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"A cleansing fire always burns little Mandus, but it purifies and it makes anew."
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You can make it. Don't forget. Don't lose yourself. You are strong. You are Tasi. Come on.

Tasi to herself.

Mademoiselle Anastasie "Tasi" Trianon (ca. 1910 – March, 1937 or later) is the main protagonist of Amnesia: Rebirth. She was a French engineering drafter who, along with her husband and twelve others, was a member of a colonial mining expedition to the French Sudan that went missing after their plane, the Cassandra, crashed in the Algerian desert on their flight from Algiers to the French Sudan. Tasi is voiced by British actress Alix Wilton Regan.[7]


Early life[]

Anastasie Trianon, primarily known by her nickname, "Tasi," was born in Paris, France, in or around 1910 to Victor Trianon and an unnamed mother. Tasi had a complex relationship with her father growing up, once telling Salim that she wished she'd known him better. When she turned 16, he forwent the normal parental strictness shown to girls her age (such as a household curfew) and instead gave her a compass, so that she would "always find [her] way home."[8]


Teenage Tasi with her father.


Victor Trianon was known to have led multiple expeditions to North Africa and would frequently bring Tasi along with him. Hank Mitchell and the Sudanese-born Malick Tamboura were among Victor's closest associates on these expeditions, and both men grew close to Tasi.[9] At some point, her father had an argument with Malick about mules in Marrakesh, a large city in Morocco (much of which was a French Protectorate from 1912–1956),[10] and Tasi attended those travels with all three of them.[5] Due to these excursions, Tasi was well-traveled in North Africa and was considered by Hank to be an experienced expeditionary.[2]


Tasi became an engineering drafter and an artist, where her job was to draw out designs and plans for structures and other technical areas.[2] She participated in engineering projects abroad.[11] Through both this work and earlier travels, she met many of her future companions for the expedition to French Sudan, including her husband, Salim Hannachi. It is unknown how exactly Salim and Tasi met, but it is likely that he accompanied one or more of the expeditions she was on, where they got to know each other and then fell in love. This is further due to the fact Salim proposed to Tasi in an Algerian hotel, which indicates that he likely wasn't already living in France when he met her.


Photo of Tasi and Salim during their unofficial wedding

Tasi and Salim unofficially married in August, 1933 and had their first daughter, Alys, soon after.[12] Despite the fact Salim faced an extended struggle in gaining citizenship, the family of three lived in relative happiness for two years until Alys was unexpectedly diagnosed with an unknown degenerative disease.[12] All attempts to cure Alys failed and she died in Tasi’s arms in 1936, leaving her parents utterly distraught.[2] to make matterd worse, Tasi's father, Victor Trianon also died in that window of time.[4] Several months later, Tasi accepted an offer to join a mining expedition to the French Sudan from her old friend, Hank Mitchell, who believed that the work and distractions offered by a project would help the two grieving parents begin the healing process.[2]

However, two to three months before the expedition, Tasi and Salim conceived their second child.[1] They both rejoiced in the news, and debated withdrawing from the expedition team, but ultimately decided to come.[1] They both departed to Algiers from Le Bourget airport to join the rest of the team in Algiers before leaving for the French Sudan.[2]

Triple Crown Mining Co. expedition[]

During the final stage of preparations in Algiers, Tasi spent time with her fellow expedition members, catching up with Hank and Malick and establishing a friendly relationship with the Algerian air hostess Yasmin Chabani, despite the latter unknowingly touching on the sore subject of Tasi's deceased daughter.[13] Tasi also formed a mutual dislike with the expedition’s notoriously unpleasant Afrikaner mining supervisor and chronic misanthrope, Leon De Vries, who showed a romantic interest in Tasi before he learned of her unofficial (and interracial) marriage with Salim.[14] She also learned of the secret homosexual relationship between expedition financier Alex Sterling and his private secretary Richard Fairchild due to the general way they interacted.[15] Before leaving, Tasi sketched all members of expedition from memory, mostly snippets of them relaxing at the hotel or of them doing various things at the hotel when they were packing up to leave.

