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This is a page containing all quotes for Wilhelm.


Transformation 2[]

Occurs when entering the room in the Wine Cellar filled with scattered flesh.

Servant #1
What's happening? Oh! It feels... like... my chest is going... to burst!
[Sound of flesh tearing violently]
Servant #2
My God, Wilhelm, do something!
Accept it. We're not getting out of here alive.
Servant #2
How can you say that? Alexander, you piece of shit, let us out of here! [coughs]
Wilhelm's men futilely beg to be let out before their grotesque deaths and/or transformations take hold, and Wilhelm accepts his fate.


Wilhelm's Last Words[]

Found on a table in the far room of the Wine Cellar, next to the Aqua Regia.

My name is Wilhelm, house of Gerich. These are my final words, my confession and testament. Two years ago I was summoned to the castle Brennenburg. As most of the aristocracy, I was curious about what this supposed knight of the Order could want from me and accepted the invitation. The baron was friendly and offered me a proposition.

It dawned on me that the nature of the contract was sordid and that the reason I was chosen was because of the follies of my past and not the honors I've been rewarded with during my time as a soldier. I was to kidnap healthy humans upon his slightest whim and do so without asking questions. In return he would attest to my character at the royal court, advancing my position within noble society. I would like to claim that I struggled with my decision, but it came swiftly and I accepted wholeheartedly.

Ever since that day I've brought men, women, and children to Brennenburg. I can't remember the numbers, but there were many, perhaps even a hundred. None of whom were ever seen or heard from again.

Tonight the baron invited me and my men down to the wine cellar to celebrate our work. I had my suspicions as we descended the stairs, but he insisted and joined us in a toast. The wine tasted fine and my men drank without restraint.

So begins the punishment for our sins. The baron has locked us up and returned upstairs. Forgive me for what I have done. I was weak and fell into his diabolic ways. My men are screaming, their skin has been pierced by their own tangled bones. I feel my insides revolt against their God given nature. Blood has begun to pour from my eyes and I can no longer...