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Algerian Desert.

The Cassandra is the first level of Amnesia: Rebirth. It includes the interior of the plane post-crash and the exterior area immediately surrounding it. It is where the Cassandra crashed in the Algerian desert and where Tasi regains consciousness and regains memories following the events of the flight.


This is the first area for gameplay purposes. The interior of the Cassandra is desolate, and the whole area nearby is deserted. Tasi awakens on the floor of the plane, a few days after crash, alone and confused. You can hear Dr. Metzier's voice coming through the radio, but you are not able to make it work on your side. In order to exit the Cassandra, you must pick up the handle on the ground near the door, and use it on the door. Flashbacks begin almost immediately upon exiting the plane. The heat of the sun quickly begins to bake Tasi, and she must stick to the shade to avoid the unpleasant sensation of direct sunlight. An auditory cue will inform you when Tasi begins to get overheated, but nothing will happen if you continue to stay in the direct sunlight save for the audio cue.

There are many objects lying around with which Tasi can interact with to become familiar with the physics and intractability of the game. There are also scorpions crawling around in the desert sand, but they cannot be interacted with.


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The Cassandra's layout remains the same as the cabin seems to have mostly survived the crash.


The grave sites of Nicolas Masson and Rachael Holt are located right beside the plane, on its port (left) side. Masson's corpse has been partially dug up and devoured by desert wildlife.

Light sources[]

Light sources in this level are as follows:

  • There are no light sources in this level.


Various flashbacks will be activated on exploring different parts of the level. These include the following flashbacks and the trigger locations:

Mem take the medicine
  • After crawling to the laudanum and picking it up, a flashback will begin. In it, we hear Dr. Metzier, accompanied with the visual of him giving a vial of it Tasi, warning her that she must stay calm or "it" will get worse.
  • After exiting the plane through the door into the blinding sunlight in the desert, an audio-only flashback is triggered where we hear Richard pleading for someone to help him. Tasi explains that she remembers a crash and that people were hurt and that she had been there before.
  • After opening the smaller suitcase near the plane under the wing, an audio-only flashback of Malick telling an unknown person that it was alright and that he would get them out is heard. Hank can be heard asking Leon and Jonathan to give them a hand.
  • When approaching the suitcase just after the graves, a flashback of Hank speaking with Tasi begins. We discover Salim is hurt, but Hank reassures Tasi that they will bring him to a doctor and that the caves aren't far. We learn that Salim gets nervous when seeing doctors, possibly residual trauma from what happened with Alys.
  • When approaching the cave, there will be a container in front of a totem pole. After approaching it and removing the lid, a cutscene plays with Yasmin and Leon and provides some insight as to the desperate situation the crew is in.
  • After picking up the card with information on Rachael Holt, a cutscene plays. Hank describes that she organized some lectures in London and was recommended to go on the expedition by an acquaintance named Charlie. Hank expressed his liking of her and said she had a good head on her shoulders.


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Puzzle items[]

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There are no matches in this level.

Lamp oil[]

There is no lamp oil in this level.


Documents in this level include:

  • Postcard from Jonathan Webber in the suitcase near the cave entrance
  • Card with information about Rachael Holt, 'Chief People Wrangler', under a box on the table near the cave entrance.



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