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"They weren't looking forward to visitors, were they?"
This article contains spoilers for Amnesia: The Bunker. Proceed with caution.

My vision's gone, but my ears are true... And I hear you!

Toussaint upon hearing Henri.

Soldat Toussaint Beaufoy is a major character and the secondary antagonist in Amnesia: The Bunker. He was a French soldier stationed on the Western Front of the First World War, being assigned to the eponymous bunker.[2][4] Toussaint is voiced by Anglo-French actor Philippe Spall.[4]


Early life[]

Toussaint Beaufoy was born somewhere in France during the late 19th Century.[2] Due to the requirement to complete a period of military service upon adulthood, Toussaint would have been conscripted into the army for a few years before becoming a reservist.[5] At the beginning of the war, he was presumably selected during general mobilization and was then sent to the front to help repel the advance of the German army. Toussaint held the rank of "Soldat," which was equivalent to a Private. At some point during the first half of the conflict, he and his unit were stationed at or transferred to a frontline bunker. While at the front, Toussaint would become friendly with Sdt. Farber and Sdt. 1st Class Johannes Nicolay, among the others there.[6][7]

Events preceding Amnesia: The Bunker[]

Strange noises[]

On April 10th, 1916, Toussaint penned a poem entitled “We Whirl the World,” which criticized the both the futility of the war’s aims and the accompanying tragedies it caused.[8]

Nearly a month later, on the night of May 5th, both Toussaint and his friend, Johannes, heard mysterious howl-like sounds coming from the newly excavated Roman tunnels.[7] The two soldiers went separately to investigate, but while Johannes was too frightened to go beyond the entrance, Toussaint went and braved the tunnels; however, what he saw inside would serve as the catalyst for his spiral into madness.[9][7] Once he left the tunnels, he refused to tell Johannes or anyone else about what he had discovered.[9]

Downward spiral[]

After this experience, Toussaint began suffering from horrific, yet intoxicating, nightmares.[9] He dreamt of a ritual in which a strange liquid was consumed, which led to a transformation into an immortal creature that lusted for carnal things and committed acts more horrific compared to the Great War’s atrocities, all in the name of an eternal monarch.[9] While Toussaint was repulsed and horrified when he woke up, he was elated during the dreams, and as time went on, he began to look forward to them.[9] These dreams, little by little, eroded Toussaint’s already fragile psyche, and by the end of May, he was completely consumed by his madness.[9]

During this period of time, concurrent with Toussaint’s spiral into madness, the other enlisted men also began having visual and auditory hallucinations as well as dreams, an example of which was Sdt. Gaspar LaRue’s Otherworldy experience on May 14th.[10] These hallucinations caused mass discontent and fear among the ranks, which was only enflamed by the amateur classicist, Sdt. Alex Noyer, who shared what he’d uncovered in Latinate texts recovered from the tunnels.[11][9] Noyer spoke of sadistic bacchanals and dark rituals; however, Toussaint noted that Noyer wasn’t telling him anything he didn’t already see in his dreams.[9] For their part, the officers didn’t believe what their men were claiming, and harshly punished both Noyer and LaRue for their role in spreading the discontent.[12][13]

Tunnel sabotage[]

As the hallucinations and nightmares grew more frequent, and with all the officers cracking down on any kind of discontent, the men couldn’t go to them for help.[3] On May 25th, another one of Toussaint’s friends, Sdt. Farber, received a missive from Engineer Ozanne Zabelle.[3] The two men discussed methods to bring an end to the nightmares and hallucinations without having to rely on the non-existent goodwill of most of their officers.[3] Farber gathered his most trusted friends, including Toussaint, Zabelle, Johannes, LaRue, and Sdt. 1st Class Jean Renoir.[6][14] Toussaint was noted to be particularly eager to help, but not for the reasons that the others were.[6][14] They decided that sealing off the Roman tunnels would be the best way to move forward, and they decided to carry out their plan on the night of June 2nd.[6][14]

At the appointed time, Toussaint and the others entered the tunnels to lay the charges, but he had different intentions compared to his fellow saboteurs, and confided to LaRue that he had other work to do while pointing at his eyes before separating himself from the group.[15] They assumed he’d gone back to his bunk and successfully carried out their plan, sealing off the tunnels.[15]

Reynard’s investigation[]

In the aftermath of the sabotage, the officers almost immediately discovered that the explosion was no accident but rather a deliberate act of sabotage. The bunker’s commanding officer, Comdt. Fournier was apoplectic, and ordered Sgt. Reynard to conduct a thorough and ruthless investigation to discover the culprits.[16] Toussaint would likely have been one of the prime suspects from the start due to his absence. Reynard then correctly assumed those who had warned the others about the tunnels were the most likely to be guilty, and by June 9th he was able to round up four of the six mutineers, including Sdt. Gaspar LaRue, Sdt. 1st Class Johannes Nicolay, Sdt. 1st Class Jean Renoir, and Engineer Ozanne Zabelle.[6][14] Farber and Toussaint were the only ones who managed to evade capture.[6][14]

After the arrests, Maj. Sgt. Delpy and Reynard brutally tortured them for information. And under this pressure, LaRue broke and gave up more knowledge about Toussaint’s whereabouts, confirming that he was a mutineer and that he’d left the group a short while before the sabotage.[15] Toussaint’s fellow mutineers were then court-martialled on June 11th, and the officers decided to have them thrown into a pit to starve to death.[17] But Delpy and Reynard continued to sadistically torture them until at least June 14th.[6] At some point after this, they were executed, leaving Toussaint and Farber as the only surviving mutineers, although Farber would later die on July 16th at the hands of the Beast, leaving Toussaint as the last living saboteur.[18]