On the 3rd of March, 1937, the expedition went to Algiers' Maison Blanche airport and embarked on their plane, the Cassandra, for the flight to Kayes.[16] On board were all fourteen members of the Sadiola expedition.[16]

Crash of the Cassandra[]

As they were flying over the Algerian desert, a sudden, supernatural incident resulted in an engine malfunction and caused the Cassandra to crash in the, killing the pilot, Nicolas Masson and Hank’s assistant, Rachael Holt, as well as severely injuring Salim and the second rifleman, Lukas Ritter.[17][18][19] Tasi — thankfully uninjured — tried to help her fellow expedition members, being the one to discover Rachael had expired.[17]

The survivors of the crash then scavenged supplies and buried Masson and Holt before leaving the wreckage, finding refuge in a nearby system of caves, where the injured Salim and Lukas were tended to by Dr. Anton Metzier.[20] As they entered the cave system, Yasmin spotted a stone box filled with desert artifacts, and excitedly remarked that it meant people — likely pilgrims, traders, and Berber nomads — travelled in the area, to which Leon condescendingly replied that those people would likely just shoot or enslave the expedition, after which he belittled her for the egregious crime of being a young woman.[21] However, Tasi then came to Yasmin's defense, warning Leon to stop belittling her.[21]

The more able-bodied survivors, Tasi among them, decided to leave the injured in the caves to seek help and civilisation, as their provisions — especially water supplies — were very limited and would only help them survive for a few days.[22][23][24] Salim appears to have convinced Tasi to accompany the others, rather than stay with him as Eva Ritter did with Lukas.[25]

Wandering the desert[]

Tasi and her companions found the abandoned Al-Mamaru Fort after coming out of the cave system.[26] As the group approached they ran across a statue of a goddess of some kind, which Yasmin vaguely recognized as a depiction of Tin Hinan, albeit in a strange style.[27] As the group approached the entrance, Richard Fairchild asked Tasi to translate a sign written in French, due to his own French skills being “piss poor.”[28] An amused Tasi then paraphrased the actual meaning, likely due to the fact its pessimistic nature would unnecessarily frighten the already panic prone Richard.

As the group explored the fortress, they discovered it was riddled with deceased soldiers who had either shot themselves or been mauled, as well as booby-traps.[29][30] Tasi saw a creature skulking around, and after Dr. Metzier asked her what she saw, Yasmin Chabani interjected and speculated that it was Ghoul, or "Ghûl.” When the group reached the quartermaster storage, one of these “ghouls” revealed itself, savagely killing and decapitating Jonathan Webber.[31] The rest of the crew barely managed to escape the fortress, and Hank was gravely injured in the leg.[32][33]

The group carried on through the mountain pass and found a oasis, where they found another shrine to Tin Hinan. Leon De Vries then openly lobbied for the group to leave the mortally wounded Hank behind, which Tasi adamantly opposed.[34] However, Dr. Metzier confided with Tasi that Hank would die before they reached any sort of help.[35] Suddenly, an apparition manifested before Tasi and offered the group refuge from the desert, as well as treatment for their injured.[36] Tasi accepted her help and the spirit led them to a Traveler's Locket, which allowed her and the remaining expedition members to traverse to the Other World.[37] A notable exception was the skittish Richard Fairchild, who refused to follow before running off.[38][37] Alex Sterling left to follow Richard, telling Tasi to save Hank before leaving.[39][37]

To the Otherworld and back[]

Once the expedition arrived, the Empress offered Tasi a deal: she would heal Hank and ensure the entire crew's survival from the desert, but Tasi must stay within her realm "until the child is born," then give it up to the Empress.[40] Some of the crew begged her to agree, but Tasi refused, deeply scarred by the loss of her first-born and completely unwilling to give up a second.[41][40] The Empress lamented her decision, but invited them to drink from the fountain of her shrine, promising protection from the desert.[41] All of the remaining crew members, including Tasi, drank from the fountain, which gave them incredible healing abilities and erased their need for food and drink, but it also turned them all into Harvesters, horrific monsters driven by fear and anguish.[42]

Unaware of their fate, the crew prepared to return to their world.[43]Before they left, Hank began suffering the symptoms of the Harvester transformation, mentioning some darkness that clouded his vision.[43] As he lost control of his body, he implored Tasi to run.[44] Thanks to the self-sacrifice of Malick, Tasi managed to escape the other world along with Leon De Vries, Yasmin Chabani, and Dr. Metzier.[44] Against the admonishments of the remaining survivors, she returned to the crash site of the Cassandra to find Salim.[45] However, due to the blackouts and amnesia caused by Harvester transformation, she retained no memory of what had happened from the crash until that moment, and this marks the start of the game.

