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The Factory Tunnels is the seventh (7th) level in Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. it is the area directly below the Factory.


Three Wretches will be encountered here. The first encounter is purely visual, while the next two Wretch encounters are real dangers. The second Wretch is guarding the stairs that leads down to a broken elevator, and the third Wretch the player encounters later will give chase as the player returns to the main area.

In the Nest of Eggs[]

Over there, place it in the corner. What? You think I speak Prussian? Do I look like an inbred hog, sir? Who gives a damn what it contains! Just set it down carefully and leave me be!

Oswald Mandus in a flashback when receiving a crate from Brennenburg

The layout consists of the holding pens, a low-temperature storage room, the lift room, as well as a research station near the entrance. Upon further notice, the way ahead will be blocked by a locked gate, the player will need to mix together a canister of Compound X using the Centrifuge in order to corrode the lock. At the end, there will be a series of stairs into the Sewers. Depending on where you go, a cinematic scene where a Wretch walks deeper into the Tunnels will occur.

In the Holding Pens rooms, you must walk past a series of steel cages, find a door into a small room where a teddy bear is lying on a shelf, and up the stairs. You'll hear a flashback about Mandus. As you approach the opened door at the end of the hall, a wind will blow the door shut. Turn around and you'll see another door had opened. Go through that door. Be careful as there might be a Wretch guarding the area, hide and wait until it despawns. Then proceed forward and you can see stairs leading down to a broken elevator, and another one is leading up to a locked door and a small bridge covered in hot steams. Near the bridge is a transferring pipe with Brennenburg Infusion Vitae bottles scattered around it (the bottles are labelled BiV). Place one of the bottles into the pipe and pull the lever near it to send the bottle to the main hall where the Centrifuge is. Go to the left into a flickering hallway. Walk through the cramped corridor until you witness Mandus' children run deeper into the corridor. Follow them, and you'll eventually back at the small bridge, only this time the steams are gone. Cross the bridge and make your way back to the Centrifuge.

In the Low-Temperature Storage room. you will see a similar pipe and lever in the Holding Pens rooms, and there is a small room nearby with another lever attached to a large barrel. Pull it down and you will get a bottle of Orgone Monad Disperser fluid (it has OMd written on it) and put it inside the pipe. Pull the lever to send it to the main hall and get back to the main hall. Along the way, you will notice that the corridor has changed somehow. Upon further exploration, a Wretch will spawn right behind you. Run through the corridor until you reach the main hall. The door behind you will slam shut by itself, trapping the Wretch inside.

After that, place the two bottles you sent here into their respective place on the Centrifuge. Then turn on the red button near the stairs. The Centrifuge will spin for some time, and you can pick up the bottle of Compound X. Bring the Compound X to the locked door and slam it to the padlock. Then shine the lamp which attached to a chair nearby to burn the padlock. After the door is unlocked, you can proceed to the Factory Sewers.

There is a Telephone in the beginning of this level, next to the room with the padlocked door. The mysterious man will inform that Oswald must hurry as the flooding continues to rise. Another telephone can be found near a broken elevator, where the mysterious man states that the elevator had been sabotaged.


  • On your right is a Lab, to your left is Centrifuge. In the Centrifuge area, there are 2 ways, Left (Low Temperature Storage) and Straight (Holding Pens)
  • Through Low Temperature Storage, Go straight and before entering the next room you’ll encounter a Wretch in front of you (does not hurt you). Enter the next room and obtain the fluid from the barrel and use the Transportation machine to transport the fluid
  • Exiting the room, the path where you came from suddenly became a wall and you will have to pass through the alternative passage. And in this alternative passage you will be immediately chased by the wretch from behind. Try to not die during this chase as I somehow able to soft-locked myself (the exit is locked and no other exit) after being killed
  • Once exiting from the entrance, put the fluid into the Centrifuge and proceed to the next area “Holding Pens
  • In this area, make your way through the cages and go upstairs. Upstairs there are 2 room, one in your left that are open and to your right which is locked. Enter the left one and in here you will encounter another Wretch patrolling around, make your way silently to the downstairs
  • Downstairs there are lift which is not usable and a telephone telling you that the lift is not usable and you have to use the staircase to go to the upper level.
  • Upper level contains the fluid and also the Transportation machine, put the fluid and transport it. Next you’ll see that the hot steam is blocking your way so you have to use Alternative passage on your left (facing the transportation machine) to turn it off magically
  • Back to Centrifuge hall, put the fluid in place and push the clicking button to start the machine and obtain the Compound X. Use this compound on the padlock in the Lab room, then use the light from the chair to break the padlock
  • Follow the path, climb down the ladder and fall into the hole to enter “The leaking World
"Do you see, Daniel? A whole other world – isn't it beautiful?"
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Found Documents[]

  • July 15th 1899 - Right after the ride in the dumb waiter, head into the room on your right. The note is on a table on the right.
  • a warning - Head downstairs and into the "Low-Temperature Storage" section. It can be found on a table near the large barrel
  • August 20th 1899 - Heading into the "Holding Pens" area of the Tunnels, this note is on a shelf that you'll reach naturally on your path through the area. It's in a small room right before the flashback.
  • August 4th 1898 - Again in the "Holding Pens" section, once you reach the pneumatic tube, head into the path on your left. The note is on a floor near a gate. This path disappears after you've used it once, so make sure you don't miss this one.


  • Several parts of this place seem to be transforming on its own, even some doorways appear to be disappearing mysteriously after Mandus entered them. Whether this is purely coincidental or caused by Mandus' mental condition remains unexplained.
  • A dissected frog can be found near the locked gate, it is possible to shock it by using the switch nearby.
  • This is most probably the location where Mandus was trying to hide from a Wretch in the Halloween Trailer of the game. You may note that several things are missing in the final version of it.
  • Take into account that the visual encounters of Wretches can be seen once only during a specific session. Depending on which one you decide to enter first, Low-Temperature Storage or Holding Pens, Wretch will be present there. After that, you won't be able to spot it anymore in the other location. Technically, there's just one encounter that will occur in place you first traverse through.
  • After sending the chemical in the Holding Pens to the centrifuge, if the player then returns to the Holding Pens, a Wretch will spawn behind them when they reach the room with the teddy bear on the shelf. This is purely visual and the monster will disappear when it charges at Oswald.