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This is a timeline detailing the events of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Remember, Amnesia: Justine, and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs in chronological order. Note that some of the entries where a year or date isn't specified are approximately placed, and, therefore, may not be correct.

4th Century

Unknown year

15th Century


September 15th

16th Century

Unknown year


Unknown year

  • Johann Weyer becomes Agrippa's student, and the two study the Orb's powers.[6] During Weyer's lifetime, he would learn to harness and control the orb's powers, and amassed a collection of several orbs.[7]

Unknown year

  • Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa pays a visit to Prussia, where he stays in the small hamlet of Altstadt for 14 days. While there, he finds an orb in an underground Mithraik temple. Taking it, he is immediately branded by The Shadow, who hunts him across the alps and retrieves the orb.[6][7] He is said to have passed away some ten years later after this visit.[8] This is untrue, however - he lived far beyond that.


  • The events of “With the Blessing of a King” take place: A student of Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, Johann Weyer, retrieves an orb from a church’s catacombs in Calais with the help of three French soldiers. The Shadow kills two of the men, but Weyer manages to escape with the orb, and the third soldier manages to escape with the Star-shaped soap stone which was removed from the tomb that served as an entrance to the chamber where the orb was held [9]. This stone later ended up with Captain Ambroise, and was then given to Herbert in "Old Friends".[10]

Unknown year

  • The old castle of Brennenburg is consumed by a fire.[8]

Unknown year

  • Brennenburg is rebuilt by Alexander and becomes his base of operations. He masquerades as a Prussian baron. The townsfolk would eventually come to believe that he comes from the Rhinelands and live in the castle with his family.[8]

17th Century

Unknown year

  • Agrippa somehow got in contact with Weyer and Agrippa, and with their assistance retrieves the orb from the temple beneath the Prussian woods.[7]

Unknown year

  • Alexander attempts to create artificial Vitae in his laboratory, but is unsuccessful. During his attempts he only manages to create a highly acidic solution.[11] The resulting fumes damage a lot of the unstable ingredients in the Laboratory, so Alexander moves what's left to the Wine Cellar.[12]


January 9th

  • Alexander starts experimenting on animals during his attempts to extract vitae.[13]

April 12th

  • Alexander’s research yields nothing, and he realises he will be forced to use humans to extract sufficient amounts of vitae.[14]


18th Century



  • Wilhelm of the House of Gerich, a nobleman, signs a contract spanning 3-years with Alexander, in exchange for Alexander’s recommendation at the Prussian Royal Court and within the sanctum of the Order of the Black Eagle.[18] During the period of early winter 1702 to late summer 1704, Wilhelm conducted 39 civil arrests and brought the prisoners to the Brennenburg dungeons. The families of these people were usually banished from Altstadt.[19] According to himself, he also kidnapped up to a hundred civilians to be used by Alexander in his attempts at extracting Vitae.[20]


September 28th

  • A fire consumes a barn a couple miles south of Altstadt. This was the last case Wilhelm officially worked on.[21] The case files lacked a final statement from Wilhelm, and his fate, along with the arsonist, were never found out.[22]

Unknown date

  • Alexander is disappointed with the imprudent behaviour of Wilhelm and his men.[23] With one year left on his contract, Wilhelm is locked in the Wine Cellar with his men and fed poisoned wine that twists their bones and turns them into Gatherers.[20][24][25][8]

Unknown date

  • A sheriff was sent to Altstadt from Königsberg to question Wilhelm about the civil arrests he had taken, and he was believed to have been discharged.[26] The sheriff returned to Königsberg early winter 1704 reporting that the crime rates had dropped significantly in Altstadt and that there was no trace of Wilhelm in the hamlet.[27]



  • “House of Gerich” takes place: Klaas Gottschall tries to shed light on the fate of Wilhelm by investigating the barn which was the last case Wilhelm worked on. After meeting up with Anna Koch who dismisses his suspicion that Emil, the farmhand, might have been behind the fire, his journey takes him to Brennenburg to meet Baron Alexander.[29] Klaas' fate is unknown.

