• So I remember I got you to get Amnesia's HPL Engine for creating custom stories. If you want to do some advanced coding, I'd recommend an expert coder named Mudbill. His channel can be found here:

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    • Ahh, yes. Thank you so much. Sorry I haven't been able to check it out before, but I've been very busy lately, and forgot. :o)

      If I ever get to create a custom story, would you like to play it?

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    • Sure! C:

      I've been playing a custom story called the "Madness Ch03 Demo", and it is really messed up lol. I think you'll have fun playing it. The creator of it was actually the first person to create the hater.

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    • Nice. :o)

      By the way, sorry for the late reply. It's difficult to be online everyday when I'm working. I played Amnesia TDD this evening, and I was in the Sewers. I was teasing the Brutes. The only one I don't dare messing with, is the one who shows up and breaks the barred gate, and then entering the room the Shadow has infested, with the dead Grunt. There's no place to hide there, and it would be impossible to get away from him if he noticed Daniel.

      Did you know that you can make the Brute guarding the exit appear again and again? If you climb the ladder, but not too high up (just so the Brute can't get you), and wait, and the Brute and his music will disappear. You can climb back down then, and still be safe. You can even go out, and back, without any trouble from the Brute. Once you've started climbing the ladder again, the Brute will return to get you. You can make him appear as many times as you like, and tease him and confuse him by doing this. >;oD  It's quite fun.

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    • I didn't know that o-o

      I don't really troll in the Sewers that often. I mainly troll in the Storage, the Refinery, and the Northern Block prison since all places have a lot of things to throw at them. I used to troll in the Choir, but there's nothing to throw at the brutes, but it seems like I did the same thing every single time.

      1. Spawn brute

      2. Make him fall down

      3. Me: "Awww, he hurt his feet :("

      4. Alexander: "It is curiousity in league with your selfishness that is killing us both."

      5. Me: "Are you still talking? I mean seriously dude no one is listening to you. Get a life."

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    • LOL, yeah. XoD

      I've seen a gameplay video, where the player says "Shut up, Alexander." often when Alexander talks, and that no one cares about what he has to say. :oD

      If there's any area I don't look forward to, is the Cellar Archives where the Kaernk lurks. I hate that part, because I have to run all of the time, and hurry all the way. The Kaernk chase through the flooded corridors is even worse. My hands are still shaking after the chase.

      I've heard it's possible to kill the Kaernk.

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    • Don't you hate it when you want to play a map and it's gone because your saved games folder is full? I mean I remember once I wanted to play the Choir and it was gone from my saved games. So I created backup copies of each saved game.

      I can see that you needed to get past the Cellar Archives to get to an area in the game. I'll give you the files. Read the "Read Me" document to see how to upload them :)

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    • Heh heh, yeah, I hate that. I want to play in the Northern Prison Block, but can't because of the other levels saved over it. But if I (and you) go there before it's full, I can keep it saved.

      Thank you. :oD

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    • No problem. I'm thinking of doing it for A Machine for Pigs, but it really wouldn't be needed since the game is so short, and it's too easy to beat each level. There's a glitch on every level (except for 12, 14 and 16) that you can get out of the map and speedrun it.

      So, when you buy A Machine for Pigs, what are you expecting?

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    • Sounds kinda boring if you could go through the level outside of the map. I bet it's more fun to play the level from inside the map. :o)

      I hope the game is scary, and gives the chills I like about a horror game. But since Chinese Room made it, with their unoriginality, I don't think it will be. Maybe I'll just play SOMA instead, if it's made by Frictional Games, and not by Chinese Room. It's all their fault (Chinese Room) that almost everyone were disappointed in the second Amnesia game. Frictional Games would've done alot better. Leave it to british people to screw things up. It's the same kind of plot as the original Amnesia - it's all about the loss of memory of what Mandus had done, just like Daniel. It's all about making things right again, like when Mandus destroys the machine, just like Daniel killed Alexander. I think Chinese Room are unoriginal and boring. They don't know what horror is, judging from their version of Amnesia. The loss of sanity when looking at monsters, standing in the dark, fainting, being careful not to waste oil and tinderboxes, is missing in the second game. Frictional Games should've done it, not Chinese Room. Then Amnesia: AMFP would be scary. I love Frictional Games. :o)

