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Wire Traps, or Tripwire traps, are environmental obstacles and potentially defensive tools in Amnesia: The Bunker.


Wire traps are spread throughout the entire bunker. They consist of a type of charge set upon a wall or other object, such as doors. They are connected by a thin, strong wire to a parallel wall. The traps are set at roughly ankle height for a human, and as such can be jumped, albeit requiring some precision and a running start. There are a few types of traps: explosive, gas, and fire traps. An explosive trap is rigged with a Grenade; a gas trap is rigged with a Gas Grenade; and a fire trap is rigged with an incendiary Flare, situated over a puddle of Fuel. Tripping any type of trap will alert the Beast to its location. Nearby traps will be marked with a red X.

The wire of the traps can be cut with the Cutters, rendering them useless and allowing the acquisition of their charge. Doing so successfully earns the achievement Tinkerer.

Due to being wire-triggered, the traps are indiscriminate and will activate upon any physical item tripping the wire, including objects like pieces of wood, bricks, barrels, and boxes. This means Henri can use them to his advantage and lure the Beast into them. Doing so successfully earns the achievement Trickster. Note that traps tripped by the Beast itself can alert the Beast to its location, despite being the very one that activated it.



It may be in the player's best interest to avoid as many traps as possible, as the items within the traps can be later used to aid the player with the help of the Cutters. Traps can also be tripped on purpose to lure the Beast into a specific location, while the player sneaks off elsewhere, and/or create a way to keep the Beast out of certain areas (due to gas or fire cutting it off). Mindlessly running into previously unexplored areas is ill-advised, especially if the area is unlit, as unseen traps can be tripped.

Note that traps can affect other nearby environmental hazards, being even more dangerous to the player if Henri is near them. For example, a grenade trap being activated can activate other nearby traps, such as canisters of gas or explosive barrels. Depending on their location, they can provide as useful elements to ward off the Beast, as hazards to temporarily trap the player in a location, or both.

Since traps can be activated by anything touching them, throwing physics objects found in the environment is a good way to trip them from a distance without hurting oneself, as well as making it easier to run somewhere else while the Beast is attracted to roam the area of the trap. In the case of flare traps, the fire underneath it can be burned away, so that when the trap is eventually activated, only the noise of the flare will be a threat, without the harm of the fire.

In the case of gas traps, they are entirely harmless if the player has collected the gas mask, as the player will be able to freely stand in the gas with the mask equipped, while the Beast will be unable to handle the gas. When encountering a trap attached to a door, they can be safely disabled with the Cutters if one opens the door slightly, but not all the way, then aims the Cutters at the wire through the crack of the opened door.