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There's not much to tell, except that I love this page, I love to play "Amnesia: The Dark Descent". I haven't tried "A Machine for Pigs" yet, but I will. I'm not sure I want to try Justine, though... too freakin' scary!

My favorite thing on Amnesia: Beat the game, kill Alexander, and tease the monsters, throwing the body parts to feed the Kaernk, and alot of other stuff. I like to roam the corridors in the Prison (mostly the Northern Block, since it's bigger than the Southern Block, and the Kitchen is there).

I also love to roam around in the Storage below the Back Hall. I dislike the Choir, though. It's creepy, but it is fun to tease Brute in the Morgue. ;o)

Well, that's about it.

My favorite pagesEdit

Amnesia: The Dark Descent Wiki

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