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    • I agree with everything you say there, but there is something even worse about A Machine for Pigs. I'm finding myself to not give a shit about my health since there's no laudanum to regenerate it, and I'll just get back up to full health in 10 seconds. I also find myself having to walk further distances. You can't throw stuff in this game, if you right click while holding an item, it just falls to the floor. 

      I do not have enough money to buy SOMA at the moment, so I'm using an app on my phone called AppTrailers, where you get money for watching videos ($0.005/video), and I've made a dollar so far. Once I get to $20, I'm purchasing a steam giftcard and I'm getting SOMA :3

      I can't wait for HPL 3, I want to import all these new models into HPL 2 for an awesome custom story. I hope Frictional Games brings custom stories back to SOMA. A Machine for Pigs didn't have them, so you had to painstakingly copy all the entities from a machine for pigs and put them in the dark descent just to use Amnesia's HPL Engine on them. 

      When playing A Machine for Pigs, I didn't get the feel of being hunted. The shadow wasn't present, there were no monsters lurking out there in the darkness, and I practically felt that I could just walk where ever I pleased and there was a small chance I would encounter a manpig. I can tell The Chinese Room focused a lot more on creating realistic models and better background stories rather than actually being scared.

      I'm going to be honest, I was a little dissatisfied with the ending, because I really didn't want a touching story of sadness, I just wanted to be freaking scared, cowering in the darkness.

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    • I agree. I was like "Huh? I'm gonna die anyway?!" when the Shadow arrived when I killed Alexander. That was scary. :oD

      Has SOMA come out yet? I can't wait to see it. I hope it is better than the gameplay trailer. The voice acting in the trailer was just horrible, it sounded like the actor was about to fall asleep. But then again, the level in the gameplay trailer of Amnesia: TDD wasn't present either. But it was scary. :oO  I'm expecting SOMA to be a scary game. But Frictional Games will make it scary, I'm sure of it. :o)

      Did you know, that in Amnesia, you can make the Grunt in the Northern Prison Block break the barred gate that's not supposed to be opened (before the Storage with the glass jar)? It's difficult, but possible. Here's how you can do it:

      1: Follow the Grunt who appear in the spooky hallway with the three cells (one with a body), when he's walking towards the hallway to the Cistern Entrance, run for the Storage, behind him, when he takes the turn of the corridor, to make him notice you.

      2: Hide in the corner before the stairs (never hide on the other side, the Grunt will see you and kill you, as he'll go there). Make sure he's passing the cell door where the other Grunt came from after picking up the glass jar, and that he's not turning back. If he is, it won't work. Then you'd have to follow him again. If he does pass the cell, and keep walking towards you, quickly hide in the dark at the bottom of the stairs. See him break the barred gate. ;o)

      3: Do this before going the dark hallway (where the flashback of the little girl and Daniel takes place) with the boxes, barrels and the door that won't open (it is that gate the Grunt will break down), so that you can have fun with it. Before trigging the Grunt, place boxes so you can hide behind them.

      4: Trigger the Grunt, hold up your lantern to make him see you, and wait till the chase music starts, and then hide. The Grunt will run to find you, but won't, since you're hiding behind the boxes and barrels. The Grunt will then go out the now broken gate.

      5: Let him go, when he has passed the hallway with the two cells and the chair (before you arrive the stairs leading down to the storage), leave your hiding spot and go to the corner and wait, so you'll see him when he comes back. He'll come back the same way as the first time. You can have him going in circle and have all the fun you want. He will be confused and walk all the way around when he doesn't find you, lol.

