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Tesla 1, as part of the Orgone Towers, is the antepenultimate fourteenth (14th) level of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs.


These areas appear to be massive, due to the spacious corridors and chambers found therein. Due to the cold temperature of these towers, it is the only area in the game where the Tesla Manpigs can be encountered. It features two available sections: The Orgone Distributions Tanks and the Electrogravitic Suppression South Tower. The nature of the South Tower is quite unstable.

The Veil Lifts, the Bride is Waiting[]

Oswald Mandus
"But why did you take my children?"
The Engineer
"I, Mandus? Of all the blood we have spilt together, the first drops fell from your hands alone."
Oswald Mandus
"Then I am damned for a filicide, and everything is lost."
Oswald Mandus, asking his other half of the soul.

The Orgone Distribution Tanks is the first section accessed in the Tesla compound. It seems to be primarily used as a cooling facility for The Machine and, as such, the temperature in the area is quite cold, as is evidenced by this fragment of Mandus' Journal. Pipes can be seen scattered about, distributing different liquids such as Vitae and Orgone to the other parts of The Machine. Numerous closed-off doors can be found leading to other areas of The Machine, such as Tripery Pre-Grinding, The Sausagery, Scalding Hoses, Vacuum Eviscerators, and Gambrelling.

Mandus becomes trapped in the Silicon Coolant area where more Orgone tanks are kept. A Tesla beast will spawn upon entry, causing the lighting and machinery to blackout. As darkness encloses and the area is shut down, the power will have to be restored to proceed ahead.


"Do you see, Daniel? A whole other world – isn't it beautiful?"
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These are all the found documents in the first part of Tesla:


  • In the first part of Tesla Tower, the player will catch a glimpse of the Tesla twice. The first glimpse will occur not long after the player enters the Tower and the next glimpse will occur near the Silicon Coolant room in a hallway under the passage where a dead Wretch is.




Orgone Distribution Tanks