Unbeknownst to both the mutineers and the officers, the insane Toussaint had ventured further inside the tunnels to see what the darkness held, and was trapped when it was sealed off.[19] Once inside, he had a vision of an ancient and ruined world, after which his sanity was finally shattered.[19] He then alternated between begging God to end his suffering and a malicious obsession with the horrific acts committed by the Otherworlders. Toussaint then gouged out his own eyes to see his hallucinations better and began to wander the tunnels in a state of homicidal lunacy, armed with his shotgun.[19]

It is unclear how he exactly survived the following month and a half until July 21st, especially since there would almost certainly be few if any stored rations inside (the only reason why there would be rations inside is if the engineers had their meals at the worksite, which is quite unlikely).[15] This is further supported by Maj. Sgt. Delpy and Sgt. Reynard’s conviction that even if he had survived the explosion, he would have already died of thirst or starvation by June 9th.[15] Given the lack of rations, it is likely that Toussaint found a natural source of water from which to drink, perhaps from the flooded areas, and used the numerous rats as a food source. It is equally likely the numerous bottles scattered around the area were consumed by Toussaint, but alcohol would be more likely to drain his thirst than to quench it.

Toussaint managed to survive the Beast’s rampage due to the fact it didn’t frequent the Roman ruins, likely because it was preoccupied with slaughtering the garrison. However, it is possible he was dealing with the ravenous rats, given the deep wound to his left leg.

Events of Amnesia: The Bunker[]

By the time Sdt. Henri Clément awoke from his coma, Toussaint was among the last remaining survivors of the garrison. When Henri enters the tunnels, he finds the blind Toussaint singing his poem to himself as he patrols the tunnels. His madness leads him to shoot at anything that moves or creates noise, including rats and even Henri. Toussaint may either be killed by Henri in self-defense or be left alone in the tunnels to an indeterminate fate.



What'll come next around the bend? ...maybe some kind end...

One of Beaufoy's insane ramblings.

Not much is known about Toussaint before his descent into madness, but he had several friends in the garrison and was considered trustworthy enough to be included in a mutinous conspiracy by Sdt. Farber, who expressed sympathy towards him and felt terrible about his supposed death. Toussaint also notes that while he does enjoy the dreams, he is horrified by the acts when he wakes up, implying that he was originally a moral and loyal man before his descent into a psychotic state.

Following his descent into madness, Toussaint is a shell of his former self. He wanders around the Roman tunnels psychotically singing his poem to a non-existent audience. Sometimes punctuating each lyric with a shotgun blast. The blind hermit shows a high degree of aggression to any creature that makes a sound, be it rats or Henri. While hunting his former comrade, Toussaint displays pleasure in the act of finding his prey, taunting and condemning failed attempts to take him out. Toussaint has lost all sense of reasoning, as he will continue singing even after having been engaged in combat, revealing his position without a care in the world. Toussaint still retains his military training, however, as he can be seen tactically maneuvering around the tunnels while running away from or to the player. However, Toussaint's former self will sometimes show itself, as in some cases he will beg Henri to help him as the player leaves.


Beaufoy had blue-grey eyes before he blinded himself. He also had auburn hair and appeared to be of a tall height. By the events of Amnesia: The Bunker, his hair was unkempt, he was covered in bruises and cuts, and he sported a beard. He walks with a limp in his left leg, due to a deep wound just below his knee. His exact age is unknown; however, due to his service in the wartime French Army, his grizzled physical appearance, and his mature-sounding voice, he was likely between thirty and forty years of age.[1]


Beaufoy wore the standard French Army uniform covered with dried blood, in a very rugged state. He also wore a bandolier holding shotgun shells over his chest and kept his eye sockets bandaged.


  • « Come here, let me show you what I have seen. »
  • « Hide and seek is over... »
  • « I'm not finished with you! Come back here! »
  • « I'll find you, I promise! I'll find you! »
  • « Come back here, you coward! »


  • The asset used for Toussaint’s eyes were originally used for Terry Akers in Frictional Games’ game SOMA. There are also several parallels between Beaufoy and Akers as characters, both were once ordinary people who spiraled into murderous insanity, both gouged their own eyes out in their severe psychotic breaks, and both acted as enemies to the respective protagonists.
    • Toussaint is also similar to the Suitors, as they are also blind, and need to rely on sounds made by the player to find them. Both Toussaint and the Suitors have lost their sanity, and constantly shout strange and threatening things toward the player as they walk around.
  • Along with Ghouls and Wraiths, there are also shades of Beaufoy-like figures, albeit not holding a shotgun.
    • If Beaufoy runs to retreat elsewhere after surviving a shot, the silhouettes will also do the same.
  • Beaufoy is the second Amnesia enemy with a ranged attack, the first being the Wraiths in Amnesia: Rebirth.
  • The surname Beaufoy means, very roughly, "beautiful faith" or "fine faith."[20][21] The first name Toussaint means "All-Saints" (or, more abstractly, "all-holy").[22]
  • Along with Karl Springer, he is one of the very few humans still alive during most of the events of Amnesia: The Bunker (though his fate can be altered by the player). This is similar to Kita's and Empress Tihana's status in Amnesia: Rebirth.
  • In the game files and game customisation menu, he is referred to as the "Shotgunner."
  • In-game, his subtitles refer to him to as "Unknown."
  • Beaufoy seems to have infinite ammo in his shotgun, as he can constantly fire it, and is never seen reloading any shells into it. To add onto this, he may pump the shotgun after already pumping it, which should dispense the shell inside. Though, this is more than likely for dramatic purposes as after the sound of Toussaint pumping his shotgun is when his chase soundtrack comes into audio.
  • Using a Gas grenade on Beaufoy will give him unique dialogue. He will be heard coughing, but will still say his insane ramblings if he survives.



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