The Other World is possibly the home world of Alexander of Brennenburg which exists somewhere in the other dimension. It could possibly be an extraterrestrial planet comparable to Earth. It is simply known as just the "Otherworld".

Information Edit

Not much is known about this other world, though notes written by Alexander suggest that the Other World is more advanced than Earth by technological means, as the world uses some sort of electricity as its power source, whereas Earth had not developed any electric tools at the time.

The true nature of this world is largely unknown. However, Daniel may or may not glimpsed a bit of the Other World when he first discovered his Orb. Daniel saw the world as having "spiraling towers, endless deserts, and impossible geometry". This may indicate that the Other World's layout consist of dry, desert-like environment, while the "impossible geometry" may refer possibly to the world's written language or its presumably highly advanced architecture. The Other World may also have watery environment, as a species of animal originated from this unknown realm is a water-based dweller.

It is also unknown if the inhabitants of the Other World are similar in physical appearance to Earthlings, since Alexander, a possible occupant of this world, is human in appearance. One Memory Capsule of Alexander refers the brethren of this world as "mankind".

A Memory Capsule of Alexander reveals that he was banished by his brethren to Earth for unknown reasons. He mentions that his brethren "lust for power without restraints", while he himself "craves for a fair judgement and safe return".

The Tesla enemy is constantly blinking in and out of existence - being teleported to "the other world" and back, though it is unknown if this is Alexander's world or a completely different one.

Trivia Edit

  • The Other World's depiction might have been inspired by some of H.P. Lovecraft's fictional works.
  • It is possible that if Daniel were to choose the Agrippa ending, he would wake up in this world, as Agrippa's severed head was thrown into the portal Alexander was trying to open. Daniel does not physically see this world, but he hears Agrippa assuring him that it would be all right.
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