Unknown year

  • A plague spreads among Alexander's men and prisoners due to poisonous fungi that grow in the newly-opened drain sewers beneath Brennenburg, contaminating the vitae of the infected prisoners and slowing down progress on the building of a Traveler's Locket. Alexander creates a vaccine to hinder further deaths.[30][31]


January 13th

Unknown Date

  • Weyer travel to The Other World instead of Alexander, enraging Alexander who traps Agrippa inside of a dead husk. Weyer claims that he is trying to revoke Alexander's banishment, but refuses to help Alexander with returning to The Other World unless he releases Agrippa. He hands him a recipe for a tonic that would allow Agrippa to be released from the husk without being killed. In the end, Alexander does not release Agrippa, since he finds Agrippa to be his only connection to The Other World.[4][34]

Unknown Date

  • Fearing that he may soon run out of prisoners, Alexander decides to go through with the final ritual and try to open up a portal to The Other World. It is a failure and ends up shattering Agrippa’s orb into six pieces. Alexander is forced to start over from square one.[35]

19th Century

Unknown year

  • Daniel is born. He grew up in Canterbury, Kent in the UK[36][37] and later moved to Mayfair, London.[38] Growing up, he was repeatedly abused by his father[37][39] and bullied at school by a boy by the name of Henry Bedloe.[37][39]


  • Hazel, Daniel’s younger sister, is born.[40]

Unknown year

  • Daniel never considered himself very scared of the dark. However, one night his father sent him down to the basement to fetch a red dye for him. While Daniel was in the basement, he accidentally knocked over a canister of blue dye. As his father yelled at him, he could already feel the punishment that were to come. His naked feet got cut up from the glass, and his red blood mixed with the blue dye on the floor. It is possible that this event is what caused Daniel's Nyctophobia.[39]


  • Justine Florbelle is born.[41] Madame Florbelle, her mother, died while giving birth to her brother. It is unknown if he was born at the same time as Justine, or later. It is also unknown if her brother survived the birth, and if he did if he is still alive.[42]

Unknown year

  • Hazel, Daniel's younger sister, is diagnosed with some form of dangerous disease by Doctor Tate, who doesn't expect Hazel to live past the age of 12.[36] She is forced to remain in bed during the summers. Daniel used to read books for her after he was done helping out his father with work.[36]

Unknown year

  • Daniel stands up to Henry Bedloe, the bully. During a day in school, he manages to get Henry onto the ground and then strike him with a rock, as the other children cheer him on.[37] After he does this, he is scared that Henry will show up at his house, looking for vengeance.[39]


  • The father of Justine, Monsieur Florbelle, starts exposing Justine to a variety of tests and experiments to better understand her mental disorder, isolating her from her only friend Clarice,[41] making her childhood a very lonesome one.[44][45]


  • Justine is presumed to have been sexually abused by her father.[41]


Unknown date

  • Hazel turns fifteen. She has lived three years longer than expected. Her parents, exhausted, decides to have her committed for permanent treatment at Canterbury Hospice. Hazel embraces Daniel and wishes him a grand adventure in Algeria.[36]

January 12th

  • Herbert writes a letter to Justine’s father, asking about how his experiments on Justine are going, and requesting the family to vouch for him to increase his chances of being let into Algeria.[46]

February 2nd

Unknown date

  • Daniel, along with Herbert, set for Algeria to study the tomb of Tin Hinan.[47]

May 14th

  • Daniel and Herbert arrive in Algeria.[48]

May 15th

  • The events of “Old Friends” take place: Herbert meets up with his old friend Faraj in Algeria. Faraj gives him Johann Weyer’s map of the tomb of Tin Hinan. Faraj is then killed along with his nephew Baki by Captain Ambroise of the French army to quell the rebel uprising in the city. Herbert retreats back to the hotel where he stays with Daniel.[49][50] Well there he is approached by general Ambroise who hands him a star-shaped soapstone, the same one that was present in the Siege of Calais.[10]

May 16th

  • Daniel and Herbert ride for the Tomb of Tin Hinan with their caravan. At one point, the tired Daniel falls off his camel.[51]
  • Herbert, Daniel and their crew reach the tomb of Tin Hinan with the help of Weyer’s map.[52][53]

May 17th

  • After entering the tomb with a couple men, Daniel manages to get himself trapped. Before being saved by his crew, he finds the broken pieces of a mystical orb which he brings with him.[54][55] Herbert, finding Daniel unfit to continue, sends him back to England.[56][57][48]
  • After three days in Algeria, a sailboat took Daniel across the Meditteranean Sea to Gibraltar. While there, Daniel reserved a cabin aboard the SS Hortensia, which would take him back to London[48]

