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Tampter is an otherworldly substance produced by the monstrous, water-dwelling Kaernk. It is a puzzle item in Amnesia: The Dark Descent, useful for rescuing Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa.


Tampter is one of the alchemical ingredients needed in order to create Agrippa's Potion in Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Being an other-worldly substance, its only source on earth are secretions found in the Kaernk's saliva.

Daniel can lower a leg of meat found in the Nave down the well on the way to the Transept, which will awake the Kaernk. Or he can also do it after escaping from the Cells, but with a different well. The creature will eat the meat and leave its saliva on the bone. Daniel must then steam the bone in the Laboratory to extract the Tampter.

Alexander notes its appearance is impossible to describe using English letters (though it is, apparently, a green fluid); even writing its name in Latin felt wrong to him.[citation needed]