• I am finally back after a rather long absence on this wiki. It seems that activity has slown down alot, but this is most likely due to the wiki's completeness and the Amnesia series having run it's course through the internet, specifically Youtube. Perhaps this return to partial obscurity will be a good thing for the wiki, giving time for true fans to discuss the game without reference to any Youtubers or the such. As for me, the decrease in activity caused me to stop going on the Amnesia wiki for a time. I have been very active on theĀ SporeWiki, writing fiction of my own and having a good time with users there. As for now, I think it is time that I return to the wiki, for both nostalgia and to learn more about the great game that is TDD. If anyone would ever want to chat about the game, work on an article, or just talk, please leave me a message on my page. If anyone is still active on this wiki, then I would like to say "hello" again. Oh, how I sometimes miss the Wiki when I first joined, but hey, change can be a good thing.

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