      6: Have fun! ;oD

      One thing you should know, though... it may happen that the Grunt is stuck dancing in circles or something stupid after breaking the gate (could be because he's not really supposed to break down the barred gate), so stand down at the stairs, make him see you for just a moment, and run and hide in the Storage. Then he should be gone.

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    • I did that lol. Though I used hacks (99999 health) to let him break it. 

      I'm not sure when SOMA is coming out. I'm guessing maybe next month. They only said "2015", which means it should be here within the next 9 months. 

      Either way, I agree that it would be a lot scarier if they made voice acting a bit reduced and not as "acting".

      When he said "Are you still in there?", it just ruined my aldrenaline buildup. I am excited to see the enemies though.

      Have you ever thought about trolling the grunt in the refinery? The hole in the wall you have to slip through is a way to troll him. You can keep him occupied with throwing boxes at him as you run through the hole. Then once on the other side, you can throw boxes through the hole to smash his knees off xD

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    • It's not necessary with hacks and alot of health to make the Grunt break the gate. :o)  Of course, if you want to make sure the Grunt breaks it, you could make him chase you, and trick him to break it. Then alot of health would be useful. I always do it the difficult way. :oD

      Yeah, I can't wait to see SOMA either. It is gonna be great. :o)

      I have trolled the Grunt in the Refinery many times, making him break all the doors all the way to the room where the boxes are, and went in there, and threw boxes at him from the inside. That's alot of fun, I agree. XoD

      I think I've trolled every monster in the game, except the Kaernks, the Brute in the Sewers who shows up after breaking down the barred gate. I've even trolled the Grunt and the Brute in the Chancel (I've made the Brute fall down from the broken bridge), and the three other Grunts who capture Daniel and throw him into the cells. If you run fast enough, you can make it to those things you can climb up on on the wall on the other side (what are they called?), before they can capture you, if you run straight ahead. :o)

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    • The first time I trolled the grunt in the refinery, I went into the room where Daniel hallucinates a grunt trying to break down the door. The monster was still chasing me, and I already triggered the event, and I went into the other room, and while I was waiting for the monster to chase me again, the door slammed shut with me on the other side, so I was like "What happened with that door? -.-"

      Also, I've trolled a Kaernk before. But I had to use Amnesia's HPL Engine. I surrounded the Kaernk in the Cellar Archives with non-moveable crates, so that it was trying to chase me, but failed.

      I've trolled the Failed Experiments in Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs too. Though it's harder to troll the manpigs since you can't freaking pick up any boxes in A Machine for Pigs. Everything is just decoration. In the Bilge, there's a way you can glitch out of the map. I use it in my RTA Speedruns every time. If you jump down in the water from the glitch, the Failed Experiment will splash and start screaming like it's attacking you, but since it's scripted a certain way, it won't attack you, it'll just stand in the same area, splashing. Though if you walk towards it close enough, you'll get bit o-o

      So have you ever killed a Kaernk before? I've done it with the boxes in the second area in the Cellar Archives.

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    • Sounds great. :o)

      I've never killed a Kaernk. I give it food, and just escape. ;oD  I think they're ekinda cute when they follow the food, and when they eat it. (^~^)

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    • I wonder if the Kaernk would attack the grunts. I'm imagining that right now. That would be really funny

      The monster starts attacking it, and since the game can't make the grunt die, all it does is stand there, and keeps falling backwards like it does when you hit it in the head with a box. That would be hilarious xD

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    • Haha, that would be awesome! XoD

      I would love to see that. But maybe that's one of the reasons why the Grunts and Kaernks don't show up together. Plus, the game would be alot harder than it already is, if both the Grunt and the Kaernk were there together. :o)

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    • What about grunts and brutes? Would they fight? o-o

