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What's happening? It feels... like... my chest is going... to burst!

One of Wilhelm's men after drinking the poisonous wine

The Wine Cellar is an area of Brennenburg Castle that can be accessed off the Entrance Hall, after the Wine Cellar key has been obtained from the Archives. Daniel needs to pick up four chemicals here and take them back to the Laboratory, to use in the creation of an acid.

The Wine Cellar is the area where tinderboxes 24-31 are found, as well as the first laudanum potion.


The Wine Cellar is a very dark and gloomy place. Only a few small windows that let the natural daylight in can be found.

A note in the Laboratory tells you to find the compounds for the acidic solution in this section of the castle. The chemicals for the acid are:

  • Orpiment
  • Aqua Regia
  • Cuprite
  • Calamine

One room has a door to the left that when entered, is beat on savagely, and screams of a man are heard. After these events, the room is accessible.

The room with the blood on the floor and the flashback occurrence holds a note and a flashback that will explain the possible place of origin of the Gatherers, or some of them. Wilhelm and his men died in the room because of the tainted wine offered by Alexander, which made their bodies burst, leaving them miserably deformed. In the flashback to this room, two of Wilhelm's men are drinking the wine that was left by the baron. One of his men challenges Wilhelm, who says that they aren't getting out alive. The second man then demands that Alexander comes down, but never gets the chance as he starts hacking violently. This is possibly the start of the transformation.

Hai there

Silhouette of a Grunt in the Wine Cellar

This is one of the first chambers where you encounter a Servant Grunt. Its appearance is triggered by picking up a bottle of Laudanum in the same room where you find the Orpiment. It will not attack you and leaves quickly after spawning.

When Daniel obtains the Calamine, the Shadow roars and causes an earthquake. The room in which Daniel currently is starts to collapse. Debris blocks the door and a barrel falls from above, knocking him unconscious. When Daniel recovers and clears the rubble to the exit, he regains a bit of sanity. Like its Laboratory counterpart, the Wine Cellar is in a state of ruin. In one of the rooms, a part of the ceiling beams (where some barrels are stored) will fall apart, trapping the player, who will have to remove the debris in order to exit.

There is also the noise of a Brute heard in one of the rooms, like in the Archives. When attempting to open a locked door, the sound of a Brute can be heard, as well as glass shattering from behind. When finding the alternate entrance to this room, rocks will fall from a hole in the ceiling, suggesting the Brute has climbed up this area. Daniel will lose sanity from this event.


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Light sources[]

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There are 6 Candles, 7 Torches, 0 Lamps, and 0 Fires.


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1. Triggers as soon as you enter downstairs.

2. Triggers in room with the organs, with the door banging and screaming.


"Do you see, Daniel? A whole other world – isn't it beautiful?"
The following section is written from an out-of-universe perspective.
  • At the foot of the stairs, there is a door. There is a map of the area to the right of the door on the wall.
  • In the room at the foot of the stairs, there is a trail of green liquid leading to the Cuprite on a table.
  • Coming out of that room and turning left, you will see a door that is slightly ajar. This room has an oil barrel on the right, a tinderbox on a shelf straight ahead, and another tinderbox on the second table against the wall to the left.
  • Heading back around toward the door, you may notice a trail of red liquid leading to the Calamine on the floor near an upended table. Picking up the Calamine will trigger a strong gust of wind, extinguishing any lit candles and torches in the room and causing some debris to fall in front of the door. A barrel will then fall on you from the loft above, knocking you out temporarily. You will have to clear the debris in order to open the door. Push or pull the fallen beams and rocks out of the way by holding left-click on them, right-clicking (as if throwing an object) to give it the extra force needed to dislodge the objects.
  • Continuing to the left through a doorway, you will hear banging on the door to your immediate left. Opening the door, you will not find anything threatening behind it.
  • To the right, there is a tinderbox in a small chest by the window. Turning around, there is a room with a trail of purple liquid leading to a table with the Aqua Regia and a note.
  • Heading back out to the main area and around the stairs, you will find a locked door on the right. Continue forward to another door.
  • At the far end of the room to the left is a laudaunum on a shelf. Picking it up will cause a Grunt to spawn over by the door. This encounter is not dangerous; it will walk around the corner and disappear.
  • Going to where the Grunt went, there is a tinderbox on the top of a shelf to the right, and another on a shelf to the left.
  • Through the open door, there is a tinderbox on the bottom of a shelf ahead. Another one is on a shelf to the left of the window in the corner.
  • Turning to the right, you will see a trail of blue liquid leading to a shelf with the Oripment, the final chemical. Higher on this same set of shelves is a tinderbox.
  • With all four chemicals collected, you can go to the Laboratory to create the acid. Exit this room via the door that was previously blocked by a barrel and head back up the stairs to the exit to the Entrance Hall.


Puzzle items[]


  • In the large room where the Orpiment is found, in the area where you see the Grunt walk off to after you pick up the Laudanum, a pair of tinderboxes can be found. One is on top of a bookshelf, and another is on an empty shelf nearby.(29 & 30)
  • Further ahead in that same area, in the sub-room where the Orpiment is found, another one can be found on the bottom of a shelf filled with bottles, and on the other side of the wall that shelf is leaning on, another one can be found on a shelf in the corner.(31 & 32)
  • At the top of the shelf where you find the Orpiment.(33)
  • In the room with the Calamine, two tinderboxes can be found. One is on a shelf full of boxes near the oil barrel, and another is on a desk.(34 & 35)
  • In a chest in the room with Wilhelm's note and the Aqua Regia.(36)


There are no oil canisters in this area.
  • An oil barrel can be found in the corner of the room where you find the Calamine.


  • In a corner on a shelf in the room before the room where the Orpiment is found.



  • When approaching the Wine Cellar, one can see the words Cella Vinaria ('wine cellar' in Latin) inscribed above the door.
  • In the loft area in the room that the Calamine is found in, there would have been a small chest containing an oil potion, two tinderboxes, and laudanum. This area would have been accessed by attaching a ladder to the pillar next to the Calamine. The chest, its items, the ladder, and the ladder's mount all start inactive; they can only be seen in the Level Editor.
    • According to the map's script file, this was scrapped due to crouching on ladders no longer working.
  • Originally, the chemicals were not present in the level. They were other types of items at first, which were later replaced by the chemicals.
    • The Cuprite was originally an oil potion.
    • The Calamine was orginally a bag of the cut Thalers.
  • Exiting the "barrel room" (the room the Cuprite is found in) after picking up the oil/Cuprite would have spawned a Grunt that walked toward the door on the opposite side of the area.
    • Presumably, this would have been similar to the Grunt encounter in the Refinery.
    • This encounter is seen in the beta gameplay footage in the Super Secret file.
  • The script file contains references to additional Grunt encounters in the level that were later removed. It is unknown if these were dangerous or not, though they were most likely glimpses of the enemy, similar to the only remaining encounter.
  • Touching the gore piles in the room that Wilhelm and his men were locked inside would have shown the message "Bite marks from rats scar the tissue."
  • In the room where the door banging occurs, there are some pig carcasses hanging from the ceiling. Strangely enough, the player loses sanity when looking at them. The script file provides an answer: the carcasses where meant to be placeholders for human corpses.


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