• So I don't understand this.

    Alexander takes Agrippa's orb and uses it to build Traveller's Locket. But when he tries to create the portal that would lead him back to his own world, the Orb breaks. Alexander tries everything, but can't assemble it. Many decades later he receives a letter from Daniel, advising him to come to Brennenburg castle.

    How Alexander managed to keep The Shadow away from Brennenburg all those years? Johann Weyer couldn't help him, he was in the other world. Why Shadow didn't consume Brennenburg and wetch the broken pieces back? It still haunts Daniel even though he broke the orb, so those things don't explain it.

    I would love to hear your opinions and speculates about this and all other aspect of the game's lore.

    Thanks for reading and hope to hear you soon.

    PS. Sorry for my bad english, I'm from Finland and I don't now have time to check any grammer errors.

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    • Pretty late for a reply but your answer is the fact that the orbs were different, each with it's own "guardian". Agrippa states that the guardian for his orb left him alone during one of his dialogues in the dungeon hence why it doesnt attract any sort of shadow business. Daniel's orb guardian however is still very much after his orb and follows him all the way to the castle. After that you see how fast the place falls apart.

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