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Ms. Tabitha Stepwood is a minor character in Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. She apparently was the head of an orphanage in London and an acquaintance of Oswald Mandus, who had given a generous gift of sausages to the starving orphans.


Tabitha Stepwood was not mentioned directly or indirectly in the game either way. Not very much is known about her. However, in the teaser published at March 21, 2013, a letter written by Ms. Stepwood can be seen. The letter reads:

My dear Mr. Mandus,

I take this opportunity to write to you personally with my sincerest and most heartfelt thanks. Your generosity is an inspiration to us all. Last night I sat the head of the table and watched the orphans happily eating, for once, they will not go to sleep hungry. This morning, Alice knocked upon my door, and she had made for you this tussie-mussie of dried flowers, which I enclose.

Please tell the kind sir, she said, that these were the finest sausages a child ever ate. To see a starveling so rosy-cheeked and well-fattened, well, Sir, it is a miracle most profound. We are indeed in your debt, Mr. Mandus, and I am delighted to say that I have spoken with the Governors and they agree that we can proceed with your program for child labour reform without hesitation. I hope you will find our children full of promise. They will, I assure you sir, make the most wonderful additions to your product line.

According to the letter, Mandus was trying to reform children's labour and had proposed a program to the Governors to this effect. It appears that Stepwood and the Governors assented to the implementation of Mandus' proposal. Whether Stepwood was aware of insidious experiments practiced by Mandus or not is unknown. Also, the last sentence of the letter, "They will, I assure you sir, make the most wonderful additions to your product line," may possibly mean that the orphanage children are being incorporated to the Machine in a way.