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    • Well... there is a theory that it was a Brute who killed the Grunt in the Sewers, cutting him in half. But the theory that seems to be more backed up, is the theory where the Shadow killed the Grunt. But it does say somewhere (I don't remember where) that a Brute wouldn't have any problems killing a Grunt if he was in the way between the Brute and Daniel. The Brute would kill the Grunt to get to Daniel. But we'll never know for sure, since a Grunt and a Brute is never seen together in the game. :o)

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    • I think you would enjoy the Amnesia comics of IsisMasshiro on DeviantART. He has made awesome comics! XoD  Here's the link to his art (unfortunately, I couldn't post the link, so just copy this, and enter it in the URL):

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    • Thanks, but anything with the word Isis in it, I stay away from o-o 

      Isis kills soo many people I don't like to think about it.

      So what would you do if you woke up in the world of Amnesia? I would troll the grunts in real life, and do what I normally do. My favorite part would be:

      Alexander: It is curiously in league with your selfishness that is killing us both.

      Me: Are you still talking? I mean seriously dude, no one is listening to you. Get a life.

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    • Hmm, I can see your point. I don't think he's one of those bastards, though. He is friendly. :o)  I don't think the isis-members are friendly in any way, not even on the internet. I've talked to him many times. And he makes the most awesome Amnesia comics. But you decide what you want to watch, of course. :o)

      I don't think I would like to wake up in the Amnesia world for real, lol. XoD  When I've been spending time in the Amnesia world in my dreams, they always turn into nightmares. I'm always hiding, because both Grunts and Brutes show up at the worst times (all times they showed up was bad times). ;o)  I was actually happy I woke up to the real world before the monsters could kill me. The castle itself would be interesting to explore, though.

      What about you, though? What would you like to do most if you were there for real, beside trolling Grunts and make fun of Alexander? :oD

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    • I would probably be trolling the fishy. Dip a dead arm into the water, have it swim towards me to eat it, and then take it out of the water. I'd also find the area where you have to lower the slab of meat into the well, and keep cranking it up and down to tease the monster. Occasionally, I'd throw a rock down there just to be a prick xD

      I call the Kaernk "Fishy", the Grunts "Steve" and the Brutes "Gregory". I like to call the Suitors "Bob" too. What about you?

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    • I don't know, actually... I would love to explore without the monsters. :o)

      I would love to run around in there, sleep in the four-poster bed in the Guest Room, and take a walk down to the Storage, and have fun exploring down in both Prison Blocks. XoD

      I call the Kaernk "Water Lurker", the Grunts "Mr. Face", and the Brute "Mr. Tall". I just call the Suitors "Ugly and Stupid (Alois)", "Ugly Grumpy-face (Basile)", and "Crazy ugly-butt (Malo)". >XoD

      I'm glad you're online. I am very lonely today.

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    • Sorry for the late reply. I am currently working on an Amnesia mod for minecraft, and I found a way to create custom sounds and textures, for people who want to play Amnesia without buying it, albiet in Minecraft.

      Anyway, if I saw a brute in real life, I'd probably run, I wouldn't like to punch it since it doesn't look like a fish, plus that blade would destroy me.

      So what's your favorite part in Justine? I like the Cells because it's fun to troll Alois, though I never survive lol.

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    • Hello. :o)

      I understand that you wouldn't take a chance with a Brute. In real life, I wouldn't even want to mess with a Grunt in real life. XoD

      I don't have a favorite part in Justine, I think all the parts are scary (though the water part is the scariest of them all, because of Malo).

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    • Sooo nice that the moment I start my computer, it says you typed that a minute ago C:

      So you've never tried minecraft? You're missing out on a lot lol. It gets really addicting, but I still like Amnesia more C:

      I'd recommend it. The Amnesia mod I'm working on for minecraft is going to have all the textures from Amnesia, so you can build your own map in Minecraft without having to use the HPL Engine. It wouldn't work in Amnesia's HPL Engine though, since you're building it with Minecraft's engine :P

      The scripting will use command blocks. It would be cool.

