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"A cleansing fire always burns little Mandus, but it purifies and it makes anew."
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She's already figured out how to manage Sterling, Fairchild, even De Vries. Has a real way with smiling and pretending she gives a damn.

Hank Mitchell, assessing Yasmin's skill as a hostess.

Ms. Yasmin Chabani is a major character and supporting antagonist in Amnesia: Rebirth. She was one of the fourteen members of the Triple Crown Sadiola mining expedition to the French Sudan and was one of the crew-members aboard the Cassandra when it crashed down to the desolate Algerian desert.[7] She is voiced by British-Jordanian actress Lara Sawalha.[6]


Very little is known of Yasmin Chabani’s life before the expedition, except that she was local to the city of Algiers, and had a father who nagged her for grandchildren.[4][5] It is possible that she was of significant Berber descent, due to her familiarity with the Berber Tuareg people and their beliefs.[8]

Yasmin was employed in January 1937 by the Sterling Shipping Company and was brought on to serve as the air hostess on the Cassandra for the duration of the expedition to the French Sudan. This annoyed Hank Mitchell, who believed an air hostess was unnecessary for the expedition, sarcastically questioning if Alex Sterling wanted her because he couldn't pour his own drinks.[9] Though Hank speculated that she could have been of some use in assuaging Tasi Trianon in her grief and getting her mind off the death of her child.[10]

After Hank met Yasmin however, his opinion of her greatly improved, owing both to her courteous and kind personality as well as to how easily she managed the disparate personalities of the expedition—such as the somewhat sheltered upper class expectations of Alex Sterling and the histrionic Richard Fairchild, and, even more notably, the antisocial Leon De Vries.[11]

Events of Amnesia: Rebirth[]


Yasmin was among the survivors of the crash, and was able to escape serious injury.[7] She then discovered a stone box near the caves they took shelter in for the night, relieved to discover signs of habitation; however, Leon De Vries belittled Yasmin for this discovery, saying that the locals would likely just kill or enslave the expedition.[1] Tasi came to Yasmin's defence, warning Leon to stop his antics.[1]

The next day, Yasmin was a member of the group that left their camp and travelled deeper into pilgrims' path in the system of caves and traveled to find help. As the group approached Al-Mamaru Fort, they came across a strange idol. Yasmin vaguely recognized it as the mother of the Tuareg, Tin Hinan, although she commented on the strange style.[8]

After surviving the fortress, Tasi asked Yasmin about her knowledge of ghouls and she remarked that they were was only from stories, but they ate human flesh, and they were known to be "demons driven from paradise".[12]

She made it to the Other World with Tasi and the crew to witness the Empress offer salvation to them all at the cost of Tasi's unborn child.[3] Yasmin wanted Tasi to take the deal, telling her that Hank would die if she did not, and more cautiously remarking that perhaps even Salim could be saved.[13] Although after Tasi's refusal of the offering, Yasmin supported her, telling her she made the right choice.[14]

After Hank Mitchell transformed into a Ghoul and killed Malick Tamboura, Yasmin, Tasi, Dr. Metzier, and Leon De Vries came back to Earth using the Traveller’s locket. When Leon’s transformation began to progress, she expressed her concern for him to Dr. Metzier despite his previous insults.[15] When Tasi tried to go back and find Salim, Yasmin and Dr. Metzier tried to dissuade her from doing so, saying that he was most likely already dead; however, their efforts were in vain, as Tasi abandoned them to find Salim.[16]

Despite their attempts to treat Leon with Laudanum, they were either forced to abandon him to his fate, or perhaps more likely, he succumbed to a transformative episode and abandoned them on his own accord.[15]

During the game[]

After Tasi left them, Yasmin and Dr. Metzier managed to find the village of the Kel Hanan, Aman Tesemt, where the villagers provide them help.[17] After arriving, Dr. Metzier and Yasmin began their effort to contact the members of the expedition left in the caves (Lukas Ritter, Eva Ritter, and Salim Hannachi).[17] Although by this point Yasmin began to quickly progress in her transformation into a Ghoul, leaving Dr. Metzier to tend to her.[18]

Yasmin can be heard on the radio inside the fort. It is implied at this time that her transformation has progressed significantly, as her voice was weak and she was relieved by Dr. Metzier after only a few minutes on the radio. This, when compared to Dr. Metzier’s near constant radio presence, suggests that Yasmin was too weak to do anything more than rest and try to fight off the Harvester transformation. Dr. Metzier’s comments seem to confirm this, as although her exact condition is left vague, he mentions to Tasi once she establishes contact that Yasmin is “not well.”[18]

