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The Tesla is an enemy encountered in Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs.

It first appears in the Orgone Distribution Tanks in a large room where the player becomes trapped. The second encounter is at the Electrogravitic Suppression - South Tower. It seems these are the only areas in which the creature is able to survive, due to the cold temperature, as is evidenced by a document found earlier in the game. Another version of this enemy is encountered earlier in the game and are known as the Failed Experiments.


The Tesla is mutated Manpigs that have been subjected to so much Compound X that they have become unhinged from reality, causing them to flicker in and out of existence.

It appears that their ability to shift between realities, or at least the devices that allow them to, is directly affected by temperature -- the cooler it is, the more stable they are and the hotter it is, the more unstable they become (caused by vitae inside their cells, which shatters if not properly cooled).

This makes the Tesla difficult to track, as it will disappear and reappear continuously. It is the greatest threat in the game and is able to kill Oswald in two hits.


The Tesla seems to be a monstrously large mutated Wretch that can move both as a quadruped and a biped. It also has many glowing electrical devices all over its body, making it easy to locate in dark areas.


  • It is stated that the Tesla phases between our world and the other place -- whether this is Alexander's home dimension or some other is unknown.
  • As the Tesla's body emanates electricity, it is likely that its name is inspired by the famous pioneer of electrical engineering Nikola Tesla.
  • One of the files found in Tesla's in-game data was named "Tesla_mindf***_loop" which plays (for only a short time) after a Tesla pig spawns in an area. Whether this is a joke made by The Chinese Room or accidental misspelling is unknown.


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