• Hi Growling! I'ts been a while, and I'd just like to drop in to say hello!

    I'll try to come on a lot more to check in with friends. Hope you're still active.

    -CantAffordName, now known as EliteAgarGaming.

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    • Why, hello there! :oD

      Nice to see you again. :o)  Sorry I haven't replied to you until now, but I haven't been active here for a long time now. But guess what! I had borrowed the PC from someone who had Amnesia before, because I didn't have it myself. But now I've bought the entire Amnesia collection. I now have Amnesia: TDD, Amnesia: Justine, and Amnesia: AMFP. I can still play Custom Stories, and I love playing. They had a sale, so I got two games for a nice price (Justine just followed, which I don't mind at all).

      One thing puzzles me, though... I thought that when we bought these games, we would download them into our computers. But it seems that we have to go on Steam to play. I hope that doesn't mean we must have internet to be able to play it, because the internet here where I live, isn't the best network.

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    • Well, it's nice to know you're not dead! I'm looking forward to seeing what next brilliant idea that Frictional has. SOMA was amazing, and I think that it will be very hard for Frictional to top, which is both good and bad.

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    • Of course I'm not dead. I just haven't been active, I've been active on other sites, though.

      And I'm sure they can come up with something awesome. They're amazing horror game creators, after all. I wonder what SOMA is like (no spoilers, please). :o)

      I would like to know if we must have internet to play the Amnesia games? I asked earlier.

      I hope all is well, and I'll be here again now, so please feel free to post comments on my wall. :oD

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    • I didn't need internet to play Amnesia, at least not when I did back in the day. I've recently got a new PC and haven't yet installed Amnesia, and probably won't again as I have moved on, but I'll still keep the memories in the vault :)

      As for youtube, I've disbanded my youtube account. Looking back on my "hater" mods for Amnesia, I admit they can be funny, but they can also be annoying. I've found it quite immature and therefore closed the account.

      But in terms of SOMA, I won't reveal too much, but you'll be asked a lot of questions in gameplay, and my question to you right now is:

      Two people are surviving off of the same life supply. One person enjoys every second of their life, while the other feels constant pain without relief. Cutting off life supply would kill both of them. What is the better choice?

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    • But if you have to play through Steam, which is not in the computer, but on the internet, that means Amnesia is not on the computer either... :o/

      I think your videos were hilarious. I hope there wasn't anyone who encouraged you to close your account? I remember you liked making these videos.

      I did say no spoilers, so please, don't tell me what will happen in gameplay, it's ruining it for me.

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    • Well, basically you only need internet on steam to access the steam community while playing. If the game was hosted online, you wouldn't be able to mod the game / create custom stories. The game is basically hosted locally on your PC, so you can play offline, but you won't get achievements or notifications if anyone chats to you on steam. You also don't need to have specifically steam for Amnesia. You can also use a different engine if you prefer. And no, I decided to close my channel on my own! :)

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    • I see. :o)  OK, then that won't be a problem. One thing I love about Steam, though, is that it showed me how to take snapshots of the gameplay (you can guess how many pics I've taken). :oD

      I think it's sad to see your videos on YouTube go, but it's your account to do whatever you want with. But your vids were indeed hilarious. I like how you made Daniel jump high, and the music.

      As for SOMA, you said riddles would be asked the player during gameplay. Maybe it's not a game for me. To be honest, I'm not very good at riddles. :o/

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    • Not riddles at all; it's more of a decision game. I don't want to spoil too much but there is more than one solution to a problem when it's presented to you during gameplay. It just depends on your decision. You'd understand what I mean if you played the game. There are certain choices to make between how to solve a problem, but it depends on the end result of whichever path you choose. Either way will solve your problems, but which one is really the best option?

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    • Ah, I see. :o)  I haven't played the game yet.

      It sounds like a fun game to play. I will buy it someday. I think it'll be fun, and hopefully scary as well. What's your opinion about the fear factor? Do you find it scary? I hope it was as scary as you hoped it would be, so it is the horror game it was created to be, and to give you the joy of being frightened.

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