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The tank from the outside, sporting a desert beige camouflage paintjob.

The tank is a vehicle encountered in Amnesia: Rebirth.


Tasi Trianon came across the tank in the large courtyard of the Fortress. The vehicle seems to be largely inoperational, save for a few components and the main gun.

The tank's ammunition was completely spent,[citation needed] implying it was heavily used against someone or something. The crewman inside was found dead upon Tasi's arrival.

Role in Rebirth[]

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Tasi's eventual goal upon finding the tank is to use its gun to blast open the Fortress gate into the mountain pass beyond, whence her party originally fled from the Ghoul attack. The player must find items pertaining to reloading the tank before she can continue to the next area. To do so, the player visits the arsenal and supply depot.