By the time Tasi reached The Oasis, which was likely the morning after she reached the fort, she was contacted by Dr. Metzier again, but he abruptly ended the conversation to tend to Yasmin.[19] And then in the The Chamber of Pillars, Yasmin briefly tried to contact Tasi, but Dr. Metzier scolded her for not resting.[20] Both of these incidents suggest that her condition had reached a point where she required constant care and rest.[19]

When Tasi arrived at the village, Yasmin had gave in to the transformation and had a transformation episode, proceeding to brutally murder a significant part of Aman Tesemt’s population.[21] Dr. Metzier tried to contact Tasi with this information, but the incoming sandstorm garbled the radio message.

After Tasi got caught in a bear trap in the tower, Yasmin was heard sobbing nearby.[22] She then emerged from the dark corner of the room, half-transformed into a Harvester but still somewhat conscious. She explained to Tasi that she killed all the villagers as she could "taste their fear."[21]

Able to maintain some control of her body, she was not hostile and managed to help Tasi down from the trap.[21][23] She filled in some of the gaps in Tasi’s memory and mentioned that the Empress was the cause of their transformation, though she believed the Empress was only trying to help.[23] As Yasmin forced the bear trap open, freeing Tasi, she felt herself losing control once more and purposefully trapped her own leg in the bear trap in an attempt to hold herself back.[24] She pushed Tasi away and told her to run, but soon lost control of herself and began to chase her.[24]

In her pursuit an enraged Yasmin blamed Tasi for their current state, screaming "it was you, Tasi, it was you!" and quickly caught up to her, throwing Tasi to the ground. Before she was able to strike, she was shot by Dr. Metzier. It is unclear if her transformation had progressed to the point where Harvesters become nigh-immortal to even fatal damage, but if it did, it is possible Yasmin regenerated from the gunshot wound and completed her transformation into a Ghoul, forever roaming the desert.[25]


Yasmin was the in-flight hostess for the Cassandra and accompanied the the expedition to the French Sudan.[7]

Physical appearance[]

Yasmin had dark brown hair, and brown eyes, and appeared to be of an average height. Her exact age is unknown, but her physical appearance, her general demeanor, and her easy camaraderie with Tasi would imply that she is in her early to mid 20s. Although her skill at reining in the disparate personalities on the expedition would suggest she is on the older side of that estimate.

When Tasi meets her at the village, Yasmin has progressed significantly in her transformation into a Harvester, changing her eyes to a blood-red colour. She is still wearing her hostess uniform, albeit without shoes. She also is wearing a supply belt.


Yasmin was gentle-natured and friendly, she conversed with Tasi about her daughter, Alys, and respectfully addresses Hank and the other crewmen through the journey. She also tried to help Leon De Vries during his transformation, despite him insulting her on at least one occasion.


As a Human[]

  • « What a beautiful girl - is that your daughter? »
  • « It might be Tin Hinan... the mother of the Tuareg? It's a strange style though »
  • « A ghûl. It was a ghûl. »
  • « It's just a story... It's said they haunted graves and dead places, and they ate human flesh. Demons that were driven out of paradise. »
  • « He will die – what other choice do we have? »
  • « We have come a long way from that coffee in Algiers. »
  • « I think you made the right decision. About the baby. »

As a Ghoul[]

While helping Tasi Trianon out of a trap.
  • « I killed them. All of them. They were trying to help, but they saw my face, and I could taste their fear. »
  • « I'll help you. I'll try. »
  • « It didn't need to happen, Tasi. She was trying to help you. »
  • « It's trying to take me again. We must be quick. »
Chasing after Tasi.
  • « Aaaah! It's coming, it can smell you, run, Tasi, run now! »
  • « Run Tasi! I can't control it! »
  • « It was you, Tasi. It was you! You did this! »


  • Of all members of the expedition to French Sudan, Yasmin was one of only two native Algerians, the other being Salim Hannachi.
  • By the start of Amnesia: Rebirth, Yasmin is one of the six surviving members of the Sadiola expedition.



  1. Algeria was a French colony from 1830–1848, and a full part of France proper 1848–1962, hence the use of the French tricolor flag to refer to Algerians of this time-period.


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