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Meet my wandering troupe:Troupe Maestro Grimm

Hello and welcome to my page!
As you might have guessed, my name is Anti Sonic Forces, but you can just call me Anti or ASF, as well as Shadow. I am the creator, protector, knight and guardian of my world, and I am the most senior Content Volunteer and PRO on the Fandom.
About me

I am a very experienced and not very sociable user who arrived at the Fandom in mid-April 2015.
Currently I am a member of the Russian Fandom Squadron, and I am also part of the IVT. I working directly on articles and designs on wiki, and sometimes with code, but only on Russian wikiprojects.
If you need help or have any questions, you can safely ask me them on my Message wall.

ru-N Русский язык для данного участника является родным.
en-4 This user can contribute with a near-native level of English.
uk-3 Цей користувач володіє українською мовою на високому рівні.
pl-3 Ten użytkownik posługuje się językiem polskim na poziomie zaawansowanym.