Jacob after Friedrich's death. After Gustaf's violent outburst at dinner, she attempted to escape, but was spotted by her father, who attempted to murder her in his rage, yelling that she was an "erkling" and a "changeling". However, he eventually came to his senses, and released her from his grasp.

A moment later, Daniel and Alexander von Brennenburg arrived at the farm. They knocked Gustaf unconscious and kidnapped the rest of the family along with the two farmhands, with the intent of using them as torture subjects. Elise and Agathe were placed in one of the cells in the Prison, but they managed to create a hole in the floor, which Elise managed to escape through. She made her way to the Storage, where she was captured and murdered by Daniel.

The rest of the family's fate is left ambiguous. However, it is likely that they were either tortured to death by Alexander, were murdered by the Gatherers, or simply died of starvation in Brennenburg Castle.