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The Wretch is the most-commonly encountered enemy in Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. Unlike the Engineers, Wretches frequently appear in groups, and serve a similar role to the Servant Grunts of Amnesia: The Dark Descent.


Of all of the enemies encountered, the Wretch is the most common and appears in groups towards the climax of the game. During the later parts of the game, the player can even discover a nest of them.


Wretches are found in the following locations:

These encounters become extensively hazardous from the Church onwards. In the Pigline, one of the Wretches can be seen standing idly in a body of water that will eventually become electrified. It will not be alarmed unless the player intentionally jumps down before sabotaging the drainage machine. In the Tesla, there is a dead Wretch on a lower floor, where Tesla makes a brief visual appearance.


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Physical appearance[]

The Wretch appears as a quadruped, with hunched posture. Its head and body appear to originate from pigs, with humanoid limbs, and its right arm being notably larger than its left one. All of the Wretch's limbs have been crudely misshapen and connected with sewing and leather straps, similar to the Servant Grunt from The Dark Descent.


The Wretch's behaviour is almost child-like, as seen when the player observes a few of them playing. One can be seen interacting with a set of building-blocks and repeatedly knocking them over, while another is shown sitting in the far corner of one of the cells until the player approaches, causing it to charge at them, only to slip and fall, before it returns to the corner, sulking.


The intelligence of the Wretch is largely comparable to that of a human infant and are marginally less intelligent than the Gatherers encountered in Castle Brennenburg. Wretches do seem smart enough to manipulate small objects such as building blocks but also lack object permeance wherein if they cannot perceive someone such as Oswald himself, he ceases to exist. Thanks to this lack of intelligence, evading the creatures is a trivial task for even a half-competent player which combined with the lack of sanity mechanic which allows the player to constantly keep track of them makes sections where they are threats, short and simple.


The origins of the Wretches result most likely from the Machine itself. Humans in the surrounding city of London were kidnapped and brought back to be alchemically torn apart and reassembled with parts taken from pigs creating the bipedal hybrids. Adults were likely used in the creation of the Wretches, though the predominant gender is unknown due to a lack of genitals which is a commonality across all variations of the Manpigs.


  • One of the Wretches may have appeared in the Halloween Teaser Trailer for A Machine for Pigs.
  • One of the Wretches can be seen sleeping in Oswald's Mansion. It can be seen in a barred-off bedroom through a painting in a hidden passageway. Later, after completing a section, the Wretch is gone.