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Victor Trianon was the father of the protagonist of Amnesia: Rebirth, Tasi Trianon. He is a mentioned character, deceased by the time the game takes place, but frequently referenced by Tasi and also by the other characters on the expedition who knew him.


Early life[]

Not much is known about Victor Trianon's early life, apart from that he was born somewhere in France, possibly in Paris, sometime during the late 19th Century. At some point in time, he married and had a daughter, Anastasie "Tasi" Trianon.


As an adult, Victor would lead countless expeditions to colonial Africa, often bringing his daughter on them as well. Victor had two close associates who often accompanied him and Tasi, his protege Hank Mitchell and Sudanese guide/rifleman Malick Tamboura, with whom he and Tasi formed close friendships with.[3][1] On one of these expeditions, Victor argued with Malick about mules in Marrakesh, Morocco.[1]

When Tasi turned 16, Victor, rather than instituting a curfew for his daughter, gave her a compass so she would always find her way home.[4]


At some point, Victor ended up dying for an unknown reason, although it was after his daughter met the man who would become her husband, Salim Hannachi.[4] Salim expressed a desire to know his father-in-law better, and Tasi exclaimed she also did.[4]

Soon after his death, his granddaughter Alys died of a degenerative disease. Antoine R., one of Victor's old friends, wrote to Tasi expressing his sympathy for the losses of both her father and her daughter in quick succession, promising to help Salim get French citizenship.[5] Meanwhile, Hank took over as an expeditionary leader, serving in the role well but missing his mentor terribly.[3]



Victor Trianon had dark hair and appeared to be slightly pot-belled in his middle age.


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  1. "Monsieur" is equivalent to "Mr." in French, ergo "Monsieur Victor Trianon" is equivalent to "Mr. Victor Trianon."


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