The Zimmermann Family was a family that lived just outside of Altstadt on the Zimmermann Farm. The family consists of:


The family lived on a farm a couple of miles outside of Altstadt. The Zimmermann Farm is pretty small, with only a couple of buildings. Their family consisted of six people, before the son, Friedrich, died of Typhoid Fever. He was buried at the Altstadt cemetery on August 18th, 1839.

Gustaf Zimmermann, the father in the family and an angry and sad old man, got struck with grief hard after the death of his son, whom he liked better than his daughters. He is shown to be very aggressive towards his family, being prone to both mental and physical abuse. When Elise tried to run away from the farm, his rage nearly cost her her life.

Agathe Zimmermann is the mother. She is shown as a traditional 19th-century mother, who cooks food and cares for the children. She appears to have more affection for Margerethe than for Elise, whom she considers to not be a "good girl". However, after their capture, she aids Elise in her escape, and appears to have some affection for her.

Her husband's abuse doesn't just affect her children but also her. After the death of her son, Gustaf flips the kitchen table and pushes Agathe to the floor, as he considers eating to be disrespectful to their dead son.

Margarethe Zimmermann, the older daughter, tried to be mature and dutiful after the death of her brother. However, her father harsh words and threatening demeanour still made her scared. She was betrothed to a man by the name of Immanuel, whom she didn't want to marry. However, she promised her mother that she would marry him after all, to make her parents happy.

Elise Zimmermann is the youngest daughter of the family. She is tired of her life on the farm, and considers running away with Jacob after the death of her brother. After her fathers violent outburst at dinner, she tries to run away, but is spotted by her father, who tries to kill her in rage, calling her an "Erkling" and a "Changeling". However, he comes to his senses, and releases her from his grasp.

A moment later, Daniel and Alexander of Brennenburg arrive at the farm. They knock Gustaf Zimmermann unconscious and kidnap the rest of the family to be used for torture. Agathe and Elise gets put in a cell in the Prison, but they manage to make a hole in the floor which Elise manage to escape through. She makes her way to the Storage, where she is captured and killed by Daniel.

It is unknown what happened to the rest of the family. They were all most likely killed or starved to death in Brennenburg Castle.

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