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"... He was clearly rushed, thus far he has left most of his work incomplete..."
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Where he works with a magnifying glass to carefully fix all the parts, I push five men to erect a tower of wrought iron in the hope it will have even the tiniest hint of the power found in a Traveler's Locket.

Alexander of Brennenburg, lamenting the crudity of his replica

A traveller's amulet, also known as a traveller's locket, is a device that is used for locating and opening rifts in weak points of the "fabric between worlds," allowing for transpatial travel.[1][2] A traveller's amulet was used by Tasi Trianon to travel back and forth between Earth and the Other World.


The specifics of the device's inner workings are unclear. The amulet is able to locate rifts between worlds and, barring a rare alignment of the planets and stars, is necessary to traverse them.[1][2][3]

Herbert's Expedition[]

It is apparently possible to find the "weak points" for rift locations through specific calculations without an amulet.[1] However, as indicated by Professor Herbert, actually travelling through the rifts without an amulet requires an extremely rare alignment of the planets and stars, making it impractical.[3]

During the expedition to Algeria and the Tomb of Tin Hinan, Herbert ordered that he be notified of, among other things, anything resembling "his amulet."[4] However, disaster befell the expedition, and Herbert became lost in the Other World and died there, having apparently not located or retained any useful traveller's amulet before dying.

Events of Amnesia: The Dark Descent[]

Several centuries prior to Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Alexander lost access to a traveller's amulet and began to focus all of his efforts on recreating one—albeit in a rather primitive form, using "tamed lightning" for power—using the Orbs to power it.[5] However, all was lost when the first Orb he used shattered into six pieces. During the events of The Dark Descent, Alexander used Daniel's Orb to activate his crude approximation of the amulet's mechanisms. He may or may not have returned to the Other World at the game's climax depending on the player's actions.

Events of Amnesia: Rebirth[]

In Amnesia: Rebirth, Tasi was lead to a locket by Empress Tihana, who beckoned her to her realm in order to heal and protect the crewmen of Cassandra from the harsh desert.[6] The player does not actually experience the discovery of the locket; rather, Tasi is notified that she found it in a note left by her past self. The locket itself is found on Tasi's bracelet when she awakens.


The hands points towards rifts in the immediate area and glows. Closer to the rift, the hands spin quicker. Once close enough to a rift, the amulet will open up a portal for the player to step through. Said rifts are often distinguished by a cluster of floating rocks.


  • Whether the amulet allows for trans-dimensional travel (between universes) or merely for interplanetary travel (within the same universe) is unknown.
  • In many religions, an amulet is believed to be bringer of good luck and preventer of bad luck.



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