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The Temple in the distance.
Game Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs
Location Mandus Processing Company
Objective Stop the Engineer!
Danger rating Safe
Map Amnesia 16.1

Amnesia 16.2

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The Temple is the sixteenth (16th) and final area of the game. It is seen at the very end of the game as Mandus proceeds to the core of the Machine, sacrificing himself to shut down the Machine.


It seems to be based on the Aztec temple and its sacrificial altar that Mandus encountered during his expedition to Mexico. At the top of the Temple, he can see his children impaled. It is not known if the Temple is an extension of the Machine or part of Mandus' mind due to the Orb's influence on his soul.

Enoch, Edwin, Oswald and I

"This is your coming century! They will eat them Mandus, they will make pigs of you all and they will bury their snouts into your ribs and they will eat your hearts! "
―The Machine, pleading for the last time, as Mandus approaches the core of The Machine.

As Mandus arrives in this place, The Machine will try to persuade him not to have his revenge. Mandus walks through a bridge with a bottomless chasm under it, and into a moving beltline hallway, where he sees the ghosts of his children watching him slowly drifting to the end. Mandus finally comes across a door, and when he opens it he can see the Temple lies beneath the city of London.

After walking up a long staircase and having a conversation with the other half of his soul, he sees his two children impaled at the top of the Temple. He then presses the button that will deactivate the Machine as a whole, which also costs him his life by ripping his heart out of his body while he is still alive.

After pressing the button that powers the Machine down, Mandus decides to redeem himself of his children's murders, the murders of countless others sacrificed, and stop the Machine for good by sacrificing himself on the Machine's altar. In his last breath, he sees the lights of the Machine turning off. He also hears the bell above him, signaling the world's entrance into the twentieth century.


  • Upon opening the door at the end of the conveyor belt, Mandus will automatically put down the lantern.
  • If the blue fog filter is removed, in the beginning of the ending cutscene, at the top of the Temple is in fact, empty (The corpse of Mandus is not actually there).
  • The lights above the metal grating before you reach the conveyor belt resemble Orbs.
  • It is very possible the entire sequence is a hallucination. Some ideas why this might be so:
    • Before this point, Oswald's mind has already begun to deteriorate because of his illness, causing hallucinations in the latter part of the game to increase in frequency and intensity. Attic walls with the nursery behind showing Manpigs within, or children's toys along the catwalk, even the church windows near the Tripery. It wouldn't be too far-fetched to believe the last segment is one as well.
    • The numerous instances Mandus sees the twins along the conveyor belt, along with their supposed bodies at the end, would not make sense in context (which were decomposed by now, as mentioned their ribcages were still in Mexico and their skulls in London).
    • It would not make sense to have an entire temple below London, nor would it have been feasible to make. Mandus didn't have the time to empty all the room underneath London for this structure to even be built. It is more likely a metaphor for the Machine itself: a mechanized Aztec Temple, performing automated sacrifices to keep itself going strong.
    • Perhaps brought on by electrifying the heart in the previous area, this could be seen as Oswald confronting himself and coming to terms with who he is and what he has done in his final moments. As the heart suspended by wires in the South Tower is presumably Mandus', and the twins' hearts would have decomposed by now (they were not brought back after Mexico, and there is only one there). So, it would not make sense for Oswald to lose his heart a second time. Perhaps it is a symbolic end, for the machine to pull out his heart visually as his real heart is electrified, to show that the Machine is the cause of Mandus' downfall.





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