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Tinker is a black cat featured in a Remember - Amnesia the Dark Descent short story, The Outrider.

Information[edit | edit source]

Tinker used to live around Der Muhle, a local inn at Altstadt. The cat was kidnapped by a mysterious creature, presumably a Servant Grunt who abducted the cat for Alexander to be used in his attempts at extracting vitae from animals. Both the creature and the cat were tracked down by Gabriel, who witnessed the cat's abduction. He managed to save Tinker by putting a bullet in the creature's back, causing the beast to drop the sack in which it was holding Tinker. After this, Tinker ran up a tree and witnessed the rest of the event from there. After this event, Tinker returned to Jacob as the cat was with him when he planted an apple tree on his mother's grave.

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