This page lists things that need to be done here on the Amnesia Wiki, everything from creating and writing new pages, to general editing and cleanup. This list will likely be edited often so make sure to check back here from time to time if you wish to help out. If a page is created, or a task is done, feel free to remove it.

All valid contributions are appreciated! Don't be afraid to ask for help or advice from any of the admins, feel free to drop by the discord server, that can be found on the right side of the page, as well.

  • Page structure - I feel like a lot of pages are structured inconsistently, with content that sometimes vary wildly, even within the same category. For instance, the content on the Daniel page is structured like Past > Appearances > Quotes > Trivia > Video, while the structure of the Oswald Mandus page goes Information > Storyline > Trivia > Quotes > Gallery. This issue is present throughout the entire wiki, and ideally, all pages within the same category should be standardised so they are structured somewhat similarly.
    Following are suggestions regarding how I feel like pages could be structured to follow a mould better, inspired by how it's done on Wikipedia and other Fandom wikis:
         Characters - Hit Expand on the right >
  • Early life - Describes place of birth, childhood, general backstory. For Daniel, this would explain his bully at school, his abusive father, his nyctophobia, his sister, and his studies.
  • Events of [Game, important event, or Short Story A] - Describes the events leading up to and that occurred in the game or short story they are a part of.
    • Further subheadings might be required in these parts, to break the characters exploits into more easily digestible chunks - for example, on Daniel's page, this might be: "Arrival in Brennenburg", followed by "Kidnappings", followed by "Waking up with amnesia", followed by "Capture" - Something like that)
  • Events of [Game, important event, or Short Story B] - This is repeated for every piece of official Amnesia-universe game, story, or important event the character is a part of. In Daniel's case, this could be "Trip to Algeria", which would include the events of Old Friends, and everything up until embarking on the ship back to England, followed by "Examining the Orb", which would detail the events up until Daniel decides to travel to Brennenburg; followed by "Events of The Outrider", followed by "Events of Amnesia: The Dark Descent", which is a section that would probably, as stated before, be split into several subheadings.
  • Death and/or legacy - Would describe the characters demise, if they are dead, and explain how their actions and life might have affected other in-universe stuff. For instance, in Daniel's case his relation to Oswald Mandus would be mentioned here.
  • Personality and characteristics - Describes the characters personality, motivations, characteristics, etc.
  • Quotes
  • Trivia - You know what this is. Fun facts and alike.
  • Gallery
  • Video
  • References
         Monsters - Hit Expand on the right >
  • Description - Describes the monster's appearance, behaviour, and effects on the player character & gameplay.
  • Origins - Describes how the monster came to be in-universe. Includes folklore, and how the monsters are described by characters in-game.
  • Appearances - Describes the various encounters with the monster in-game and in-universe.
  • Sound - Describes the monster's theme music (with playable audio), and sound effects.
  • Design - Retells Frictional Games' descriptions on creating the monster in question, if applicable.
  • Trivia
  • Gallery
  • Video
  • References
         Locations - Hit Expand on the right >
  • Information - General info about how the area looks, how it is built, its atmosphere, how dangerous it is, etc.
  • Points of Interest - Lists interesting or important features of the location, such as NPC's, unique structures, story-related stuff.
  • Walkthrough - Explains how to traverse the area safely, while gathering the necessary items and solving the puzzles.
  • Collectibles - Lists all items in the locale. Tinderboxes, oil, notes, etc.
  • Trivia
  • Gallery
  • Video
  • References
         Real people - Hit Expand on the right >
  • Early life
  • Career
  • Involvment with game
  • Personal life
  • Works - Games or other forms of entertainment they've had a hand in creating.
  • Awards - Awards gained from their art
  • References

         This issue of course exist outside of these categories of pages, but I think this serves as an example.
         Issue is that this is very difficult to fix without rewriting large parts of the wiki and restructuring a whole lot.

  • Using references - Claims made on a page should be backed up using a citation. Citations related to lore should point to a source text located on the wiki itself. Citations related to game development or meta stuff should point to a relevant blog post or other. There are a lot of pages on this site that lack these citations! To create a citation, go to where you want to add the citation, and add "<ref>", followed by a link to the page (as well as the section of the page) you want to reference, and follow this with "</ref>". At the end of the page, beneath the "References" subheading, you simply need to add the text "{{Reflist}}", and all citations will appear by themselves there.
  • Clean up pages! These pages are weirdly formatted, contain faulty information, have errors or misspellings, etc. and should be cleaned up! Some of the most egregious ones include:
    • Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs - The "Marketing" section should probably be made into its own page - perhaps titles "Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs/Marketing" or "A Machine for Pigs ARG" or something like that. The entire page should probably be extended and cleaned up a bunch as well.
    • Olof Strand and Jonas Steinick Berlin currently just summarises some blog posts on the FG blog instead of being actual biographies of the individuals.
  • Many pages lack the right categories! If you see a page that lack the proper categorisation, please add it!
  • Regarding the news section on the FP - so far I've updated it manually but it would probably be nice to get an RSS feed up!
  • Citations Needed - Pages which have questionable information that needs to be confirmed with a source of some kind. Add the {{cite}} template at the end of a sentence if it needs confirmation.
  • Need Images - Pages that are in need of added pictures or videos, or better ones if those on the page are low quality or not of the subject. Upload images to Special:Upload and add them to the page that is in need of them. If you encounter a page which could use more images/videos then please add the category Need Images to the page.
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