Events of Amnesia: Rebirth[]

Chapter I: Waking up and the Caves[]

Tasi eventually woke up at the crash site of Cassandra, only remembering the crash, bits and pieces about needing to find Salim, and the necessity to drink Laudanum for her affliction when needed. Almost immediately after she woke up, she heard Dr. Metzier on the broken airplane radio, he revealed that he and Yasmin had managed to reach Aman Tesemt as he tried to get in touch with the three expedition members still in the caves, Eva Ritter, Lukas Ritter, and Salim.

From what she could remember and from the items she found, she learned that the survivors initially went to the nearby cave network. She was expecting to find Salim and the Ritters, who were left behind to rest until help was found, alive; however, she found both Lukas and Eva dead, the former having succumbed to his previous wounds and the latter by suicide out of grief, with Salim nowhere to be found. Tasi then found a note from Salim, in it he wrote that he was abandoning camp and going after the rest of the crew due to the death of the Ritters as well as the fact he felt unsafe in the caves. From flashbacks and various notes, she learned they were being watched by some creatures. She left the camp and the deceased Ritters to find both Salim and the other survivors, continuing her journey into the cave network.

During her journey, she traversed a bridge that broke and fell down into a pit full of bones and other organic matter. As Tasi tried to get out, she was accosted by a mysterious humanoid creature and suffered a transformative episode, during which she tunneled to a new area. After this she briefly ventured to the Other World via her Traveller's amulet. Initially, she wasn't able to fully comprehend where she was and why the landscape was destroyed. She encountered Professor Herbert's body and she eventually managed to escape from this world. While returning to Earth, she went into a state of dreaming (The Room). She saw her memories of her first child Alys, Salim, and a vision about a baby. After she woke up from her dreams, she continued her search deeper in the caves and in here, she remembered that she was pregnant again. However, Tasi then came across Salim’s corpse, with him having succumbed to his wounds just minutes before. Despite this loss, she took Salim’s final request to “live for the child” to heart. She found a way to escape the caves and reached the surface.

Chapter II: The French Fortress and Cistern, the Oasis, and the Alchemist's Chambers[]

Tasi found herself on a pilgrim's trail. By following the trail, she eventually arrived to the courtyard of Al-Mamaru Fort, which was previously occupied by French Foreign Legion. When she first entered, she heard radio calls from Dr. Metzier coming from the living quarters. She investigated and learned that all of the soldiers, as well as fellow expedition member Jonathan Webber, had been slaughtered at the hands of the same creatures, one which Yasmin Chabani had previously named as a Ghûl. Soon, she was able to reach the radio and communicated with the doctor and Yasmin. They said that they’d found help in the nearby village of Aman Tesemt and advised Tasi to come to them. Tasi also told the doctor that she had been blacking out and asked for help and an explanation. The doctor agreed to help her once she arrived to the village, and told her to come as quickly as she could.

Tasi tried to find a way out of the fort. But, before she was able to leave the living quarters, she was chased by one of the ghouls. After barely escaping to courtyard, she tried to leave the Fort from the door but failed to open it. She realized she had to blow up the door with the tank. The tank was unloaded, therefore, she had prepare a new round for it in the Arsenal. After the preparation was completed, she fired the tank and she fell into Ottoman Cistern with the tank because of faulty ground. Due to this collapse, her chest was hit by debris and she blacked out.

After waking up during what likely was the following morning, she felt her ribs, which had broken for sure but had mysteriously healed. Tasi then started following the complex tunnel system of the Cistern. She encountered various Ghouls nesting in the dark areas, and had to pass them. Despite these obstacles she was able to reach the same oasis she and the other expedition members visited. Tasi was then called on the radio by Dr. Metzier, he was pleasantly surprised that she was still human, and checked in on her location, telling her that he and Yasmin lit a smoke beacon in a tower for her to find her way to Aman Tesemt. Tasi asked Metzier about what they were suffering from, but he informed her they needed to reach civilization to discover what they were suffering from; however, Yasmin then took a turn for the worse and Dr. Metzier cut off his conversation abruptly to tend for her. Tasi then tried to make her way to the village, but she fell through a rift into the Other World yet again.

