"You have found a bag of thalers. When you have enough thalers you can open chests containing valuable items."
―Hint tool tip.

Thalers are items cut from the release of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. They were shown in the BETA gameplay video (found in the Super Secret file), and available for implementation in Custom Stories.

Description Edit

The pouches, bags, and sacks contain various amounts of Thalers, ranging from 10 to 50. When picking up a bag of Thalers, the hint at the top of the hub states that a numerical amount of Thalers could be used to open certain chests containing valuable items.

In the file that the game saves normally for saved games, in notepad format, has a value for the amount of coins the player has under the line:

<class type="cLuxPlayer_SaveData" name="mPlayer"".
<var type="2" name="mlCoins" val="_" />

There is also a coin icon might have an inventory item for the Thalers. There are three of these icons in the game files:

  • coins_large
  • coins_medium
  • coins_small

Although they are three different images, they all look exactly the same. This makes a lot of sense since the Thalers came in three bags: one small, one medium, and one large, each containing a different amount of coins.

Trivia Edit

  • Thaler was a silver coin used throughout Europe since mid-15th century.

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