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"They weren't looking forward to visitors, were they?"
This article contains spoilers for Amnesia: The Bunker. Proceed with caution.

I believe once removed from his men, we can break him. Please advise.

Major Sergeant Delpy's recommendations to his superior officers regarding Prisoner #73014, 30th of June, 1916

Major Sergeant V. Delpy is a minor character in Amnesia: The Bunker. He was a French soldier stationed on the western front of the First World War.[1]


Early life[]

V. Delpy was likely born somewhere in France.[1] He was presumably conscripted or volunteered for the war as a soldier in the French Army and sent to the front to help repel the advance of the German army. He held the rank of "Major Sergeant," a rank that didn't exist in the French Army, which is likely a minor error, especially since there was a similarly-named "Sergeant Major" rank, a mostly ceremonial title given to the most senior or experienced non-commissioned officers in a unit. If this is what was intended, it would likely make Delpy the third or fourth most senior officer in the bunkeer, after Commandant Fournier, Major Blanchet, and possibly J. Delisle. At some point in time, he and his unit were stationed at or transferred to the bunker.

Events preceding Amnesia: The Bunker[]

A spring of discontent[]

On May 18th, 1916, Sgt. Reynard reported to Comdt. Fournier and Maj. Blanchet that Sdt. Alex Noyer was spreading rumours of dark magic in the Roman tunnels, causing discontent among the men.[2] Reynard then had the indolent classicist locked up in Delpy’s cells for two days as punishment.[2]

No mercy[]

On June 11th, the officers received permission to court martial all of the tunnel saboteurs.[3] Reynard then sent Delpy a message, in which he announced his intention to throw them in the pit and let them die a slow death.[3] Delpy’s response is not known, but Sdt. Farber privately wrote that he and Reynard continued torturing the mutineers until at least June 14th.[3][4] On the same day, Delpy also wrote a missive to Reynard regarding new information about the sabotage, as Sdt. LaRue had given further details regarding the missing Sdt. Beaufoy, claiming that he had split from the other saboteurs and disappeared into the darkness.[5] This led Delpy to conclude that Beaufoy had either died in the blast or had since starved to death.[5]

The German prisoner[]

On June 30th, Delpy sent a report to Comdt. Fournier, Maj. Blanchet and the other officers about the outcome of the previous day’s raid, in which they captured 20 German prisoners from the IV Reserve Corps of the 2nd Army.[6] In the report, Delpy stated that their eight cells could not handle the new influx of prisoners, and recommended that most of them be shipped off to a prisoner-of-war camp as soon as possible; however, Delpy then wrote that one of the Germans, Prisoner #73014, had his marking of rank and insignia torn off, leaving his true standing unknown.[6] Delpy opined that he should remain in their custody and be interrogated, due to the fact that he could be an officer or a VIP of some sort.[6] Fournier accepted his recommendations and ordered him and Sgt. Reynard to begin their interrogations.[7]

On July 4th, Delpy received an update from Reynard about his progress in the interrogation of Prisoner #73014.[7] Reynard explained that he had begun a process of “aggressive interrogation,” which was a euphemism for brutal torture, as he then casually wrote “I hope the screams have not kept you awake.”[7] Despite the fact that the prisoner continued to claim that he was an ordinary German soldier, Reynard remained unconvinced, and told Delpy that he would give the prisoner food in the hope that he would confess in his gratitude.[7]

A death in the night[]

During the night of July 14th, Sgt. Reynard was horrifically murdered by Augustin Lambert, who was suffering a transformative episode as he slowly turned into the Beast.[8] Such was the brutality that after Dr. Josinski performed an autopsy on Reynard, he concluded that it would have taken at least two men to have done it.[9] As a result of the sadistic murder, the already paranoid Fournier began a relentless investigation.[8] He terrorized the men in his interrogations, even going so far as to accuse Prisoner #73014 of Reynard’s grisly demise.[8] Fournier wrote to Delpy on July 15th, informing him of Reynard’s death and telling him that interrogations would begin.[9] It is likely that Delpy, as the prison warden and an experienced interrogator, would have assisted Fournier.

Events of Amnesia: The Bunker[]

Delpy’s final fate is unknown, but it is known that he was alive as of July 15th. It is possible that he was killed by the Beast in the following days, or that he escaped with the other officers on July 20th. There is a splatter of blood in Delpy’s locked office, which may indicate that he was killed by the Beast during the fall of the bunker.



Not much is known about Delpy, but it can be inferred that he was overly cruel and despotic, as he participated in the brutal interrogations of both the mutineers and Prisoner #73014 alongside Sgt. Reynard, who himself was cruel and sadistic.[7][4] This assumption of his personality can also be supported by the enlisted men’s hatred of all the officers, bar Sgt. Joubert.[9][10]


While on duty, Delpy would have worn his uniform.


  • Delpy, unlike the other officers, does not have a room in the officer quarters, possibly because he served as the prison warden, which would have probably meant he quartered inside that complex. It is also possible he shared a room with Major Blanchet, since there is a bunk bed in the latter's room rather than a single bed like the others.
  • Delpy is also erroneously titled as a brigader general in some of the other language files for the game, most likely due to another character in Amnesia: The Bunker having the same surname, Général de brigade Romain Delpy.


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