The Alchemist's Chambers[]

The Alchemist's Chambers This time she fell into the chambers used by the Otherworlder alchemists, such as Atharu and Kita. While there, Tasi uncovered notes and memory capsules written by Atharu, Kira, and Empress Tihana, detailing the Empress' illness and fertility issues as well as the studies Kita undertook, both for Temaku and for his role in the rebellion to end of the industrialized torture of humans as well as Tihana's regime and her life. Tasi also uncovered a mysterious artifact, which she used to help her reach another rift to escape. However, she also awoke some sort of eldritch nightmare that pursued her into the rift. She fell unconcious again and dreamed of her unborn child in the park.

Chapter III[]

The Tomb of Tin Hinan[]

After her dream, Tasi woke up to discover she was much further along in her pregnancy, at roughly around six or seven months gestation. She found herself inside the Tomb of Tin Hinan, an ancient complex of catacombs, with Roman and Otherworlder architecture present in the deeper areas. Tasi managed to traverse the tomb and also used some more rifts when an area was collapsed or blocked off. However, the same eldritch creature from the laboratory returned and pursued Tasi down through the tomb. The invisible abomination then chased her into the Otherworlder outpost that the tomb complex was built upon.

The Otherworlder Outpost[]

After Tasi escaped, she found herself inside an ancient Otherworlder complex, centered around a portal. Tasi realizes she can use this portal with the mysterious artifact she recovered to travel to the village. However, the portal's configuration needs to be aligned, and so she goes upstairs to the Chamber of Pillars to realign the pillars. While there, Yasmin and Dr. Metzier call her on the radio, however the signal is quite weak. Tasi could just make out Yasmin asking for her and the Doctor admonishing her for not resting. In an optional adjacent chamber, Tasi is able to discover a few more notes, including Hank's note on the expedition's boorish Boer, Leon De Vries. It is at this point, while leaving the Chamber of Pillars, that Tasi decided to name her unborn child, giving them the name of "Amari," in honor of Salim's late mother, "Amara," a name which would also work for both a boy or a girl.

Upon her return to the Portal Chamber, Tasi then tried to start it up, but it failed and revealed it was lacking one of the two Vitae-filled Leyden jars needed to operate it. She then took the other and used it to access the Hunting Grounds. Inside the Hunting Grounds, she discovered the half-eaten corpse of Alex Sterling and got caught inside a Ghoul-hunting maze, running back into Leon De Vries, now in an advanced stage of the Harvester transformation, being reduced to muttering in his native Afrikaans and otherwise behaving like a fully turned Ghou. Leon attacks and yet recognizes her, regaining some of his self control. He mutters about his dreams and tries to bang his head on a fallen column to hold off the transformaion and to stop himself from harming Tasi; however, Leon's personality is unchanged, and he begins hunting her again, blaming her and her "half-breed bastard" for their state.

Chapter IV:[]

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Physical appearance[]

Tasi Trianon has light blue eyes, brown hair, and appears to be of average height. Her exact age is unknown, but it can be estimated that she is around 25 to 30 years old for numerous reasons. The time she would have spent during numerous expeditions in North Africa with her father, her relationship with Salim, and having a child in 1933 make the possibility of her being under 25 rather unlikely. It is also unlikely that she is older than 30, due to her general demeanor and easy camaraderie with the younger members of the expedition, such as Yasmin Chabani. Her physical appearance also serves as evidence to her being young, but not too youthful.


During the events of Amnesia: Rebirth, Tasi wore a brown shirt, blue pants, boots, a scarf, a bracelet, along with her wedding ring and the Traveller's amulet. The player can also choose to have Tasi take Salim’s wedding ring off his corpse and wear it on her left thumb.


  • « There is a moment when you realise what the pain has made of you. »
  • « And then, every day, you do what you must to survive. »
  • « I don't know where this will take us... but it can't get any worse. »
  • « I can't do this any more. I just want to be with him. I don't care what happens. »
  • « I... am Tasi. I am still Tasi. »


  • She is the second playable female character to be featured in an Amnesia game after the titular character of the DLC Amnesia: Justine, and is the first female protagonist in a fully-fledged main Amnesia game.
  • Unlike Daniel, Justine, or Oswald Mandus whose models only consist of an arm, Tasi is the first protagonist in the Amnesia series to have a full-body character model.
  • Tasi appears to suffer from necrophobia, as she starts suffering effects similar to Daniel and Justine's insanity upon witnessing corpses along her travels.
    • Notably, as the game progresses, the remains of other people have less and less of an effect on her (though this is inconsistent).
  • As with Daniel's fate, the player can decide the endings for Amnesia: Rebirth which determines Tasi's fate.



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