The soundtrack for Amnesia: The Dark Descent was composed by Mikko Tarmia.

The soundtrack is available for purchase through Frictional Games' digital store or directly from Mikko on Loudr.

Track ListEdit

  1. Menu Theme
  2. Darkness
  3. Lux Tenebras
  4. Grand Hall
  5. Ending: Alexander
  6. Next To The Guardian
  7. Theme For Unknown
  8. Dark Water
  9. Daniel's Room
  10. Grunt's Appearance
  11. Back Hall
  12. Ending: Agrippa
  13. Suitor Attacks
  14. Basement Storage
  15. Brennenburg Theme
  16. Hub
  17. Ending: Alexander (Alternative Version)
  18. Bridges
  19. The End


  • The phrase "Lux Tenebras" is Latin and translates to "The Light of Darkness". It is played during the revenge ending.
  • Lux Tenebras was a working title for what was to become Amnesia: The Dark Descent.
  • The Menu Theme is also played in the Choir.
  • The songs Theme for the Unknown and Brennenburg Theme are both made by Mikko Tarmia, but were never in the game.
  • The song Back Hall is different from the version that actually plays in the game.
  • The song Basement Storage is longer than the version that plays in-game.


Amnesia The Dark Descent (FULL Soundtrack)

Amnesia The Dark Descent (FULL Soundtrack)