I didn't need internet to play Amnesia, at least not when I did back in the day. I've recently got a new PC and haven't yet installed Amnesia, and probably won't again as I have moved on, but I'll still keep the memories in the vault :)

As for youtube, I've disbanded my youtube account. Looking back on my "hater" mods for Amnesia, I admit they can be funny, but they can also be annoying. I've found it quite immature and therefore closed the account.

But in terms of SOMA, I won't reveal too much, but you'll be asked a lot of questions in gameplay, and my question to you right now is:

Two people are surviving off of the same life supply. One person enjoys every second of their life, while the other feels constant pain without relief. Cutting off life supply would kill both of them. What is the better choice?

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