Unknown Date

  • During his trip back to London aboard the SS Hortensia, Daniel was somehow thrown overboard, presumably during a storm. While desperately trying to stay above the water, he realised that some large beast was down in the water with him - presumably a Kaernk or The Shadow. He was rescued just minutes later by the crew and was hoisted onto the ship, which was just approaching the coast of Portugal. It is possible that this whole event might have been a dream.[58]

May 20th

  • Herbert’s camp is attacked by The Shadow and gruesomely kills four men, but Herbert dismisses the massacre as betrayal, and shoots a man to keep his crew in place. He sends one of the workers, Abdullah, back to Algiers to contact the French.[59]

May 22nd

  • Herbert, realising he’s being hunted by The Shadow, stumbles through the desert. Delirious, he starts to see Algiers in the distance, although not through his own eyes, but through the eyes of Abdullah. He was presumably slain by The Shadow some time after this event.[60]

June 22nd

  • Back home in England, Daniel attempts to assemble the orb, but is unsuccessful.[61][62]

June 25th

  • Daniel seeks out a geologist to find out more about the shifting nature of the orb. Although acquiring a bit of information, he can’t help feeling the object is otherworldly.[63]

July 2nd

  • Daniel receives a letter from the Algerian governor’s office. It describes how one week after Daniel leaving Algeria, a man who was travelling with Herbert, Abdullah, returned from the desert badly injured, rambling about the expedition being attacked by something horrible. After searching for a couple of days, the French search party sent out to look for the expedition found the abandoned campsite without any trace of Herbert or any of his men.[64]

July 3rd

  • Daniel retrieves the things recovered from Herbert’s tent at the nearby custom’s house. After reading through Herbert’s journal, he finds out that Herbert later visited the chamber and retrieved the orb himself after madness had spread among his men, suggesting there might have been another orb in the tomb. This greatly confuses Daniel, and he starts to wonder if the pieces that are in his belonging ever were an orb at all or if he just imagined everything.[65]

July 4th

  • Daniel somehow manages to assemble the orb after waking from a horrible nightmare.[66]

July 5th

  • While at the university to look for information regarding the orbs, Daniel overhears that the geologist he previously visited about the orb, Sir William Smith, had been murdered.[67][68]

July 14th

  • After having sent letters to various contacts in Herbert’s address book requesting help, one of the contacts to receive a letter being Justine (although the letter remained unopened)[69], Daniel receives an answer from Alexander of Brennenburg, urging him to travel to Brennenburg castle deep in the Prussian woods.[68][70]

July 15th

  • Daniel travels to his hometown of Canterbury to pay a visit to his physician, Doctor Tate, regarding his horrible nightmares and sleepless nights caused by the Shadow.[70]

July 17th

  • After discovering that Daniel’s physician Doctor Tate, and Professor Taylor at the university, both had been violently murdered just days after Daniel last saw them, just like Sir William Smith had, he realises something is after him and decides to heed the Baron’s advice and travel to Brennenburg castle.[68][71]

Unknown date

  • Daniel arrives in the city of Bremen, where he arranges for a carriage to take him to Altstadt. At first, the driver of the carriage refuses to take Daniel on such a long trip, but changes his mind as Daniel offers more and more money.[72] With the two rides also Gabriel, who works as an Outrider. He grew up in Altstadt.[73]

August 2nd

  • The events of "The Outrider" take place: Daniel arrives at the village of Altstadt, his last stop before Brennenburg. He stays the night at the local inn[74] at the advice of the outrider that took him there, Gabriel, who grew up in Altstadt. Later that night, a mysterious cloaked figure steals a local cat, Tinker (most likely to be used by Alexander for his attempts to extract vitae from animals), and knocks the young inn-worker Jacob to the ground. Gabriel grabs a rifle and gives chase to the cloaked figure through the woods. He manages to rescue Tinker by putting a bullet in the cloaked creature but is later attacked by it when attempting to follow it through a dimly lit cave. He manages to escape its grip by setting the creature on fire with the lantern he was carrying, and runs away from the scene.[73]

August 3rd

  • Daniel, with the help of Gabriel, makes his way to Brennenburg and meet up with Baron Alexander.[75][76] During his stay, he would sleep in the Guest room. He was still haunted by nightmares during his stay here.[77]

August 4th

  • Alexander tells Daniel what he knows about the orb and the guardian of the orb, The Shadow, who will kill anyone in its way to reclaim the orb.[76][78]

August 7th

  • Daniel and Alexander get started on their work to banish The Shadow.[79][80]

