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The Fortress Courtyard is a location in Amnesia: Rebirth. It is the central area of the Fort, formerly occupied by the French Foreign Legion. Tasi's main objective here is to make contact with someone who can assist her and to then leave the Fortress.


The Fortress Courtyard is strewn with debris and empty of life. Casings litter the ground as though dropped or rapidly spent. Tents are sagging or falling down. A tank lies partially submerged in sand. Things are in a general state of disrepair and disarray. The wind faintly whistles, and intermittent creaking noises are heard.

Upon first entering the central courtyard area with the tank, the sound of the Doctor attempting to make radio contact for assistance will be heard, emanating from the larger building on the left, the inner fortress, and Tasi remarks on hearing it.

The Fortress Courtyard connects to the two other component areas of the whole Fortress:

Smash gates


On the far end from where Tasi enters the courtyard are the other exit gates from the fortress. The heavy doors of the exit gate cannot be pushed open, although they are interactable as though they were in fact manipulable. When trying to open them by pushing or pulling, Tasi will grunt, and they won't open.

The Arsenal lies to the right of the entrance, down the stairs. The door to the Arsenal is initially locked. The key must be retrieved before Tasi can access it. Upstairs is a platform sporting a cannon and an embrasure, which Tasi can push around (serving as a tutorial for the cannon puzzle later).

To the left of the entrance and around the corner lies two graves, of "Legio. 1stC Mateo Desrosiers" and "Legio. 1stC Ernest Duguay." Past the graves is the entrance to the water garden, containing a fountain and a water pump that doesn't work. Tasi can try to drink the water, but she stops partway through and comments that she's "just not thirsty."

In the center of the courtyard, between the two fortress gates, there is a World War 1-era Renault tank partly buried in the sand. Tasi can enter the tank and manipulate its gun turret.

The back entrance of the Fortress goes to a small courtyard, accessible through a hall to the left of the exit gate, past a white-painted wood sign saying, "Quartermaster's Stores." Signs posted on that door say, "No entry without the authority of Cpt. Lefevre!", and "Quartermaster only [...] off limits -Delacroix."

Light sources[]

There are light sources in this level, although there is no real need to waste matches lighting them, as the sun is still up, and Tasi does not develop fear here. Light sources are as follows:

  • A candle in the small annex courtyard, on a small stack of crates.
  • A candle in tent area, sitting on a workbench.
  • A candle inside a tent, sitting on a trunk.
  • A lantern on the terrace, sitting on a large crate.


Various flashbacks will be activated on exploring different parts of the level. These include the following flashbacks and the trigger locations:

  • "Fortress" –
  • "Malick Tamboura" – on the cannon platform, after picking up Hank's Note, "Malick Tamboura."
  • "Revolution" –
  • "Water" – at the entrance to the water garden.
  • "Hunted" – at the exit gate.
  • "Explore" –


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Puzzle items[]

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  • Matches can be found next to the door to the Arsenal, sitting on a crate.
  • Matches can be found inside a tent (next to the collapsed tent), in an open crate under the cot.
  • Matches can be found near the tents, in a workbench drawer.
  • Matches can be found on the terrace, in an open crate.
  • Matches can be found in the fountain yard, in a open crate, hidden under a sack of millet.

Lamp Oil[]

  • An oil canister (medium) can be found on the cannon platform, in one of the baskets near the cannon.
  • An oil canister (medium) can be found inside a tent (across from the collapsed tent), in a crate at the head of an uncovered cot.


  • Hank's Note: "Malick Tamboura" – Found in the corner of the cannon platform, next to a long crate.



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