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Ur-naya's dynasty was the ruling matriarchal dynasty of The Empire in the Other World, it consisted of seven Empresses. [1]


Ur-naya presumably unified The True Ancestors into a single state and became the first empress of the Empire. The exact date of dynasty's founding is unknown, however it was certainly before the 4th Century AD. Tihana was the 7th empress to rule, regardless of player's choice at the end of Amnesia: Rebirth.[2] The dynasty’s possible end is tied to the player's choice in Amnesia: Rebirth: as it can either end in March 1937 with Tihana’s death or continue should she live.[2]

Empresses and Other Members[]

Nothing is known about the members of this dynasty other than the seven empresses. No information have been provided in the notes about fathers, siblings, and other descendants (both male and female). Tihana was courted by many men but never married.[3] She was rendered infertile as a result of an illness, and so Tihana was made immortal with Vitae.[4] During the events in Amnesia: Rebirth, should the player hand over Amari to Tihana, her lineage would continue through adoption.[2]

Empresses of the dynasty:[1]

  1. Ur-naya the Binder, First Empress
  2. Iren Sea-star, Spear of the Isles
  3. Takimira of the Singing Vines
  4. Taranga the Builder
  5. Marai Stone-Heart
  6. Blessed Atua of the Golden Hand
  7. Tihana, who is Last and Eternal