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Tesla 2, as part of the Orgone Towers, is the penultimate, fifteenth (15th) areas of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs.


These areas appear to be massive, due to the spacious corridors and chambers found therein. Due to the cold temperature of these towers, it is the only area in the game where the great Tesla beasts can be encountered. It features two available sections: The Orgone Distributions Tanks and the Electrogravitic Suppression - South Tower. The nature of the South Tower is quite unstable.

Mandus Descending amongst The Spirits[]

Oswald Mandus
"I have you now creature. I will destroy you."
The Engineer
"Stop him! Stop him! Kill him!"
Oswald Mandus
"It is over! It is time to end this madness!"
Oswald Mandus, and the Machine, after all armonicas are activated.

The second section is the Electrogravitic Suppression - South Tower.

Tesla 01x

Electrogravitic Suppression - South Tower

A long bridge-like catwalk will have to be traversed before reaching the tower itself. This area has somewhat of a resemblance to the Chancel found in the previous game, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, as both areas share a massive abyss.

Upon exploring the massive tower, more Orgone tanks can be found among the area. Near the entrance further ahead, an Engineer can be seen shambling through the corridor. Upon entering Electrogravitic Suppression, Mandus will be teleported further (the door actually leads to the center of the tower where Mandus activates the armonicas, but he is teleported to another room instead) inside the tower; the cause of this is unknown, but there is speculation that it could be because of the area's unstable nature, or simply his broken psyche. As he proceeds ahead, the lights will darken and another Tesla will spawn. This is the second and most dangerous encounter with a Tesla. It is advised to keep your lantern off. This area features a maze-like construction with a lot of dead ends. Moving through these dark corridors is a necessity in order to get deeper into the tower.

Again, Mandus is teleported to the center of the tower. There, a heart can be seen impaled upon several spikes, likely to give some form of power to certain machinery. A ladder nearby will give access to the upper level. Electricity in this section will have to be restored, meaning several coils/armonicas will need activation before everything becomes fully operational.

Upon nearing the now-activated heart, the screen will flash (indicating another teleport) and Mandus will find himself inside the Temple.


"Do you see, Daniel? A whole other world – isn't it beautiful?"
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Found Documents[]

These are all the found documents in the second part of Tesla:

  • December 28th 1899 - The final document can be found early on in the level. Climb up a ladder, and then climb up another one. The note can be found on the floor of the catwalk, near a teddy bear.



Comparison with South Tower and Wardenclyffe Tower.

  • This could actually be the last area that Mandus physically encounters, as the Temple could be an entire hallucination.
  • The loading screen for the Electrogravitic Suppression - South Tower is highly reminiscent to Nikola Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower.
  • In one of the teaser pictures for Amnesia: Rebirth, the tower looks a lot like the one in the loading screen of Mandus Descending amongst The Spirits.




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