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The victims' flashbacks are the descriptions of the final moments of some of the people murdered inside Brennenburg Castle. These memories are "read", like Alexander's Memory Capsules, as Daniel touches a certain item related to the victim. Unlike the Memory Capsules though, these flashbacks are in a third-person view, like the Loading Screens.

In the moment Daniel touches an item related to the victim, the screen fades to white while an also fading scream can be heard, then black text is showed in the center of the screen.

The Young Girl[]

In Storage Daniel comes across the remains of a young girl's dress, the same one his former self murdered:

A blood-stained piece of cloth from a young woman's dress.

In the Prison cells Daniel finds another piece of cloth from the girl's dress near the tunnel her mother dug to help her escape:

She clenched her fist, shielding the woven pouch filled with sage, and prayed. The men urged them to alight from the carriage and forced them through the castle gates.

Torture rooms[]

When Daniel touches the Wheel:

The murderer's limbs were tied to the spokes of the wheel. They turned the wheel slowly, but with intent so the rope secured around his leg stretched and cracked the bone. He no longer had the strength to scream. The two men looked at each other knowingly and took a hammer and struck the victim's chest in a final act of mercy.

When Daniel inspects the Iron Maiden:

The forger stood absolutely still. The casket had been closed but a faint light made its way inside. A myriad of spikes pointed at him. Glittering as they waited for his body to slip just for a moment. His knee jerked and he felt blood trickle down his leg. In pain his head fell slightly forward. It took him a while to realize his eye had ruptured and begun to leak.

When Daniel touches the Brazen bull:

The traitor did not know what to think of the brass bull as he was forced to enter it. Only when the heat of fire began to scorch his skin and cook his flesh did he realize it was to be his tomb. His screams of pain echoed inside the brass chamber and travelled through the complex instrument which was the bull's head. Outside the men could hear the brazen bull bellow.

When Daniel touches the Judas' Cradle:

The arsonist kept crying as he was slowly lowered on and off the impaler. It didn't take much to break him. They had meant for him to die, but the torture was working beyond their expectations. It wasn't the method, it was the arsonist, he was different from the others. They could make him forget again.

When Daniel touches the grating under the Saw:

The rapist hanged upside down, his tears soiled with blood flooding from his belly. The saw between his legs had lodged itself in the hip and wouldn't move any further. The men stepped back and waited for the victim to drain.

When Daniel touches the Strappado apparatus:

The kidnapper sat on her knees with her hands tied behind her back. She felt her hands being lifted and her body followed. Her shoulders gave away to the weight of her own body and cracked loudly. The suspended woman cried hysterically as the men contemplated their next step.

When Daniel touches the table in the Choir Entrance:

After the men had secured the prisoner, the ritual began.