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Taina, who was a friend/subordinate of Kita[1], was an Other Worlder tasked with poisoning the automated Vitae extraction machines in the Factory with Kita's formula, in order to end the sufferings of the victims.[2] However, just before he was able to finish his task, upper floor of the factory collapsed and he was mortally injured. He was able to make a note before his death and begged anyone nearby to finish his task.[2]

Events of Rebirth[]

His corpse was found by Tasi Trianon in the Lower Factory, where she collected the formula, along with the injector. She had to use this formula on several machines to open a way for her to exit the Factory. If the player decides to kill Empress Tihana in the final chapter of Amnesia: Rebirth, the player needs to use this injection again.[3]


  • He is one of two named traitors in Amnesia: Rebirth. The other one being Kita.
  • Taina is a woman's name in Tupi language and it means "star".[4] In Russian and Romanian languages, Taina originates from "Tatiana" and is a woman's name once again.[5] In these languages, it means "mystery" or "secret".[5]