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    • Hello, sorry for the late reply. I was watching a movie with a friend of mine. :o)

      I haven't tried Minecraft, I've seen a video, and didn't like the poor graphics, poor design and everything else. I don't know what it's like to play it, though, but I've heard it's an online game, and I don't want to play with more players (like World of Warcraft), because players will always meet idiots on online games, insulting others, and ruining the fun and game for them. I prefer Amnesia, it's horror, and I think horror is cooler than some adventure games. Horror forever! ;oD

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    • Well, Minecraft does have bad graphics, but the resource pack I'm making allows me to implement Amnesia's HD graphics. Also, minecraft is not all online. You can just play singleplayer rather than multiplayer. In fact, you can only go online if you buy the game. If you just play the demo, you're limited to singleplayer only, so you can have it a win win, free minecraft and no online stuff C:

      As for the bad graphics, my Amnesia resource pack isn't going to be finished any time soon, so that will have to wait.

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    • That sounds great! :oD

      You will probably improve it alot. I think it is awesome that you have fun with it. :o)  I would love to see when you're done. Take your time, have fun with it.

      It's good that the demo doesn't have multiplayer. I've heard (or should I say read) that some people are saying on YouTube that Minecraft ruins friendships, their day and alot more. Too bad there are idiots out there, ruining the fun for others. It's really selfish.

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    • I've run into it myself online, but I really don't care what they think LOL

      I just ignore them or leave the server.

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    • Well, then you're doing the right thing. :o)

      Unfortunately, many people are extremely sensitive (including myself). But I have learned to just ignore idiots on the internet. ;o)

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    • So are you going to join the SOMA wiki? I've done a few things there, and the people there seem pretty cool, though the founder is nowhere near as nice as Person1 :D

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    • I would gladly join the SOMA wiki. :o)

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    • Okay cool. I just can't wait for the game to come out :)

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    • Heh heh, yeah, it'll be great. It does look interesting.

      I'm going to try to save inspector Marot in Amnesia: Justine now. I sure hope I can do it. :o)

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    • Good luck :o

      I haven't played Amnesia in 2 days since I've been making my minecraft Amnesia mod. I don't use Amnesia since the textures are bad when seen ingame if you have the lantern on, so I'm using Amnesia's HPL Engine to view maps. I'm going to speedrun both the dark descent and a machine for pigs now :)

      And don't worry, I'll take those hacks off for now

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    • Thank you. I'll need that. I've now turned off all lights in my appartment, to get the better experience. ;o)

      But something still puzzles me... in Justine, how did the first guy strapped on the table get loose and escape his cell if you let him live? Frictional Games never did explain it.

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    • Hope you're having fun with your mod, by the way. :o)

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    • Idk, I have no idea. Probably when you released Father David, he helped free everyone, though I'm still wondering why everyone has to be naked. The three suitors as well as father david are naked... I mean seriously what's up with this? :P

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    • I actually managed to save inspector Marot and myself! I didn't think I could before, but now I know I can. I played it again afterwards, only saving the first guy.

      I don't think the priest saved him. Perhaps it was some device that let the guy go if he was left behind? The priest was also tied up, but he gets loose when you put in the right slides.

      When he was the only one saved, he was the only one at the door in the end, promissing to get Justine help if she let him out. Did you know that Malo doesn't break down the door until you start turning a wheel (either for Marot's door, or the door to freedom)? I ran over to the wrong wheel that wouldn't turn. I then thought it was too late, and that Malo would break in any second, so I hid myself and waited for Malo to enter the room. But he didn't come in, no matter how hard he tried to break down the door. When I had waited for perhaps a minute, I sneaked over to Marot's room, and closed the door. Then Malo broke the door down, and came in. I was terrified, and hid myself again, and Malo walked around, looking for me. I sneaked every time he walked away from the wheel that would open the door to the exit, and turned it a little more and more, and could finally escape. :oD

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    • Nice. I really don't play Justine anymore. I just did my 23rd speedrun of A Machine for Pigs. 34:26, not the best, but it's still good.

