"Accept it. We're not getting out of here alive..."
―Wilhelm, speaking to one of his dying men.

Wilhelm von Gerich is a mentioned character in Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Remember - Amnesia The Dark Descent. He was a member of the Order of the Black Eagle who kidnapped several people to Brennenburg Castle for Alexander. He is voiced by Dan Zullo, who also voices his men.

History Edit

Wilhelm's story is told through flashbacks and notes left behind in Amnesia: The Dark Descent's early levels. He is also the subject of the Remember - Amnesia: The Dark Descent short story House of Gerich, where historian Klaas Gottschall investigates his disappearance.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent Edit

He became Alexander's Puppet in exchange for greater influence in the Order and the Prussian court. He and his men were used by Alexander to kidnap humans and bring them to the Brennenburg Castle, presumably for experimentation and vitae extraction. Unfortunately, after a while Alexander got tired of the imprudent behaviour of Wilhelm and his men - the sheriff was keeping an eye on the woods around Brennenburg and killing his servants because of their behaviour. He locked up Wilhelm and his men in the Wine Cellar, and fooled them into drinking poisoned wine that twisted their bones and turned them into the Gatherers. While locked up in the Wine Cellar, waiting for the poisonous wine to turn him into a gatherer, he wrote a final note talking about his time with Alexander. He presumably died while writing this note.

Remember - Amnesia: The Dark Descent Edit

According to Remember - Amnesia The Dark Descent, Wilhelm served Alexander as a secret lawman from 1702 to 1704. He arrested 39 men and locked them up in Castle Brennenburg. His last case was the fire at Stoss' farmstead where the farm holder died and the farmhand, Emil was incriminated and taken to the castle. It can be theorised that Emil is the desperate man heard in this flashback, as Herr Stoss, the owner of the Zimmermann Farm during the barn fire, entered the barn to try and save the animals. However, since the same person can also be heard in a Sewer flashback, and then finally in two flashbacks in the Transept where he's speaking to Daniel, this theory is unlikely as this would make Emil 155 years old at the time he's being tortured by Daniel and Alexander.

The activity of Wilhelm stopped when the Sheriff of Königsberg was sent to investigate. He reported that the crime rate had dropped in Altstadt, but there was no trace of the nobleman called Wilhelm.

Found Documents Edit

Regarding Closing of the Wine Cellar Edit

Found in a desk in the hidden room in the Archives.

"Wilhelm and his fools have endangered my research long enough with their absentminded handling of the human vessels. The sheriff is keeping a watchful eye on the forest and is killing my trusty servants. It's just a matter of time until they follow the trail to Brennenburg. I need to lock Wilhelm and his men up to avoid further investigation from the public. The wine cellar will therefore be sealed off until the matter has been handled. Either the king's men leave or they will starve. Whatever comes first - they can rot for all I care."

"Maybe I will feed them some wine, it would in a sense solve both of my problems."

Wilhelm's Contract Edit

Found in a large room near the entrance of the Archives.

"I hereby offer my full attention and services to Alexander, baron of Brennenburg. This contract will reign for a total of 3 years when my freedom shall return to me. In addition Alexander, baron of Brennenburg, is to recommend my services at the Prussian royal court and within the sanctum of the Order of the Black Eagle."

"May no man break this seal."

"Wilhelm, house of Gerich."

Wilhelm's Last Words Edit

Found in the room where Wilhelm and his men were destroyed.

"My name is Wilhelm, house of Gerich. These are my final words, my confession and testament. Two years ago I was summoned to the castle Brennenburg. As most of the aristocracy, I was curious about what this supposed knight of the Order could want from me and accepted the invitation. The baron was friendly and offered me a proposition."

"It dawned on me that the nature of the contract was sordid and that the reason I was chosen was because of the follies of my past and not the honors I've been rewarded with during my time as a soldier. I was to kidnap healthy humans upon his slightest whim and do so without asking questions. In return he would attest to my character at the royal court, advancing my position within noble society. I would like to claim that I struggled with my decision, but it came swiftly and I accepted wholeheartedly."

"Ever since that day I've brought men, women, and children to Brennenburg. I can't remember the numbers, but there were many, perhaps even a hundred. None of whom were ever seen or heard from again."

"Tonight the baron invited me and my men down to the wine cellar to celebrate our work. I had my suspicions as we descended the stairs, but he insisted and joined us in a toast. The wine tasted fine and my men drank without restraint."

"So begins the punishment for our sins. The baron has locked us up and returned upstairs. Forgive me for what I have done. I was weak and fell into his diabolic ways. My men are screaming, their skin has been pierced by their own tangled bones. I feel my insides revolt against their God-given nature. Blood has begun to pour from my eyes and I can no longer..."

Trivia Edit

  • One theory concerning Wilhelm's fate suggests that he was transformed into a Brute, a Servant Brute being far more powerful than a Grunt. The same theory applies to his men, who are believed to be the Grunts.
  • The name Wilhelm could be a reference to the poem The Battle of Blenheim. The poem is set at the site of the Battle of Blenheim (1704), with the questions of small children about a skull one of them has found. The character "Wilhelmine" was the granddaughter.
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