Throughout Oswald Mandus' estate there are wooden wall-mounted Telephones that seem to be of the entrepreneur's own design, instead of the hand-cranked magneto generator models which were around in the late 1870s. They have a flip switch and a green light bulb that accompanies the ringer whenever another party wishes to conduct a conversation.

Oswald is called, multiple times by a mysterious man, who is elsewhere in the estate, though it is later known that the mysterious man is actually The Engineer, the broken half of his soul.

Telephone in the Mansion OfficeEdit

A strange man rants about Aztec legends of Copil, the son of Coyolxauhqui, who engaged the God Huitzilopochtli in battle and lost. His heart ripped out and cast it into the lake of Texcoco, giving birth to the first prickly pear.

Mandus - "Hello?"

The Engineer - "Precious eagle cactus fruit... help us."

Telephone in the Mansion HallwayEdit

Oswald demands to know who this stranger is and the whereabouts of his missing children. The mysterious man informs the businessman if he wants to see them, he'll have to restart the Machine.

The Engineer - "Mandus... do you know me?"

Mandus - "Who are you? Where are my children?"

The Engineer - "Trapped, Mandus, far below us. The Machine is fouled, it is breached, it is flooded. The bulkheads are down, the children are encaged. If you help me, I can help you release them. Restore the power Mandus, drain the flooding and restart the great engines."

Mandus - "Where should I go? Hello... hello?"

Telephone in the Cellar HallEdit

The mysterious man explains the reasons for the tremors. The Machine has been sabotaged, trapping Mandus' children.

The Engineer - "The shaking ground you feel is our attempts to clear the floodwaters. Treachery Mandus, we were undone. Your children are trapped by this act, you must find them before it is too late."

Mandus - "What do you need me to do? How can I find them?"

The Engineer - "Always deeper Mandus. Through the piston room and into the tunnels, then find the bilge and flush the rotten water. I will help you where I can, but you must be swift, my little friend."

Telephone in the Alley Distributions Clerk OfficeEdit

The stranger once again calls Mandus, but like before, is cryptically speaking in riddles and is no longer making sense.

The Engineer - "I have such visions to share with thee if my jaw be unshackled and you harvest the crust from my eyes. Make me clean Mandus, that my thoughts and words can unfouled be."

Telephone in the Factory Manager RoomEdit

The stranger warns Mandus of the horrors ahead.

The Engineer - "Hear me Mandus. I am compromised, our contacts must be brief and occasional. Beware the Wretches who populate this compound. The way you seek is under the pistons. When you meet the saboteur you will understand everything."

Telephone in the TunnelsEdit

The unknown person declares that Mandus should carry on with haste, as the floodwaters do not rest either.

The Engineer - "Quickly Mandus, find the entrance nearby. The children weep in the darkness and the floodwaters continue to rise."

Telephone in the Tunnels near the broken elevatorEdit

The man explains that the elevator is no longer in operation and that a different way has to be found.

The Engineer - "The lift has been sabotaged. You will have to find another way to the tunnels. Take great care in this place Mandus, it is the crucible of the evil that stalks these corridors."

Telephone in the SewersEdit

The stranger tells Mandus to proceed towards the bilge pumps.

The Engineer - "Faster Mandus. Drain the waters, open the way to the bilge pumps. We are waiting for you."

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