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    • I see. :o)

      I have written about it in the Suitors Wikia. Like the other hostages, he also has a bag over his head, and is in the same position as Agrippa. I managed to get a good look at him.

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    • I'm just wondering if they'll actually make some humans that you can speak to in SOMA. I'm thinking there are, since you already saw Raznik in the SOMA trailer :)

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    • Well, the trailers are only for showing off the game, like the Amnesia: TDD trailer. The level were not present there in the real game. Of course, there was a Grunt, but you can't move big things, like tables, sofas and those big things (they're seen in the Storage, usually with candles on them. In some Custom Stories, the player can move them around), like the player could in the trailer. I kinda hope it will make players feel totally helpless in SOMA. Like in TDD, you see humans, but they're all dead. The comfort of talking to someone, would make it less scary, and I hope it's totally scary like in Amnesia. :oD

      But of course, this is my opinion, but I respect yours. We'll see what it will be like when it comes out. ;o)

      But if they do make people you can talk to, I hope they choose the right people to act the characters' voices. Not like in the SOMA trailer, where the so-called "actor" suck. But Frictional Games are experts on horror, so I think they'll find the right people. I bet there were alot of people trying before they found the final voice actors in Amnesia (which are all awesome).

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    • Like, sort of not speaking directly, but through a radio or speaker or something, and their speech is interrupted with the sound of the enemy Imogen Reed tearing the person on the other side to shreds. 

      Also, there is one point in Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs where they have bad voice acting. In the Reactor, your character says "Oh dear god, dear Christ what is this place?"

      It sounded totally fake lol. But aside from the crappiness of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, the soundtrack was amazing. The Chinese Room may be junk with horror, but they sure are good at making music and sound effects. Their music is able to do to you what they want it to. Most people cried at the end of A Machine for Pigs since the story was so sad compared with Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs OST - This New Century.

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    • LOL, so true. The Chinese Room is indeed junk with horror. The only thing that was worth anything in that game, was the music. Chinese Room should be denied working with any awesome game creators again, because they suck, and only ruin it for them.

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    • You can't even troll monsters in A Machine for Pigs because you can't pick up anything :(

      Everything is just for decoration. The only things you can pick up are quest items.

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    • I've seen players who picks up the teddy bear, though. It's not a needed item, but it is possible to pick it up. I can see why you miss trolling the monsters.

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    • Did you know if you pick up the pig corpse in the Kitchen in the prison, and hold it up to the grunt's face, it'll hit him back, even if you don't throw it? :D

      Just pick it up and slam it across his face, you don't even have to right click to let it go, since it's two entities in one. If you keep slapping him in the face with it, he'll eventually glitch and start moving in place.

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    • I've never thought about that... I'm always having fun putting the pig in the acid. XoD

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    • Admit it, you emptied the whole freaking kitchen when you discovered the acid xD

      I know I did

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    • Actually, the acid isn't what I like about the Kitchen. I was scared about monsters showing up, so I only tried to get out as fast as I could the first time I played. I didn't try anything, hid myself when the monster showed up as I left the Kitchen. and I was too afraid to troll monsters. I put the pig in, break the breakable bottles of whine, and that's it. :o)

      Though I admit, I did try to put barrels and the big boxes in, but they're too big to be destroyed by the acid. They can't be put into it. :o/

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    • Did you know the acid doesn't burn carpets, even if they fit in?

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    • No, I didn't know that. :o)

      I haven't tried to burn a carpet in the acid. Even the torches doesn't burn anything.

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    • I always like to put books on torches and perfectly balance them. I also like to throw shovels at the grunt in the storage xD

      I always throw them at his face blade first.

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    • Yeah, funny how things work in Amnesia. XoD

      The acid can't burn everything, and the torches can't burn anything, not even Daniel, if he stands on top of them.

