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For the Super Secret file from Amnesia: Rebirth, see Super Secret file (Rebirth).

The Super_Secret file is a .rar file located in the redist folder of Amnesia: The Dark Descent (on PC only). The archive is password-protected, and the password can be obtained by getting all three endings of the game. After every ending, you will get a part of the password, and you must combine the letters and numbers in order to get the password.

The password to the archive is: lke271tyr299odn314


The .rar contains four folders, each containing unique content regarding the development of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. These are art, design, engine, and video.


This folder contains early concept art and similar stuff. It has three subfolders: creatures & characters, environments, and misc.

Creatures & characters[]

This contains early concept art regarding Agrippa, Alexander, the Gatherers, and some scrapped enemies.


This contains art regarding the many different areas and objects in Brennenburg Castle.


This contains a few paintings and drawings from around the castle.


This folder contains early game overviews and outlines of levels, along with Herbert's Lost Diary, which was removed from the game.

Audio of the first part of Herbert's Lost Diary

Audio of the third part of Herbert's Lost Diary


This folder contains information regarding the HPL engine.


This folder contains a couple of video footage that shows early production of the game.


  • The password (lke271tyr299odn314) is a possible reference to some of the old Nordic gods - Loki (lke), Tyr (tyr), and Odin (odn).
  • 271, 299 and 314 are possible references to the mathematical constants e (Euler's Number), c (speed of light), and π (pi).
  • In the Polish version of the game, one of the sound recordings from Herbert's Lost Diary is corrupted and will play noise.[citation needed][Can we get a file upload of a recording of this Polish version-specific corruption?]