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The torture chambers are a collection of rooms throughout the castle. They are, as the name implies, used for torturing the castle's inmates. This term mostly refers to the six rooms in the Choir and Transept which are used explicitly for torture, however, there are other rooms in the castle which serve a similar purpose, such as the room in the Morgue where a man died of dehydration.


The torture chambers share a particular sound effect that resembles a warped church bell. Several other rooms, such as the crematorium in the Morgue, also possess this sound effect. This is likely because the dead bodies in the morgue were torture victims. Standing in these chambers will drain sanity, as the disturbing presence of the torture devices, as well as the past memories of Daniel, will haunt him here.

The six main torture chambers in the Choir and Transept each possess a unique device. The Iron maiden, Breaking Wheel, and Brazen bull are found in the Choir, while the Strappado, Saw, and Judas Cradle are found in the Transept. Touching any one of the devices will trigger a brief flashback of Daniel inflicting torture on a supposed criminal. The Nave itself also possesses a torture device, in a fashion: all the torture rooms have pipes that shuffle the noises of the victims to the people in the Nave's holding cells. Examining any torture devices shows Daniel a memory of the torture that was suffered in them.

All of the torture rooms in the Choir and Transept have Orb pieces in them, and some have ingredients for Agrippa's Potion.

Torture Rooms[]

The kidnapper sat on her knees with her hands tied behind her back. She felt her hands being lifted and her body followed. Her shoulders gave away to the weight of her own body and cracked loudly. The suspended woman cried hysterically as the men contemplated their next step.

The Weight room

The rapist hanged upside down, his tears soiled with blood flooding from his belly. The saw between his legs had lodged itself in the hip and would not move any further. The men stepped back and waited for the victim to drain.

The Saw room.

The arsonist kept crying as he was lowered on and off the impaler. It didn't take much to break him. They had meant for him to die, but the torture was working beyond their expectations. It wasn't the method, it was the arsonist, he was different from the others. They could make him forget again.

The Cradle room

The murderer's limbs were tied to the spokes of the wheel. They turned the wheel slowly, but with intent so the rope secured around his leg stretched and cracked the bone. He no longer had the strength to scream. The two men looked at each other knowingly and took a hammer and struck the victim's chest in a final act of mercy.

The Wheel room

The forger stood absolutely still. The casket had been closed but a faint light made its way inside. A myriad of spikes pointed at him. Glittering as they waited for his body to slip just for a moment. His knee jerked and he felt blood trickle down his leg. In pain his head fell slightly forward. It took him a while to realize his eye had ruptured and begun to leak.

The Iron Maiden room.

The traitor did not know what to think of the brass bull as he was forced to enter it. Only when the heat of fire began to scorch his skin and cook his flesh did he realize it was to be his tomb. His screams of pain echoed inside the brass chamber and travelled through the complex instrument which was the bull's head. Outside the men could hear the brazen bull bellow.

The Brazen Bull room


  • In the Transept, there is an occult symbol in front of each torture chamber entrance; their meanings are unknown.
  • In the room with the strappado, when turning the wheel that runs the device, a woman can be heard breathing heavily in agony and after doing so, cracking of the woman's bones can be heard, Daniel will lose some sanity and the chair the victim would sit on will be flipped over by itself.
  • In the Transept, a corpse can be seen in one of the cages when Daniel's sanity is low.
  • Several, though not all have sufficient proof, of the torture devices found in the chambers have been used through history, mostly during the middle ages but also in other time periods. The devices have been used for torture and execution (for more info see the links of each device).
  • There is some historical accuracy to some of the torture chambers, as some of them actually were used in Prussia during the same time period the game takes place in.[citation needed]


This is the sound that plays when standing in the torture chambers or some special rooms in the Morgue (The crematorium, the room with the pile of corpses or the room with the flashback where a man died of dehydration):