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The Empire was a political entity of the Other World ruled by Tihana during the events of Amnesia: Rebirth, who was a member of Ur-naya's dynasty.

The Empire was at one point a vast, highly advanced civilization. Its main form of power was Vitae. Massive factories were used to 'process' human prisoners and torture them for their vitae. Though the vitae was used for energy by the Empire, a large amount of it was siphoned off to Empress Tihana to sustain her immortality.[1] At least seven crystal Orbs were used to power various gates to other worlds, including Earth.[2]

The Empire presumably had enemies.[3] Mention is made of a place called the Enkindled Fortress, seemingly ruled by a Septarchy.[3] Septarch Ilyander seemed to have dispatched envoys to the outer isles of the Empire under the guise of a trading mission with presumably some ulterior motive,[3] Alexander was also apparently a citizen of the Fortress,[4] (presumably under the name of Ayandra) but was banished for "apostasy" and came to the Empire to seek asylum,[4] further lending credence to the assumption that the Enkindled Fortress was, at the very least, not on polite terms with the Empire.

By the time of Amnesia: Rebirth, the Empire had already been fallen due to a great cataclysm. Said cataclysm was caused by interlopers who opposed the cruel extraction method of their power source.[5] They sabotaged the Great Gate[6] and corrupted the vitae factories with the Shadow's residue. Their plan was to 'poison' Empress Tihana with the corrupted vitae. Instead, they only unleashed the Shadow's fury, breaking the Great Gate, and killing everyone except the Empress. The denizens of the Empire had all but been annihilated by the Shadow's wrath, with one of the only known survivors being Empress Tihana and the alchemist Kita, who were hooked up to a supplies of vitae.


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