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Traveler's Locket as seen in Amnesia: Rebirth.

The Traveler's Locket near a rift.

A Traveller's amulet, also known as a Traveller's locket, is a device that is used for travelling between worlds. It is likely that one was originally used by Alexander of Brennenburg to arrive in Altstadt.

Information[edit | edit source]

Although the specifics of the device's inner workings are unclear, the locket appears to use electricity, or "tamed-Lightning" as Alexander calls it, in order to function. The locket is able to locate rifts between worlds and, barring a rare alignment of the planets and stars, is necessary to traverse them.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent[edit | edit source]

Several centuries prior to Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Alexander lost his original locket and began to focus all of his efforts on recreating one - albeit in a rather primitive form - using the Orbs to power it. However, all was lost when the first Orb he used shattered into six pieces. During the events of The Dark Descent, Alexander used Daniel's Orb to reactivate the Traveler's Locket. He may or may not have returned to the Other World at the game's climax depending on the player's actions.

Amnesia: Rebirth[edit | edit source]

Tasi was lead to a locket by The Empress, who beckoned her to her realm in order to heal and protect the crewmen of the Cassandra from the harsh desert. The player does not actually experience finding the locket; rather Tasi is notified that she found it in a note left by her past self.

Usage[edit | edit source]

The hands points towards rifts in the immediate area and glows. Closer to the rift, the hands spin quicker.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the notes found in Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Alexander tried to recreate the locket, but did not have access to the advanced technology and resources necessary.
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