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    • One thing is, what about the spiders in the Nave? I read on the Wiki that they will bite Daniel, but I didn't take damage, even when I was basically faceplanting in them.

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    • Yeah, I've tried to make the spider bite me too, by jumping into one spider's face, but it didn't even try to bite. I think the guy who posted that info, was wrong about the spiders. They have never bitten me, no matter how hard I try to make them bite.

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    • Should we edit the page?

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    • Hi, sorry for the late reply. :o)

      I was offline for the night, before working, and then it was a party. I see you made a change, very nice. I don't know who wrote that the spiders are normal, small spiders. Those things are HUGE! I think it's a shame the spiders never hurt Daniel. It would be so awesome if he was bitten and hurt badly by them. :oD

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    • They are an enemy in Penumbra, and they do quite some damage to Philip. I've seen the enemies in Penumbra. The giant worm is scary. It's 7 feet tall, 6 feet wide, and 33 feet long. Check the Penumbra Wiki for details. If you think these spiders are huge, check this worm out.

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    • Woah! (OoO)

      That is one large monster! I would hate to meet that one even more than I would the spider. The spider suddenly look peaceful compared to that monstrosity! :oO

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    • Yes it does!

      I would be terrified if I saw that thing.

      The teeth are the scary part. Since when do worms have teeth?

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    • Yeah. You know what? After seeing that monstrosity, I was almost afraid to go to the bathroom, lol. XoD

      I think they did a great job with that monster. I would die in terror if I saw something horrible like that.

      I guess worms have to eat too. I don't know if worms have teeth for real, but they must have something to chew whatever they're eating.

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    • They eat mostly dirt from what I've heard, and I've seen a few playthroughs of Penumbra. The worms actually eat through the walls and floors, so they can appear at any time. This was good, because like Amnesia, it means that a worm could appear at any moment, giving the feeling of being hunted, and cowering in darkness, something Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs didn't have. I didn't feel like I was in danger, I felt like the game was holding my hand, guiding me everywhere, and level 8 and 12 (Sewers and Streets), I felt like the game was just dragging along. Even the soundtrack sounded boring.

      But Penumbra seems good, though it lacks in graphics, it looks scary! I'm thinking of buying it when I get the money :o

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    • Eww, I'm glad I'm not a worm. I hate dirt. XoD

      I see. A horror game isn't supposed to give the player comfort. It is indeed supposed to make the player feel the intense horror of being afraid, not knowing what will happen next. The player is supposed to feel edgy and terrified. The Chinese Room fail in everything, and spat on Frictional Games in my opinion, by making a mockery of a so-called "horror" game everyone were waiting for, making it bad, and probably forced Frictional Games to publish it. I bet even Frictional Games was disappointed in the crappy game they created. The Chinese Room suck in every way, the only thing that was actually nice about it, is the soundtrack, but nothing else. The monsters are so lame. Seriously, pigs?! I mean, come on..!

      I might buy Penumbra myself, and SOMA when it comes out (if it haven't come out already). :o)

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    • A week ago, they said SOMA would be arriving in a month, so a good 3-4 weeks from now SOMA will be out :)

      And yeah I was a little disappointed with Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. The worst part is, Frictional Games released The Dark Descent, and I saw version 1.0, and it was really glitchy, so they updated it. I think it's 1.3 now, so they put time and effort into their game to fix glitches. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs still has the same glitches. I'm using a glitch guide from September 14th, 2013!

      I'm glad that Frictional Games said this: "That's your game, you made it, and it's up to you to fix any errors." In my opinion, The Chinese Room are just perverted. They actually showed Lillibeth Mandus in the bath, and their notes had sexual references, the worst being on the Streets level. (I told you this already) "I stand in the mirror, penis in hand..."

