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Wraiths are the second enemy encountered in Amnesia: Rebirth. They were the unquiet "ghosts" of the Other World's alchemists, corrupted by the Shadow's effect on their Ankhari stones during The Empire's collapse following the destruction of the Great Gate.[1] They also appear in Amnesia: The Bunker within the Roman Tunnels, but only as ghostly, shadowy figures. Their appearance in that game is purely visual, as they cannot be interacted with.[Can we substantiate with media?]


Wraiths are more dangerous than the Ghouls, as they are extremely unpredictable and can sense Tasi if stared at for long enough. Their lack of footsteps can make it more difficult to pinpoint their location by sound alone, and this combined with their behavior makes them an oppressive presence in any area where they are encountered.


Amnesia: Rebirth[]

Wraiths are an enemy exclusive to the Other World. They appear in the following locations of Amnesia: Rebirth:

Amnesia: The Bunker[]

Ghostly specters of Wraiths also appear in Amnesia: The Bunker in the Roman tunnels.


Wraiths will float around searching for the player, teleporting around the area at random and able to emit lights from their control stones to aid in their search. If Tasi is caught in these lights, they stunt her movement. If caught in the light for only a brief moment, Tasi can escape them if quick enough. However, if the player is fully caught in the light, it turns red and the player is forced to look at the wraith, which will teleport closer to subdue the player unless they are able to struggle and break free.


Unlike Ghouls, Wraiths are seemingly incapable of smelling the player, making them less able to track the player directly. They can also be lured by sound, making throwing objects to distract them a valid option. It should be noted that standing out in the open is extremely dangerous, as their light is able to ensnare Tasi regardless of distance, while the creature's sight seems limited outside of their light beam. In the flooded factory area, they seemingly cannot sense Tasi at all while she is submerged, but this strategy should be used only sparingly to avoid the risk of drowning.


Physical appearance[]

Wraiths are ethereal grey monstrosities. They have the ability to float and moreover to fly freely around the Other World. They hold a glowing stone by which they seem to both see and interact with living creatures. Wraiths also appear to have long, tattered robes that have melted into their skin.


Though formerly sapient beings and members of the society of the Other World, the Wraiths seem to have lost any semblance of individuality, sociability, or intellect. They have no other apparent goal than locating, apprehending and inducing fear on any non-Wraith being, targeting Vitae torture victims and Harvesters alike, inducing fear and pain in the former and control over them in the latter with their Ankhari stones.


Wraiths do not appear too have a high level of intelligence like their former selves, but like Ghouls are ruthless hunters.


In the immediate wake of the Great Gate's collapse before Amnesia: Rebirth, the most powerful magicians and alchemists of the Other World (except Kita) decayed into the Wraiths as the result of their centuries-long usage of vitae and the corruption of the control stones that they used to control the Harvesters.[1][2] Wraiths were driven to continually hunt potential sources of vitae. With the light of their control stones, they could induce fear in victims trapped in automated vitae extraction machines. This fear, in turn, would increase the yield of vitae extraction for Empress Tihana and her people.