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Anastasie "Tasi" Trianon (ca. 1910 – 1937 or later) is the main protagonist of Amnesia: Rebirth. She was a French drafter who, along with 13 other passengers, went missing after the plane they had chartered to take them from Algiers to French Sudan crashed in the Algerian desert.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Tasi was a native of Paris and became an engineering drafter for the Triple Crown Mining Company, where her job was to draw out their plans for structures. She with her husband Salim and participated in engineering projects abroad[1]. They had a daughter named Alys, who passed away tragically from a degenerative disease. In 1937 she embarked on an expedition with her husband and a crew on the plane Cassandra. A sudden engine malfunction caused the plane to crash in the desert, injuring many of the crew including Salim. The survivors of the crash leave the wreckage and the scalding desert and find refuge in a nearby cave, where the injured are tended to. The more able-bodied survivors, Tasi among them, decide to leave the injured in the caves to seek help and civilization, as their supplies can only help them survive for so long.

Moving forward, Tasi and her companions find an abandoned outpost of some kind where soldiers bodies and booby-traps riddled the space. They encounter what Yasmin calls a ghoul or ghul, and it kills Jonathan. The rest of the crew barely manage to escape, and Hank is gravely injured. They carry on through the desert and find an oasis, where they find a shrine to a goddess of some kind, known as the Empress. Her spirit manifests before Tasi and offers her and her companions refuge from the desert, as well as treatment for their injured. Tasi accepts her help and the spirit leads them to a Traveler's Locket, which allows her and her companions to traverse to the realm of the Empress.

Once there, the Empress offers Tasi a deal: she will heal Hank and ensure the entire crew's survival from the desert, but Tasi must stay within her realm "until the child is born", implying that Tasi must give up her child to the Empress. Some of the crew begged her to agree, but Tasi refused, deeply scarred by the loss of her first-born and completely unwilling to lose another. The Empress laments her decision, but invites them to drink from the fountain of her shrine promising protection from the desert. All of the crew, including Tasi, drinks from the fountain which gives them incredible healing abilities and erases their need for food and drink, but it also latently turns them all into harvesters, horrific monsters triggered by fear and anguish.

Unaware of their fate, the crew prepare return to their world. Before they leave however, Hank begins suffering the symptoms of a harvester transformation, citing some darkness that clouded his vision. As he loses control of his body, he implores Tasi to run. With the sacrifice of another crewmate, Tasi manages to escape the otherworld and return to the crash site of the Cassandra where it all began. But now, she has no memory of what had happened from the crash until that moment, and this marks the start of the game. Tasi eventually discovers that she is pregnant with Salim's child and finds him dead in a cave.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She is the second playable female character to be featured in an Amnesia game after Amnesia: Justine, and is the first female protagonist in a fully-fledged main Amnesia game.
  • Unlike Daniel or Oswald Mandus whose models only consist of an arm, Tasi is the first protagonist in the Amnesia series to have a full-body character model, albeit without a head texture.
  • Tasi appears to suffer from necrophobia, as she starts suffering effects similar to Daniel and Justine's insanity upon witnessing corpses along her travels. She also suffers from nyctophobia, despite having excellent eyesight in the dark.
    • Notably, as the game progresses, the remains of other people have less and less of an effect on her (though this is inconsistent).
  • Like Daniel's fate, the player can decide the endings for Amnesia Rebirth which determines Tasi's fate.

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