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"Don't want any of the guests coming in here."
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This is a page containing all quotes for Victor Fournier.

Real-time dialogue[]

This is for all Victor Fournier dialogue that takes place in real-time during Amnesia: Justine.


Spoken randomly when Justine enters the cellblock where Dr. Fournier is being held.

  • "Whoever you are, if you could help me, I would be much obliged."
  • "Help me, please, help me."
  • "How did you escape?"
  • "Have you seen Justine?"
  • "Can you hear me? It's not too late to set things right."
  • "Anyone there?"

Being killed[]

  • "Please! Please, be reasonable. You don't have to do this." – The doctor panics as Justine pulls the lever outside his cell, lowering a huge impaler toward him.
  • "Argh! Why? I was just trying to help." – If Justine repeatedly pulls the lever, Dr. Fournier cries out as the impaler pierces right through his chest and kills him.

Ending dialogue[]

  • "Well, done child." – The doctor congratulates Justine if she has saved him.
  • "Open the door, and let us remove ourselves from this dungeon!"
  • "Justine, I know it is you! I promise I'll get you help, if you just open the door!"