"How much more, Baron? How much more am I supposed to withstand? Kill me already! Kill me!"
―One of the prisoners in the Transept.

The Transept is one of the areas comprising the torture chambers surrounding the Inner Sanctum.


The Transept consists of a large main chamber, three torture rooms, and a small room at the top of the spiral staircase, presumably Alexander's study. This small room also contains one of Alexander's memory capsules. The floor of the main chamber is strewn with painted-on symbols and runes of unknown importance. Hanging from the ceiling are cages in which corpses can be seen when Daniel is at low sanity.

The three rooms each contain a different torture device: the Strappado, the Judas Cradle, and the Saw. An Orb piece can be found in each room. In the Saw room, the vitae necessary for Agrippa's potion can be gathered from the blood in the drainage pipe. This is done by combining the string found in the small room at the top of the stairs with the glass jar to make a glass jar on a string, and then lowering this down the drainage pipe to fill it with blood. As each of the torture rooms are visited, various flashbacks occur in which Daniel revisits the torture he inflicted upon various people. His sanity will be lowered considerably.  After Daniel escapes the Cells and makes his way back to the Nave, the Transept and Choir will have completely collapsed underneath the Shadow.

Collectibles Edit

Tinderboxes Edit

  • One tinderbox can be found in each of the torture rooms. Left, right, and centre.(138, 139 & 140)
  • Up the spiral staircase, a tinderbox can be found in the room on small table in the corner.(141)

Oil Canisters and Barrels Edit

  • In the room up the staircase, one oil container can be found.

Notes, Diary Entries, and Memory Capsules Edit

  • Notes on Torture - This note can be found in a desk in the room at the top of the spiral staircase.
  • A Memory Capsule is found in a desk in the small loft accessed from the spiral staircase in the main room.


  • The music heard in the Transept is also heard during the game's opening cutscene.
  • After Daniel finds all the Orb pieces his sanity is restored completely; however, the completion of the Orb enrages the Shadow, and its angry outburst will lower Daniel's sanity.
  • As the Brennenburg dungeons are actually an underground complex, it is unknown how there could be windows here. A possible explanation may be the Transept emerging out of the cliffside if the castle is located on a hill, or that the "windows" are actually lamps that simulate the effect of bringing in light from the outside. Another explanation could be that the light comes from the greenish flames in the Chancel.
  • The realistic images and sounds Daniel faces inside the Transept are probably due to the orb pieces that are scattered in the torture chambers, since the pieces have the ability to inflict madness.
  • It is possible to jump behind the cabinet in Alexander's study, but not possible to jump back. Obviously, it is not advisable to do this as the player will have to load the autosave from entering the chamber to resume their game.
  • In cathedral architecture, the transept is the division in a cruciform church between the nave and the chancel. However, in the game the Transept is separated from Chancel by the Nave, which does not fit compared to the other rooms named after sections of cathedral architecture.

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