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Whoever you are, if you can help me, I would be much obliged.

Victor Fournier

Doctor Victor Fournier is the first hostage encountered in the Cabinet of Perturbation in Amnesia: Justine.

He is voiced by Jon St. John.[1]


Victor Fournier is a psychiatric doctor and is seen when Justine enters the first main room of the game, a large prison block. Fournier is in one of the cells in the block. Justine can choose to either kill him or let him live. If Justine kills Fournier by pulling the lever next to his cell multiple times, a spike will lower into Fournier's midsection, killing him, but will lower a ladder down from the ceiling that's needed to progress through the tests.

If Justine chooses to let Fournier live, she will have to stack boxes and use a part of a broken ladder to reach the aforementioned area in the ceiling, requiring more effort. The test here, is to see if the player has enough patience to stack objects and boxes to reach the trapdoor in the ceiling without ending Victor's life. Victor is "saved" if he is left where he is without pulling the lever that can potentially kill him, given the choice the player makes.

Fournier is also mentioned in a note found one cell over to the left, in a letter written by Aloïs' father, Lucien Racine, to Inspector Marot. The letter states that Fournier is an expert in the human psyche and that he has the authority to legally declare Justine "mentally unstable" so that she can be locked up. This is very likely the reason Justine captured him in the first place.

In a phonograph recording, Justine states that she knew Monsieur Fournier because he was a friend and a colleague of her late father. He's a kindhearted and friendly man, but has become "frail of mind" and puts on an impressive act to distract people from the fact that he's now old and absentminded.[citation needed]


  • "Whoever you are, if you could help me, I would be much obliged."
  • "Please! Please, be reasonable. You don't have to do this."
  • "Justine, I know it is you! I promise I'll get you help, if you just open the door!"


  • Victor shares the model used by a torture victim in Daniel's "paint the man, cut the lines" flashback.
  • "Fournier" is a common French surname, more or less meaning "baker."
  • The last name of Fournier maybe inspired by Dr Jean Alfred Fournier who described "Fournier's Gangrene, a gruesome and deadly affliction that rots away the patient's genitalia.
  • Victor has two special lines that are spoken if he alone is alive (Father David & Inspector Marot are dead), the second line indicates he somehow knows it is Justine because she chose to not save the latter two prisoners. David is also the only one to have an extra line if only he is alive.
  • An unremoved glitch in the game means the lever to the impaler can be pulled multiple times resulting in Fournier being killed over and over again.
  • A character with the same surname, Sergeant Fournier, is mentioned in graffiti found in the Desert Path chapter of Amnesia: Rebirth. The graffiti states that "Sgt. Fournier is a fornicator."


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