August 8th

  • Alexander manages to channel the Orb’s powers onto Daniel and himself, but is forced to stop when discovering that the shadow is much closer than he assumed.[79][81]

August 9th

  • Alexander prepares and has Daniel execute a “warding ritual”, which involves Daniel taking the life of a prisoner to buy them some more time.[79][82][83]

August 10th - August 17th

  • Daniel performs several more warding rituals by torturing and executing prisoners. He justifies his actions by thinking that he's doing the world a service by killing these men since Alexander tells him that the prisoners are all very bad people.[84][85][86]

August 18th

  • The events of “Waiting for the Rain” take place: at the Altstadt graveyard, a family is mourning the death of their only male son. In his grief, the father, Gustaf Zimmermann, says that it would have been better if one of their daughters died instead of their son. This leads to one of the daughters, Elise Zimmermann, planning to escape the family with the young errand boy of the local inn, Jacob. Back at their farm she executes her escape attempt but is discovered by her abusive father, who captures her and intends to murder her. Before he goes through with it, he returns to reason, and Elise runs away down the dirt road.[87] While running away, she sees a carriage coming towards the farmstead, which she believes is there to rescue her, but is actually carrying Alexander and Daniel who strikes the father down and kidnaps the entire family to use for their rituals in banishing The Shadow.[88]
  • Later, one of the girls (likely Elise or her older sister) manages to escape their cell where they are confined through a hole in the floor she had dug with the help of her mother. Daniel discovers this, hunts her down, and murders her in the Storage. Having already killed a lot of people by this point, he used to always trust Alexander when he claimed that the people that were killed were horrible people; rapists, murderers. However, Daniel clearly understands that this young girl did not deserve to die. This event cripples his psyche, and makes him realise what he has become.[89][90] Seeing that he could no longer trust Daniel, Alexander barricades him from the Inner Sanctum.[89]

August 19th

  • The events of Amnesia: The Dark Descent takes place. Daniel discovers he has been manipulated by Alexander. Lost, guilt-ridden and abandoned to face the shadow alone, he makes his way to the Old Archives. On his way, he sabotages the Elevator to stop himself from being followed. He then writes a note telling him to makes his way to the Inner Sanctum and murder Alexander, and drinks an Amnesia mixture to erase his horrible memories.[91] He stumbles to the Rainy Hall before passing out, only remembering his name, the name of his hometown and that he is being haunted by a “living nightmare”.
    Waking up, he finds himself on the floor of a gloomy corridor. He discovers a pink trail leading up to him, and follows it back to his Note to Self.[92] After reading it, he decides to follow his own advice, and starts making his way deeper and deeper into the depths of Brennenburg in search of the Inner Sanctum. However, his trip is anything but easy, as Alexander’s servants, the vile Gatherers, are patrolling the castle in search of him.[92] As if that wasn’t enough, Daniel’s nyctophobia[39] causes him to experience elaborate hallucinations, constantly driving him to the edge of insanity.
    Throughout the castle, he finds pages from his Journal, which was stolen from his room (presumably by gatherers sent by Alexander in an attempt to stop Daniel from leaving), which assists Daniel in recalling past events. Eventually, Alexander starts to communicate with Daniel telepathically, taunting him and asking him if he has “changed his mind”. Daniel realises that Alexander has the ability to see through his eyes, but keeps on going and eventually reaches the Nave. Here, Daniel encounters the occult writer Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa whom Alexander is holding trapped in the husk of a dead body. He informs Daniel that Alexander is planning to use Daniel’s orb to open up a portal to another world, the one from which Alexander originates from. He then tells Daniel about his pupil, Johann Weyer, who had managed to amass an entire collection of orbs and used their power to leave this world for another. Weyer, refusing to take Alexander with him as long as he held Agrippa captured, gave Alexander a recipe that would produce a tonic that would allow Agrippa to be released from the dead husk he was being kept in without dying. Unsure that Weyer would take him with him to the other world; he dismissed the recipe and turned his attention to Daniel and his orb, with the plans of creating a portal of his own.
    Agrippa informs Daniel that he can stop Alexander if he creates Weyer’s Tonic and feeds it to him. Furthermore, Agrippa tells him that he has to locate and retrieve the six pieces of Agrippa's broken orb, which Alexander uses for torture these days since they practically "leak madness"[7], in the various torture rooms in the Chancel and the Choir, and assemble the orb to gain entry to the Inner Sanctum.
    Having gathered all the ingredients and orb pieces, Daniel gets contacted by Alexander who tells him that he "(has) gone too far” and that he “must stop (him)”. Daniel gets captured by three of Alexander’s servants and brought to a cell, where he is told by Alexander he can redeem himself by waiting for the shadow to arrive and kill him. Unwilling to do so, he escapes the cell and makes his way back to Agrippa.
    By feeding Weyer’s Tonic to Agrippa, which he has created in the laboratory found in the Nave by following Weyer's instructions, he is able to cut Agrippa’s head off and bring it with him without killing him. They make their way to the entrance of the Inner Sanctum and use the Orb Daniel assembled to gain entry.[92] They proceed down to the Orb Chamber where they can find Alexander floating in mid-air, about to open the portal. From here Daniel does one of three things:
    • He knocks over the three pillars that channel the energy of the orb to create a portal, thus ruining the ritual and killing Alexander. He then escapes Brennenburg with a guilt-free conscience.[92]
    • He waits for Alexander to open the portal, and then throws Agrippa’s head through it, thus completing the ritual before Alexander can enter. This causes both Alexander and Daniel to be consumed by The Shadow. With Daniel's spirit trapped in the void, Agrippa pleads with Johann Weyer to take pity on the man branded by the Guardian and find a way to save him. Weyer agrees and Agrippa ensures Daniel that everything will be all right.[92]
    • He allows Alexander to complete the ritual. Alexander returns to The Other World, and Daniel is consumed by the shadow. With his spirit trapped in the void, Alexander thanks him, and ensures him that his sacrifice will not be forgotten.[92]
No matter his choice, Brennenburg collapses as the shadow arrives and falls into ruin.[93]


