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The Triple Crown Mining Company was the company that funded the ill-fated Sadiola expedition.

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Triple Crown Company Logo

The company's logo can be seen on the aeroplane seats, although the direct owner of the plane was Sterling Shipping Company, which was the primary company of co-owner Robert Sterling.[1]


The Triple Crown Mining Company was formed through a collaboration between three powerful businessmen, Oscar March, William Garrison, and the noted shipping magnate Robert Sterling.[2]

The company was involved in various mining operations in West Africa. In early 1937, Triple Crown acquired the Jaka Sanulama gold mine in Sadiola, a small commune to the south of Kayes in the French Sudan.[3][2] They started a project called "Project: Jaka Sanulama,” with the intention of overhauling the mining procedures through the implementation of machines and focus on richer areas of the mine. To achieve this, samples had been taken, as mentioned by Hank Mitchell.[4][5][3] The samples were most likely soil, analyzed for gold content and possibly for other minerals as well.

Before Rebirth[]

For the Sadiola mining expedition, Triple Crown hired the seasoned Hank Mitchell as the expedition’s leader, and allowed him to vet, and in some cases select the other expedition members.[6][7] The company then directly hired various experts, such as the mining supervisor Leon De Vries, the geologist Eva Ritter along with her husband Lukas Ritter serving as the second rifle, and the engineer Jonathan Webber.[8] Hank was allowed to select additional team-members for security, guides, and more managerial work, such as his longtime associate Malick Tamboura and a newcomer assistant Rachael Holt. There was the exception of Eva’s husband Lukas, who served as the second gun, although it proved to be only a minor concern.[9] Hank also had a hand in recommending the expert engineering drafter Tasi Trianon along with her husband, Salim Hannachi serving as an unnecessary third gun.[10][8]

Robert Sterling, the head of the Sterling Shipping Company and one of Triple Crown’s co-owners insisted on bringing a European doctor rather than relying on the locals in case of injury or sickness, Hank thought it was unnecessary due to the short trip, but Sterling was not dissuaded and hired the Swiss doctor, Anton Metzier.[11] Sterling Shipping also provided the plane and selected their own pilot, Nicolas Masson, whom Hank had a prior association with.[12] They also selected a hostess for the plane, Yasmin Chabani, which Hank thought of as frivolous.[13]

Alex Sterling, Robert Sterling’s eldest son and an experienced businessman in his own right, decided to unnecessarily accompany the expedition with his private secretary Richard Fairchild.[14] Hank believed the man wanted an adventure, but made sure to include him and Fairchild, albeit with no special treatment.

After Rebirth[]

Cassandra Investigation[]

In the days following the crash, no representative of the company was available to give any comment.[15]


  • A cut document, found in the Super Secret file, confirms that the Sadiola project was indeed a surveying of a recently acquired gold mine and of the site's suitability for efficiency improvements.[2]
  • Another cut document found in the Super Secret file, in the form of a typewritten letter to Alex Sterling, from a cut character named "Alain Richemont" who apparently works in some authoritative capacity at "Jaka Sanulama Works."[16] It confirms that preparations had been made in March to properly receive the expedition.[16]



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