The Tomb of Tin Hinan is a location where two Orbs reside, hinted at Daniel's diary.

Information Edit

This ancient tomb apparently rests in the deserts of Algeria. While initially claimed to be made in the 4th century, at the time of its excavation, it was revealed that the ruins are much older according to Daniel in this diary, 17th of May, 1839. The tomb was presumably build by the ancient settlers as a monument of sorts to Tin Hinan, also known as "The Mother of Us All".

The interior of the tomb was not revealed much, as the majority of the tomb was already crumbled into piles of ruins. It, however, has humanoid statues in praying position, their gaze fixed at the dark domed ceiling, which may represent the followers of Mithraism. At the end of the hallway lies a room protected by a massive stone slab.

The interior of the tomb is never fully revealed, but the area of the burial chamber is seen in a flashback that Daniel has when he finally reads all 3 notes found in the Archives level.

Trivia Edit

  • In Daniel's flashback, there is only one Orb shown for him to interact. However, Herbert's journal reveals that the tomb has two Orbs, meaning that there is actually two separate Orb chambers.

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