March 18th

  • Malo de Vigny, a famous violin virtuoso, shows up to a performance intoxicated. After collapsing on stage, Justine Florbelle carries him off the stage with the help of her lovers Basile Giroux and Aloïs Racine. The following day a newspaper article was published about the event.[94]

April 22nd

  • The father of Justine’s lover Aloïs Racine, Lucien Racine, is worried about his son’s relationship with Justine Florbelle and sends a letter to Inspector Marot asking him to take Dr. Victor Fournier with him to confront Justine and have her diagnosed as being hysteric, as this is the only “legal way of incarcerating her”.[95]

Unknown date

Unknown year

  • Justine locks up her three suitors in her Cabinet of Perturbation. Aloïs Racine is seen to have developed a self-destructive fixation with Justine while Basile Giroux is driven by an uncontrollable anger after Justine blinded him. Malo de Vigny is seen to have gone completely insane, presumably after repeated torture and drugging by Justine.[97]

Unknown year


  • Justine kidnaps Inspector Marot, Dr. Victor Fournier, and Father Hector David. She then puts them in torture devices in her Cabinet of Perturbation.[97]
  • The events of Amnesia: Justine takes place. Justine records her voice using a number of phonographs explaining the situation. She then places them in various places in her Cabinet of Perturbation, releases the suitors, traps herself in a cell and voluntarily overdoses on lithium to induce a temporary state of amnesia. After a short black-out, she regains her conscience, and starts making her way through the Cabinet of Perturbation, either saving or killing her prisoners while making her way back to the Florbelle Estate.[97]


Unknown date

September 26th

  • Lily’s funeral takes place.[100]


November 7th

  • Oswald, having invested too heavily in new machines for his factory, faces financial ruin and feared it was only a matter of time before the bailiffs would come to repossess his home.[101]

November 29th


February 14th

  • Having arrived in Mexico, Oswald and his two sons are led to the ruins by a local.[103]

February 17th

  • Oswald arrives at the Aztec temple with his children.[104]

Unknown date

  • Oswald manage to retrieve an orb from the temple. Being uninitiated in the mythic arts, the orb shatters and splits in two. Doing so, its power also splits Oswald’s soul in two. The two orb pieces, bleeding madness, reveal to him the oncoming horror, wars, and genocide of the 20th century. It then discloses the future of his beloved children; they would come to be slain, sixteen years into the future, in the First World War at the Battle of the Somme. Devastated, he murders his children on the temple steps to spare them of the suffering they would be forced to endure. This event came to change Oswald, causing him to hate the world and detest its people. He sought to remake the world and avert the future wars to come by mechanising the ancient practice of human sacrifice he had seen evidence of at the temple.[105][106][107][108][109]

