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"They weren't looking forward to visitors, were they?"
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"My name is... Is... I am... Trenches!"
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The Trenches are a location in Amnesia: The Bunker. It is the first location and starting point of Henri Clément's journey. They are only seen during the game's intro, provided the player does not choose to skip the intro. These trenches are connected to many underground structures, with one of them being the bunker itself.


At the beginning of Amnesia: The Bunker, the trenches occupied a frontline position that was being overrun by German soldiers. During an assault by the Imperial German army, the game's protagonist, Henri Clément, desperately took refuge in the trenches to avoid enemy fire. While trying to advance, covered by his comrade and friend Augustin Lambert, a few German soldiers ran by on the ground above and, spotting Henri advancing through the trench, attempted to gun down Henri, although Henri managed to defend himself, with more or less help from Lambert.

The Germans then threw gas grenades into the trench, quickly suffocating the trapped Henri. Lambert quickly rushed in and gave Henri a gas mask, then led him to safety.


The trenches were built in a zigzag pattern, usual for such defensive works. The purpose of this is to break line-of-sight down the trench; this would deny attackers, when the trench in question was under assault, the ability to shoot straight down the trench, either from inside or above.

A few small dugouts dot the trench-line, to offer further protection for defenders from fire, though they would provide little protection from shelling.


  • If the player wastes all the grenades given to them without breaking the door, a new one will always respawn, to prevent players from accidentally making progress impossible.



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