      I can honestly say the only time I was terrified was while I was in the Tesla, when there was a faint jumpscare and I was teleported to an unknown location. But then again, it was a jumpscare. I know Frictional Games for being good at making a scary environment with little to no jumpscares. It's the silent darkness that really lets the horror sink in. If you have too many jumpscares, players begin to get used to it, and by the time you're on the 15th jumpscare, players are like "Okay..." 

      I might be copying the Developer Commentary, but players loved the Back Hall since it was peaceful. Thomas Grip said it was to relieve stress from the Kaernk that was previously chasing Daniel, all to warm them up for the Storage, and constrast once again in the machine room, where you repair the elevator, all to warm up to descend into the Prison. I'd also say it was sort of a peaceful thing when they added Agrippa, but all to prepare them for the Choir. I can honestly say I loved the Choir so much, and it was the scariest part in the game due to the fact that there was fog, you couldn't see what was out there, an eerie tune, and the most dangerous monster in the game appears 6 times.

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    • Yeah, and let's not forget that pig raping that guy. The Chinese Room are just a bunch of perverts. They ruined alot, I'm glad you told me about what Frictional Games said. They're the experts of horror, obviously. :oD  The Chinese Room obviously doesn't even try to make the players satisfied. They're just perverted idiots, in my opinion.

      I agree that it is the eerie, deep feeling of horror that sinks in, that is the scariest kind of horror. Not jumpscares. I was watching a video of someone playing a Custom Story, but there were no monsters, and only cheap jumpscares. It was only annoying, and not the least scary, as there was alot of short screamings of some guy, while something was only thrown at the player, like dead bodies, barrels, etc. I actually fell asleep while watching it, because it was so damn boring. That moron making that Custom Story, doesn't deserve that awesome skill of making Custom Stories, because he/she sucks big time. I could've done alot better than that. Too bad I don't have those skills, though... one day I'll create horror-filled Custom Stories with monsters and the spooky atmosphere. :oD

      I remember my first time in the Choir Main Hall. Man, I could've wet my pants! I was so terrified, and I never knew where the Brutes were when they alerted me of their approach. I didn't know where to hide, because I didn't know from which direction a Brute would show up. I had finally collected all of the Orb pieces, and was on my way out, but then the game crashed, and I had to do it all again, from the damn start of the damn Choir Main Hall. Man, that was frustrating! I didn't play right away, I took a looong break from the game, tried again next night. My hands were shaking so much that my mom told me to take a break. My nerves were frayed. :oO

      I can't wait to see what SOMA is like. I hope it'll be just as scary as Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Amnesia: Justine. And the Penumbra series. I haven't seen Penumbra yet, but I heard it's quite a fright from players who have played it. Have you played Penumbra before? :oD

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    • No, I am thinking of buying it though. My favorite enemy is the giant worm. It looks sooo terrifying. The sad thing is, you can kill dogs. There are wolves that are in Penumbra, but they can be killed if you slash them with your pickaxe, and when you kill them, the sound they make breaks your heart </3

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    • Yeah, it looks like it's not easy to hide from the worms, from a video saw. It was scary! :oO

      Awww, that's sad. :o(  I'm starting to think that this game isn't for me after all. I love animals (not bugs), and I've seen a video where a dog gets killed with a pickaxe, and it broke my heart as well as yours, listening to its suffering. It almost made me wanna cry. {:o{

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    • I just bought all 3 Penumbra games. Only $10 for all 3! What a deal! I haven't downloaded them yet. I'll probably try them tomorrow.

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    • Nice. :oD

      I hope you'll enjoy them. :oD

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    • I will :)

      I'll probably have the most fun with the worm. If it follows the same HPL Format as Amnesia, I could probably use the exact same hacks I normally do, and possibly troll the worm :)

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    • LOL. XoD

      Will you make a video about it? :o)

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    • I don't know lol. I'm currently working on a video about Star Wars. Hopefully when I get the time I will :)

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    • Hey, it's 7:20 PM right now. I'm going to be playing Penumbra in 4 hours :)

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