Unknown date

  • Oswald is struck by a strange fever travelling back to England. Sick, and sweat-ridden, he starts dreaming of a great machine.[106]

March 15th

  • Having returned to London, Oswald sets the two orb pieces on his mantelpiece before burying the skulls of his children in his garden.[106]

April 30th

  • Oswald receives a crate containing a Gatherer retrieved from the ruins of Brennenburg Castle. Fascinated with the deformed being, he starts planning his creation of the Manpigs.[110] By this time, the construction of his great machine has long since started. He plans to build the machine into a God that would save humanity from its carnage through mass ritual human sacrifice.[105]

July 15th

August 1st

August 20th

  • Oswald creates a set of Manpigs using patients from Bethlem Royal Hospital. He uses them to capture and kidnap people to be fed to The Machine.[113]

August 21st~November 30th

  • Oswald continues with his construction of The Machine to the point where it’s almost fully automated.[114][115][116][117][118][119][120] He uses child labor to clear the large pipes emancipating from the machine.[121] He collects humans of varying economical status to be fed to the machine: For the rich, he organizes a large dinner party where the wine is poisoned.[122] For the poor, he creates St. Dunstan’s church, seemingly out of charity. The church’s priest, Father Jeremiah (who was also later fed to The Machine) praises Oswald and refers to his actions as “one of the greatest and most benevolent charities in all of London”.[123] However the whole church is a devious trap which was intended to capture whole congregations of people and send them down to the factory via a secret tunnel beneath the altar.[124] He also organised a street festival, leading to the capture of hundreds of individuals.[124][125]
    By transferring his blood and his heart into The Machine, he implants the half of his broken soul responsible for the murder of his children and hate for mankind into it, rendering it sentient, creating the character of The Engineer.[126][105]

December 1st

  • Oswald, free from the influence of his dark alter-ego, starts to realise what he has become. The sickness he contracted in Mexico is still growing worse.[127]

December 20th

  • After the ministry and those from the rifle club, former friends and associates of Mandus, grew suspicious and concerned by these recent activities, the distinguished Professor A was employed to investigate. After repeated conversations with the man (which were recorded by Oswald), Oswald feeds him to The Machine.[128][129]

December 23rd – 29th

  • Oswald, filled with regret, realises he must redeem himself through rejoining his shattered soul, or die trying. He sabotages the machine, barricades his mansion, and locks himself in his bedroom as the fever overtakes him.[105][130]

31st December

  • The events of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs takes place. A delirious Oswald regains consciousness in his bed. His severe illness has resulted in a temporary form of amnesia. He can hear his children call for him, and so follows their voices. After a while, he is contacted by a mysterious man through telephone. He is told his children are trapped far below him, and that the only way to save them is to drain the flood waters and reactivate the machine. He follows his advice, not realising the man is the other half of his damaged soul, and descends into the depths of his facility, encountering several of his Pigmen along the way. Finally, he manages to reactivate The Machine. By the time he realises he has been tricked, it is already too late. The Engineer releases an army of Pigmen onto the streets of London, capturing its inhabitants to sate the hunger of The Machine. Having regained his memories, Oswald starts to sabotage the machine once again. He makes it to the tesla, from where the machine is being powered. There, he finds a large heart suspended on wires in the middle of a room - this is supposedly his own heart, which he used to power the machine and which transferred The Engineer from his body onto The Machine. He destroys the heart, which supposedly kills him along with The Engineer. Soon after, he awakes in a large underground Mayan temple. Behind him, a body can be seen in a container in some sort of cryo-stasis. He proceeds into the temple while being haunted by the ghosts of his children with every step he takes. All the while, The Engineer begs Mandus to not kill him. When he reaches the end, a mechanical clockwork chair is found sitting empty. By its sides, the bodies of Edwin and Enoch can be seen hanging from the walls.He sits down on the chair, and sacrifices himself on it, by having it rip out his heart, which mimics the Mayan ritual of ripping the heart from the still living victim's chest. As he dies, so does the Engineer. However, the final sequence is most likely a hallucination; as there is no way Mandus could have had the time to build an entire temple beneath the streets of London. Furthermore, his children's bodies were left behind in Mexico and their skulls buried in his garden. It is way more likely that Mandus along with The Engineer died for real as the heart was destroyed, and that the temple is a metaphor for the machine itself. Whichever is true, what is known is that as the world silently enters the 20th century, both Oswald and The Engineer lay dead far beneath the streets of London.[105]


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