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"What's happening? It feels... like... my chest is going... to burst!"
―One of Wilhelm's men after drinking the poisonous wine

The Wine Cellar is an area of Brennenburg Castle that can be accessed off the Entrance Hall, after the Wine Cellar key has been obtained from the Archives. Daniel needs to pick up four chemicals here and take them back to the Laboratory, to use in the creation of an acid.

The Wine Cellar is the area where tinderboxes 24-31 are found, as well as the first laudanum potion.


The Wine Cellar is a very dark and gloomy place. Only a few small windows that let the natural daylight in can be found.

A note in the Laboratory tells you to find the compounds for the acidic solution in this section of the castle. The chemicals for the acid are:

  • Orpiment
  • Aqua Regia
  • Cuprite
  • Calamine

One room has a door to the left that when entered, is beat on savagely, and screams of a man are heard. After these events, the room is accessible.

The room with the blood on the floor and the flashback occurrence holds a note and a flashback that will explain the possible place of origin of the Gatherers, or some of them. Wilhelm and his men died in the room because of the tainted wine offered by Alexander, which made their bodies burst, leaving them miserably deformed. In the flashback to this room, two of Wilhelm's men are drinking the wine that was left by the baron. One of his men challenges Wilhelm, who says that they aren't getting out alive. The second man then demands that Alexander comes down, but never gets the chance as he starts hacking violently. This is possibly the start of the transformation.

Hai there

Silhouette of a Grunt in the Wine Cellar

This is one of the first chambers where you encounter a Servant Grunt. Its appearance is triggered by picking up a bottle of Laudanum in the same room where you find the Orpiment. It will not attack you and leaves quickly after spawning.

When Daniel obtains the Calamine, the Shadow roars and causes an earthquake. The room in which Daniel currently is starts to collapse. Debris blocks the door and a barrel falls from above, knocking him unconscious. When Daniel recovers and clears the rubble to the exit, he regains a bit of sanity. Like its Laboratory counterpart, the Wine Cellar is in a state of ruin. In one of the rooms, a part of the ceiling beams (where some barrels are stored) will fall apart, trapping the player, who will have to remove the debris in order to exit.

There is also the noise of a Brute heard in one of the rooms, like in the Archives. When attempting to open a locked door, the sound of a Brute can be heard, as well as glass shattering from behind. When finding the alternate entrance to this room, rocks will fall from a hole in the ceiling, suggesting the Brute has climbed up this area. Daniel will lose sanity from this event. 


Upon arriving to the wine cellar, there will be a set of stairs. Upon walking these stairs, the shadow will shriek and cause the player to lose sanity. After that, a flashback about Wilhelm and his trapped men will start. Right after walking down the stairs, the player will see a door. The player can either instantly go into this room or go to some of the other rooms in this dark, eerie place.

In this room, the player will instantly find a table with one of the chemicals - Cuprite. Upon picking it up, a random sound will play and the player will lose sanity.  After leaving the room, the player can enter any of the rooms they wish, except for one locked door where a Brute can be heard moaning and breaking some wine bottles.

Right of the room with the cuprite is a door that is slightly opened. This room contains an oil barrel, two tinderboxes - one on a table and another on a shelf with boxes and it contains the second chemical - Calamine. Upon picking it up,  the shadow will roar, the entrance to the room will be blocked off by rocks and boards and a barrel will fall on the player, knocking him out. After some time, the player will wake up and must get out by pushing the debri away. Once the player escapes this room, they will regain some sanity.

Upon leaving this room, the next room will be right next to the previous one (to the left of it). The room contains nothing but a couple of barrels and another door. Upon getting near this door, someone will start screaming and banging furiously at it. The door will then unlock. The player will reach a corridor where a flashback will start. In this corridor is a chest with a tinderbox. The next room will contain a Note and the third chemical - aqua regia.

The next room will be in the middle of the previous room and the locked door with the brute. The player will find themselves in the middle of a long hallway. To the right are some shelves, one of which contains a tinderbox. They will also find a door which leads to another long hallway. If the player goes to the right, they will go back to the main area. If the player goes straight, they will encounter a shelf with a tinderbox. Right next to that is a semi-room with some shelves. On one of these shelves is a tinderbox. To the very right is a shelf with the final chemical - Orpiment. After that, the player can either go back and skip some other resources, or go back to the hallway and get them. Going to the left end of the previous hallway, there will be a Laudanum, a potion to improve health. However, after picking it up, a Gatherer  will spawn. This Gatherer is entirely for cutscene purposes and will not harm the player at all. Even if the player intentionally tries to get to the Grunt, he will walk away and disappear.

After that, the player can go to the Entrance Hall and go to the Laboratory to mix the chemicals.

Collectibles Edit

Tinderboxes Edit

  • In the large room where the Orpiment is found, in the area where you see the Grunt walk off to after you pick up the Laudanum, a pair of tinderboxes can be found. One is on top of a bookshelf, and another is on an empty shelf nearby.(29 & 30)
  • Further ahead in that same area, in the sub-room where the Orpiment is found, another one can be found on the bottom of a shelf filled with bottles, and on the other side of the wall that shelf is leaning on, another one can be found on a shelf in the corner.(31 & 32)
  • At the top of the shelf where you find the Orpiment.(33)
  • In the room with the Calamine, two tinderboxes can be found. One is on a shelf full of boxes near the oil barrel, and another is on a desk.(34 & 35)
  • In a chest in the room with Wilhelm's note and the Aqua Regia.(36)

Oil Canisters and Barrels Edit

  • An oil barrel can be found in the corner of the room where you find the Calamine.

Laudanum Edit

  • In a corner on a shelf in the room before the room where the Orpiment is found.

Notes, Diary Entries, and Memory Capsules Edit


  • There is actually a second laudanum and extra tinderbox that could have been found in a chest in this map. Only seen in the Level Editor, an "invisible" chest can be found on top of a shelf in the room with the Calamine. This chest has been set a "ghost" item, as the box that says "Active" is missing a check mark.
  • When approaching the Wine Cellar, one can see the words Cella Vinaria ('wine cellar' in Latin) inscribed above the door.


Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar

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